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Tianchang Honor Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
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Honorary State Guest House is a high-end government product created by Honor International Group.
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Honorary State Guest House is a high-end government product created by Honor International Group. The total construction area of ​​the project is about 350,000 square meters. It covers high-rise residential buildings, high-end villas, commercial SOHOs, five-star hotels and other business types. Low-density quality settlements.

  Honor International Group was founded in 2001. It is a large-scale chain enterprise that expands and operates in a variety of business formats such as the hotel department, real estate department, education department, and commercial trade department. The group has a presence in several provinces and cities including Beijing, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Anhui. There are more than 20 honorary international hotels (five-star), and all provinces across the country have projects under construction. At present, it has developed into a hotel chain brand with greater domestic influence and the highest recognition among the people in East China. The Group and its subsidiaries have successively obtained China Well-Known Trademarks, International Food and Beverage Stores, National Special-Class Restaurant, Chinese Food and Beverage Stores, China Top 100 Catering Brand Enterprises, China Top Ten Catering Chain Brands, China Top 50 Dinner Companies, World Golden Key Hotel Alliance Members, Golden There are many honors such as the leaf-level green tourist hotel and the well-known enterprise name of Fujian Province.

The State Guest House of Honor sits on the southern axis of the Great Wall, guarding the pulse of traffic, surrounded by Tianning Avenue, Xinhe Road, and Qianqiu Avenue, adjacent to Tianchang Passenger Transport Center, Ningtian Intercity Light Rail (under planning), Ninghuai High-speed Railway Tianchang Station (planning) in). Connect with multi-dimensional and three-dimensional traffic, and reach the whole city.

   The project planning is built with the concept of "Chinese Soul and Western Technology", with low density and high greening, integrated with landscape lighting system, and refined colorful scenery between buildings. The surrounding Ruyi Lake (under planning) perfectly integrates natural ecology and man-made landscape.

   is an oxygen-rich and suitable residential area.

The State Guest House of Honor plans to build the Honor International Hotel, which is a five-star standard that integrates various functions such as hotel, accommodation, catering, large tall pillarless banquet hall, top 360-degree revolving buffet restaurant, leisure, entertainment, sports and fitness. The hotel is equipped with a five-star hotel service management system.

The State Guest House of Honor is equipped with five-star hotels, green parking lots (municipalities), and commercial blocks; it is adjacent to Wuyue Plaza (under construction) to provide a one-stop shopping and entertainment experience; there are also Tiankang Hospital and New District of Chinese Medicine Hospital (under construction) ) Escort your health. At the same time, the project is adjacent to Tianchang Culture and Art Center (under planning), Tongxin Road Primary School (under planning), Qianqiu Primary School (opening school) to help children grow up without worry. At this point, awaken a new way of life in a city.

  The building area of ​​the State Guest House of Honor is about 114-164㎡, a high-quality wide house, with transparent north-south, dynamic and static partitions, and a high housing rate. Changeable space, play as you like. Only a sparse and elegant spatial layout can match the vision of high-end human settlements. The project is dedicated to creating extravagant building spacing (maximum width of about 48 meters) and large wide landscape balcony (maximum width of about 7.3 meters) to make life more comfortable and cozy. Give every family full-dimensional health care.

  Stacked villa products condense the spring flowers and autumn moons in a courtyard, enhance the functionality and comfort of the living quarters, and give the long dwellers a chance to immerse themselves in aesthetic life, and taste the appearance of ideal mid-to-high-end low-density villas.

  Commercial SOHO breaks away from the concept of traditional housing and meets the different needs of the market. It can not only enjoy the family-style living layout, but also realize the needs of writing and office. The 4.8-meter-high flexible space is suitable for renting and self-use, and the living is always "tall" for people.