Good fate" is not as good as habit-Managing Director Mr. Hu Hairong analyzes the journey of success

2004-11-01 00:00:00
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Summary:In my life, there are two important contents: career and martial arts. For me, my catering business is my career. When doing business, we must stress credit, work hard, and manage.

  In my life, there are two important contents: career and martial arts. For me, my catering business is my career. When doing business, we must stress credit, work hard, and manage. The principle of martial arts is the same, you must have martial ethics, be willing to work hard, and you also need skills. Doing business has brought me wealth, and practicing martial arts has given me a strong physique and perseverance, and it has also earned me honor. But the most important thing is that they all allow me to be a better person. As the saying goes, you are blessed to be a man. I think being a man here includes good literacy habits and qualities. My experience tells me that it’s better to have good life than good habits. Once you get used to it, it’s hard to think of success.

  Run away: no longer a rural vet

  I took a train from Linchuan, Jiangxi, to Shishi when I was 17 years old. It has been 12 years now. Now I have my own hotel here. Someone told me: Hu Hairong, great, from working for others to now being my own boss. Many people call me a "successful person." In fact, this path is indeed not easy.

  I have worked as a veterinarian, a lighting engineer and a sound controller in a dance hall, a KTV manager, and now I am the boss myself. I have walked one step at a time until now. From nothing to today, I can have my own little world in Jinjiang. A little achievement. Of course, I know that there is still a longer way to go. I think I will keep going down the road steadily. This has always been my purpose of being a person, and it can also be said to be my "secret to success".

  My first job was as a veterinarian. After graduating from technical secondary school, I was assigned to work in the township veterinary station in my hometown. My daily work is: I will go wherever the livestock is sick, sometimes splinting the injured leg of the dog, sometimes castrating the boar, and so on. To be honest, I don't like this job. I always want to make a breakthrough in the outside world, and make a difference like a real man. Since I was a child, I have dreamed of being able to excel in martial arts, hoping to receive orthodox martial arts training. This is also an important reason why I want to go out.

  The person who has most influenced me is the third brother. He came out early and he had been in Shishi for a while. Breakdancing in the 1980s was still a novelty, and the third brother was a great performer. He was the famous "King of Breakdance" at that time. At that time, he was my role model. One day when I was 17 years old, I packed my backpack and left the veterinary station, and came to Shishi with my third brother. I have only heard of Shishi before, and I only know that it is a place full of challenges with a developed economy. I remember very clearly that when my feet stepped on this place, I knew that I would leave a footprint here and do a career. Because I like a challenging life, this is for me, not a place where I can only give dog legs a splint.

  Hard training: from dimmer to KTV foreman

  When I first arrived in Shishi, I encountered unprecedented setbacks and could not find a job for a long time. You know, at that time Shishi's economy was undergoing rapid development, and it was also a highly competitive place. A large number of people flocked to Shishi, hoping to get a job. However, it is not easy to find an ideal job without excellent skills. At that time, I was young and just left the house. I had no experience. I didn't have a fixed job for 5 months and felt very uncomfortable. It was a period of days spent counting only the money left. Food and clothing are the cheapest, but this kind of life experience has allowed me to develop a habit of frugality. Even now I have a good economy and I don’t smoke. Not addicted to alcohol, and never wear high-end clothes. At that time, I was still learning Sanda at the Shishi Natural Gate Martial Arts Center, kicking and beating all day, which was physically exhausting. Fortunately, people are young and can survive everything without feeling bitter.

  Later, with the help of my third brother, I found a job as a dimmer and tuner in the Shishi Entertainment City Song and Dance Hall. At the beginning, I didn't quite adapt to and liked the work in the entertainment city. Because the entertainment city's business hours are mainly at night, it is a challenge for me who is used to going to bed early and getting up early. In addition, the song and dance hall is a place I have less contact with before. But soon I discovered that there is a lot of knowledge to do well in an entertainment city. Shishi’s entertainment industry has a strong momentum and a bright future. After realizing this, I decided to work hard in this line.

  But I only have a technical secondary school diploma, I am still a veterinary major, and I am not a local. It is not easy to get ahead from an ordinary light modulator. One must have real ability if one wants to succeed. I know clearly that I have to increase my knowledge and weight. At that time, I stipulated for myself: the first one to come to get off work and the last one to leave after work. While doing a good job of dimming and tuning, I carefully observe the work of other colleagues, especially those who already have considerable jobs. Experienced person.

  Of course, I did not deliberately to please the boss's appreciation. The most important thing is to realize that I need to learn too much. At that time, whenever I had the opportunity, I carefully observed and analyzed the reasons for the booming business of other dance halls, learned their business tips and characteristics of attracting customers, studied what customers wanted, and gradually worked out a set of rules. At the same time, I bought some books related to management and studied hard after get off work.

  If there is a will, everything will come true. A few months later, I started to work as a KTV foreman. When I first took over as the foreman, in order to make the KTV work better than before, I laid down rules for the employees. First of all, I will do it myself, because if I can't do it, it will be difficult to convince others. I said to them: "I am a manager at work, and you are an employee; we are brothers and sisters after get off work." There is an old saying called "convince people with virtue", what I have to do is "convince people with virtue". So at work, everyone trusts me. To be a leader, it is important not to trust. Only by letting employees have the feeling of treating the company as their own can they attract more and more customers.

