Shishi Hotel night view

Shishi Hotel night view

Ruijin Honor International Hotel

Ruijin Honor International Hotel

Honor International Hotel Shuyang

Honor International Hotel Shuyang

Honor International Group

Honor International Group was founded in 2001

It is a large-scale chain enterprise that expands and operates in a variety of business formats such as the hotel business department, real estate business department, education business department, and commercial trade department. At present, the group has opened more than 20 "honor" brand hotels in Beijing, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Anhui and other provinces and cities; the group has developed nearly 10 real estate projects with a construction area of millions of square meters. Now the group has more than 15,000 employees and the annual tax payment amounts to hundreds of millions of yuan.

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Hotel Division

After more than ten years of development, honorary hotels and restaurants have developed into the most influential hotel chain brands in China and the highest recognition by the people in East China. The hotel business department now has more than 20 chain stores nationwide.

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Real Estate Division

The real estate projects of Honor Group are blooming all over the country: Yongchun Jinjiang Garden Project, Jiangxi Fengxin Honor·Jiutian Lijing Project, Jiangxi Fuzhou Ronggongguan Residential District...

Business advantage
Business advantage

Department of Commerce and Trade

Get involved in operations such as equity investment, commercial trade, green ecology, and centralized distribution.

Education Department

Honor International Group established the Honor Management College internally, and participated in the external investment in the construction of Fuzhou No. 1 Middle School Experimental School and Linchuan No. 1 Middle School Experimental School...

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