Real Estate Division
Introduction of Real Estate Division
The real estate projects of Honor Group are blooming all over the country: Yongchun Jinjiang Garden Project, Jiangxi Fengxin Honor·Jiutian Lijing Project, Jiangxi Fuzhou Ronggongguan Residential District Complex Project, Honor Group and Zhongliang Real Estate jointly built Shishi Chief New Chinese Humanities Courtyard "Guobin No. 1 Courtyard" project, Xiapu Guobin No. 1 Courtyard project, Honor Group joins hands with Shimao Group to build a dream in Shanghang, and build a high-end luxury residence "Shimao Honor and Bright City" project, Jinjiang Zhongliang City Center Capital, Jinjiang Zhongliang State Mansion Liang Chen, Jiangsu Shuyang "Honor Nanhuyin" residential and hotel complex project, Jiangxi Ruichang Honor Hotel "Guobin Mansion" complex project, Anhui Tianchang "Honor · Guobin Mansion" residential, commercial and hotel complex project.

Honor Property

Honor property


Fujian, a provincial-level administrative region in China, referred to as "Fujian", is the capital of Fuzhou City. It is located on the southeastern coast of China, adjacent to Zhejiang Province in the northeast, Jiangxi Province to the west and northwest, Guangdong Province to the southwest, and Taiwan Province to the east across the Taiwan Strait. The land area is between 23°33′ to 28°20′ north latitude and 115°50′ to 120°40′ east longitude; the province has a land area of 124,000 square kilometers and a sea area of 136,000 square kilometers; 1 sub-provincial level City, 8 prefecture-level cities, including 28 municipal districts, 13 county-level cities, and 44 counties; the permanent population is 39.41 million (at the end of 2018).


Anhui, abbreviated as "Wan", is a provincial-level administrative region of the People's Republic of China. Hefei, the provincial capital. It is located in East China, between 114°54′~119°37′ east longitude and 29°41′~34°38′ north latitude, with Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the east, Henan and Hubei in the west, Jiangxi in the south, and Shandong in the north. The total area is 140,100 square kilometers.


Jiangxi, or Jiangxi for short, is one of China's 23 provinces and its capital is Nanchang. Jiangxi is located in the southeast of China, on the south bank of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It belongs to the East China region. It is bounded by 113°34′36″-118°28′58″ east longitude and 24°29′14″-30°04′41″ north latitude. Adjacent to Zhejiang and Fujian; south to Guangdong; west to Hunan; north to Hubei and Anhui and to the Yangtze River.


Jiangsu, referred to as "Su", is a provincial administrative region of the People's Republic of China. Nanjing, the provincial capital, is located on the eastern coast of mainland China. Jiangsu is bounded by 30°45'~35°20' north latitude and 116°18'~121°57' east longitude, bordering Shandong in the north, the Yellow Sea in the east, and Zhejiang and Shanghai in the southeast. Adjacent, west of Anhui and Jiangsu across the river and sea.