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On February 23, Honor International Group won the "Golden Tripod Award", the highest honor in China's hotel industry
On April 19,  Honor International Group was awarded "Excellent Case Enterprise of China Good Company"
On May 24, Chairman Hu Lianrong was elected as the chairman of Yushun C
On January 1, Fuzhou New Honor Long resumed business.
On January 16, Shuyang Honor International Hotel will reopen again.
On June 23, Chairman Hu Lianrong was elected as the executive chairman of the General Association of Gan Entrepreneurs
On October 22,  Xiamen honor - Hainan Jiangn
On October 1, Ruichang Honor International Hotel reopened again.
On January 6,Shishi Honor International Hotel was grandly opened.
On January 6, Ruijin Honor International Hotel Sheng began its soft operation.
On October 29,  the opening ceremony of the Honor Expo Park.
On November 8, Honor Wine won the gold medal of the 105th Panama Universal Expo
On July 6th, Jiangxi Ruichang Honorary State Guest House real estate project opened.
On April 29th, Longyan Shimao's Glory and Bright Tiancheng project opened grandly.
On October 8th, Jiangsu Shuyang Honor and Nanhuyin real estate projects opened.
On December 28, the real estate project of Shishi Guobin No.1 Courtyard was launched.
On October 10, Zhangzhou Honor Seafood Restaurant opened for trial operation.
On May 1st, Hangzhou Fanner Ocean Culture Theme Restaurant opened grandly.
On January 30, Jiangxi Fuzhou Rong Mansion real estate project opened.
On February 20, Xiamen Honor International Hotel opened its guest rooms to the outside world.
On May 1st, Xiamen Honor International Hotel opened its submarine restaurant and it became popular.
On May 16th, Quan
In March, the Shishi Honor International Hotel project started.
On December 4th, Hu Manrong, President of Honor Group Kitchen, entered the Prime Minister's Office of Pakistan on behalf of Chinese cuisine.
In January, Xiamen Honor International Hotel-Honor State Banquet Building opened to the outside world.
In May, the Yongchun Honor Real Estate Project was officially launched.
In May, Honor Hotel Group was named one of the Top 100 Chinese Catering Companies in 2012.
On November 11,
In April, the stone lion honorary international hotel project was laid.
In June, Pingtan Kylin Honor International Hotel opened trial operation.
In July, Zhejiang Cixi State Banquet Hall and Rong Mansion opened.
In November, Honor Catering won the title of "China Top Ten Catering C
In February, Honor Hotel Group entered Beijing-Beijing Honor Seafood Restaurant opened grandly.
In February, Honor Hotel was awarded the title of "China Golden Leaf Green Hotel".
In March, the Quanzhou Honor International Hotel and Group Headquarters Building project broke ground.
In August, Jinjiang Honor International Hotel was awarded "National Five-Star Hotel".
In September, Jiangxi Fuzhou Honor International Hotel opened grandly (five-star).
In October, Jinjiang Honor International Hotel successfully joined the Golden Key Hotel Alliance.
In December, the honorary trademark was recognized as a
In August, Fuzhou Honor Hotel (May Fourth Store) grandly opened.
In August, the honor restaurant won the title of "China Famous Abalone Restaurant".
In November, Honor Hotel Group's first five-star hotel-Jinjiang Honor International Hotel opened grandly.
Fuzhou Honor Restaurant (Zhengda Branch) grandly opened in January.
Jinjiang Honor Hotel opened in January (four-star).
Yuanyue Honor Hotel Group was established, with Mr. Hu Lianrong as chairman.
In March, the eighth branch of Honor Hotel Group moved out of Quanzhou and landed in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province.
Fuzhou Honor Restaurant (
In December, the honor restaurant was awarded the title of "National Special Class House Wine".
Founded Quanzhou Honor Seafood Restaurant (Diamond Shop) in January.
In May, Shishi Honor Hotel opened grandly (four-star).
Breaking through the restaurant-style management, founded the Shishi City Lvjing Hotel (three-star).
In 2002, Hu Lianrong established Jinjiang Honor Seafood Restaurant under the brand of "Honor" for the first time, and the business was booming.
Mr. Hu Lianrong founded his first seafood restaurant in Qingyang, Jinjiang.