"Honor" has a good boss--Hu Lianrong

Member of Chinese Calligraphy Association

Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Jiangxi Association (Friendship) Association

Executive Vice President of the General Chamber of the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce

Member of Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

President of Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Fujian Province

Model Workers in the National Tourism System

The First China Top Ten Outstanding Jiangxi Businessmen

Ten Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs in Fujian Province

Winner of "May 1st" Labor Medal in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province

The 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up

Outstanding Person of the Haixi Economic Year

Top Ten People in China's Catering Industry

Outstanding Entrepreneur of Fujian Province

Honorary citizen of Shishi City, Fujian Province

Top Ten Jiangxi Merchants in Jiangxi Province

Manager of Linchuan No. 1 Middle School Experimental School, Jiangxi Province

Manager of Fuzhou First Middle School Experimental School, Jiangxi Province

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  Hu Lianrong, male, from Linchuan, Jiangxi, was born on April 25, 1967. He is the chairman of Honor International Group, a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, a member of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, an executive vice chairman of the Gan Merchants Federation, and the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Fujian Province. Chairman, Permanent Honorary Chairman of Quanzhou Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chairman of Shishi Calligraphy Association, Director of Fuzhou No. 1 Experimental School, and Director of Linchuan No. 1 Experimental School.
   He founded the Honor Group in 2001 and opened more than 20 chain hotels across the country. Due to the accurate positioning of the hotels, the excellent product quality, and the good management and management, every family’s business is prosperous and word of mouth is transmitted. The honor group with Chairman Hu Lianrong as the core is becoming an international "hotel aircraft carrier", rapidly moving from Fujian to the whole country, forming a "honor chain phenomenon" that has attracted the attention of the industry. Its diversified honor real estate projects are also flourishing. While achieving good economic benefits, the Honor Group has not forgotten to repay the society. It has donated 10 million yuan to support cultural and educational undertakings, sports undertakings, undertakings for the disabled, poverty alleviation and disaster relief. The construction and development of other public welfare undertakings. As Mr. Hu Lianrong has outstanding achievements in his career and has been committed to the development of social welfare undertakings as always, he has been well received by all walks of life. He has been rated as a model worker in the national tourism system, the first ten outstanding Jiangxi businessmen in China, and ten outstanding young entrepreneurs in Fujian Province. , Winner of the "May 1st" Labor Medal, the 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up, Quanzhou Economic Outstanding Person, 2009 Outstanding Person of the Haixi Economic Year, 2010 Top Ten Persons in China's Catering Industry, 2011 Fujian Outstanding Entrepreneur, Awarded in 2013 "Shishi Honorary Citizen", the top ten outstanding Jiangxi businessmen who returned to the hometown in 2014, and the honorary title of the outstanding Jiangxi businessmen for returning home investment in Jiangxi Province in 2017. On October 15, 2018, he was hired as a special researcher by the Research Office of the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government, 2019 In May, he was awarded the honorary title of "The Second Jiangxi Province Returning Investment Outstanding Jiangxi Merchants", and was awarded the title of Chinese Brand Person of the Year in 2019.
   Heart Sangzi, return home. Donate to school, repair bridges and roads, and assist public utilities such as rural health centers. In 2009, the hometown invested 570 million yuan in the construction of Jiangxi Fuzhou Honor International Hotel and Rong Mansion residential quarters. The tax amount paid reached 60 million yuan and nearly 1,000 people were employed. In 2015, it invested 200 million yuan to develop Jiutian Lijing Community in Fengxin, Jiangxi. In 2016, he returned to his hometown to invest more than 200 million yuan in Fuzhou No. 1 Middle School Experimental School and Linchuan No. 1 Middle School Experimental School. In 2017, it will invest about 400 million yuan in Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province to build Ruijin Honor International Hotel, and it is expected to arrange 800 jobs. In 2019, we invested more than 600 million yuan to build Ruichang Honor International Hotel and Honor State Guest House projects.
His calligraphy works successively won the "National Wang Anshi Award" calligraphy competition sponsored by the Chinese Calligraphers Association Award; the Chinese Calligraphers Association "student works" outstanding works award; the second "Jade Rabbit Greeting the Spring National Poetry, Calligraphy, Painting and Printing Competition" one First prize; "Contemporary Xizhi Award" gold medal; "Poyang Lake Cup" first prize; "Yanhuang Cup International Poetry, Calligraphy and Printing Art Competition" first prize; second "Wang Duo Cup National Calligraphy Competition" gold medal; the first "Cai Wenji National Calligraphy Competition" "Calligraphy Competition" and many other awards. In July 2014, he was absorbed as a member by the Chinese Calligraphers Association.
At the beginning of 2020, in the critical period of the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, Mr. Hu Lianrong, chairman of the board of directors of Honor International Group, adhered to his original aspirations, always kept in mind his responsibilities and missions, and wrote a new era of Jiangxi with his sincere family and country feelings. Business spirit. Up to now, the presidents of Fujian Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce have donated a total of about 16.76965 million yuan. Including Honor International Group 1.35 million yuan, its subsidiary Zhongwan Construction Co., Ltd. donated RMB 1 million to the special accounts of Fuzhou Charity Federation and Fuzhou Red Cross Society, and Fuzhou Honor International Hotel donated 40,000 yuan to the City First People's Hospital. 20,000 yuan worth of medical masks, Jiangsu Shuyang Honor Real Estate donated 20,000 medical masks worth 40,000 yuan to the county government, Fujian Pingtan Honor International Hotel donated 100,000 yuan in cash and 40,000 yuan worth of medical care to the Pingtan Management Committee 20,000 masks, and Jiangxi Ruijin Honor International Hotel donated 20,000 medical masks worth 30,000 yuan to the municipal government to help fight the epidemic; at the same time, Chairman Hu made a selfless dedication and actively repaid the society by donating to the Jiangxi Charity Federation in his own name 100,000 yuan in cash to contribute to winning the fight against the epidemic.