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company culture


一、Three unifications

1、The unity of honor group corporate culture;

2、Unification of Honor Group's management and operation mode;

3、The unification of honor group brand awareness.


二、Honor logo meaning

The Honor Group logo is composed of symmetrical trophy graphics."honor"Representing the pursuit of the highest honor is"Honorary"Firm beliefs and grand goals. The axis firmly establishes Arabic numerals"1",Symbolizes"Honorary"Always strive to be the first mover and leader in the industry "It also symbolizes that the Honor Group is a"ONE TEAM ONE DREAM"As a team working together and in step, the logo bronzing symbolizes enthusiasm and dignity.


三、Development strategy and vision

1. The development strategy of Honor Group: a century-old brand, a hundred stores, a tens of billions industry (referred to as 300)

2. The development vision of Honor Group: a national brand with unique Chinese characteristics

3. Mission of Honor Group: Provide perfect, sincere, and attentive service to our distinguished guests, and always make them feel pleasantly surprised.

4. The purpose of the honor group: people-oriented, guests first

5. The slogan of the honor group: Feel the honor and select the honor

6. Honor Group's code of conduct: work actively, live happily, study hard, grow healthily

7. The core values of Honor Group: loyalty, integrity, integrity, responsibility, tolerance, dedication, innovation, altruism

8. The core cultural ideas of Honor Group: a family, a school, and a military

9. Honor Group's business philosophy: symbiosis, coexistence, and win-win

Note: Interpretation of core values

"Loyalty": Dedicated, loyal and selfless. Always maintain a high degree of ideology with the company, loyalty to the company and colleagues, representing integrity, due diligence and obedience.

"Integrity": honesty and trustworthiness. It is not only the only way for a company to operate its credibility, but also a standard and necessary condition for a person to measure honestly.

"Clean and upright": innocence and integrity, integrity, fairness, and integrity. Refers to the spirit of honesty, self-discipline, impartiality, no favoritism, no self-interest, and innocent life.

"Accountability": to undertake, dare to take on tasks, responsibilities, and not to shirk. Generally, they are brave to take responsibility. In addition to doing their own things, taking responsibility is also what others dare not to.

"Tolerance": tolerance and generosity. Have a broad mind and calm mind.

"Dedication": Give silently, willingly, without repayment. It is the unrequited love and dedication to one's own business.

"Innovation": Create new things, update, create, change. Use existing knowledge and materials to improve or create new things in a specific environment and obtain certain beneficial effects.

"Altruism": The act of making others obtain convenience and benefits, and respecting the interests of others, a conscious and voluntary behavior that is beneficial to society and enterprises in an altruistic spirit.