  Outside of work, I still spend 6 hours a day practicing Sanda at the Wushu Gym in Shishi. I went door-to-door and learned one by one. In two or three years, I learned all the martial arts in Shishi.

  Special skill: shake five dice into a straight line

  By the beginning of 1997, I had been promoted to be the manager of entertainment city KTV. Earlier, I was planning to leave the entertainment city and go to the Jackie Chan Hotel in Fuzhou to be the manager of the recreational department, because during my vacation, this hotel once gave me such an opportunity. This opportunity also gave me a greater challenge and a stage for display. I like it very much. But I finally didn’t go. On the one hand, I have been in the entertainment city of Shishi for so many years and I have developed feelings. On the other hand, the owner of the entertainment city is willing to use a high salary of 4,000 yuan to keep me as a KTV manager. Later, I stayed. . Doing a business and loving a business. After so many years in Shishi, I have not changed jobs or changed careers. Nowadays, some young people like slots, they may have their own ideas, and my idea is that by staying in the same company, you may be able to find more opportunities.

  During my tenure as a KTV manager, I carried out a series of reforms in hygiene, management, and operation. KTV business is getting better and better, and many awards have been awarded. At this time, I am a little bit contented, but I also have a deep sense of crisis. In order to attract more customers, inspired by the movie "The Holy Gambling", I practiced hard and learned a unique trick, which is to roll the dice. Five dice can be rolled into a straight line, ten dice can be rolled into two straight lines at the same time, and so on, as long as the box is large enough. My unique skill can only be seen in movies like "The Holy Gambling", and very few people can really master it. Therefore, this skill is especially rare and remarkable in life. Really, with this unique trick, I attracted batch after batch of customers to come to see my performance, and slowly gained a reputation.

  I remember a player from the Philippines. He admired my performance by chance. About a month later, he unexpectedly brought a pair of people and horses, and also carried a camera to film the whole process of my performance.

  Perception: Habits determine fate

  Personality determines destiny. On the road to success, my purpose and character as a person have helped me a lot. I think my character can be expressed in: pragmatic, serious, fair and straightforward. It’s the old saying I often say to others, “A good dream is worse than a good habit. Once you get used to it, it’s hard to think of success or not”. In this society, competition is cruel. Everyone dreams, but not everyone can achieve success. Look at the people wandering in the city, the migrant workers in the factories in the industrial zone, which one does not want to succeed. But not everyone can succeed. Why? Because they just dreamed, but they didn't develop good habits. In practice, they didn't put good habits into work. Opportunity is not forever. To give a very simple example, if a person who collects accounts is greedy for a while, he does not register all accounts and steals money. He may not be found once or twice, but once he is found, he is finished.

  Of course, good habits are also manifested in many other aspects. For example, there are two people, starting from the waiter in the dance hall. One person can be a foreman, a manager, but one person is always a waiter. When he gets older, he can only go back to the country. It’s just a good habit that the previous person knows how to observe and how to operate.

  I am so self-confident, the more difficult it is, the more energetic I am. I believe that I will be able to overcome it and succeed.

  I have always remembered what the third brother said to me: "You must be open and honest, and you must not covet petty gains, otherwise you will lose your reputation and affect your life's career. You must be worthy of your conscience when you do anything." I have always reminded myself. It is not easy for a person to gain the trust of others, but it is very simple to destroy the trust of others in oneself. In society, it is very difficult to gain a foothold if you lose everyone’s trust, especially for a business person. The KTV industry is faced with greater temptations than other industries: beauty, money. It is just these two temptations that ordinary people cannot resist. As a KTV operator, dealing with sensuality and large sums of money all day, let alone being confused by these things, you must keep a clear head. Once you lose your mind, you will easily lead to failure. I have a strong temper, and things that I look for will be done, no matter how difficult it is, I won't touch things that I can't touch. Be upright, keep promises, and be worthy of your conscience.

  Wu Xi: There is always something "chivalrous"

  Just talk about Minnan, there are too many people who are bigger than my Hu Hairong business, but why did you interview me? It's definitely not simply because of my business success. I think the biggest characteristic of this person is that he has a sense of chivalry. Chinese martial arts teach people to have a chivalrous mind. I'm willing to do things that are not flat, and I am willing to help.

  Since I started working in the entertainment city, I have insisted on getting up at 8 o’clock every morning to exercise, run, and practice Sanda. Sometimes I’m really tired and don’t want to move when I lie in bed. Every time I say to myself: "Hu Hairong, hurry up Get up. If you give up so easily, what's the future.” The dance hall gets off work at more than one in the evening, I get up at eight, and sleep for five or six hours a day. If you stick to it for a long time, it really achieves ideal results. From my body shape, it is not easy for people who work at night for a long time to maintain a healthy body like me. Let me put it this way. The reason why I practice martial arts is firstly because of my interest, and secondly, I want to make martial arts honed my physical strength, will and righteousness.

  A few years ago, when I went to the post office to send a letter, I heard a girl yelling from far away: "Robbery! Help me chase." I immediately chased in the direction that the thief ran away, because I practiced for a long time. Run, where the thief was my opponent, after chasing him, that song was also frightened, dropped his wallet and ran away on the motorcycle.

  Not once I went to the Linbian Martial Arts Center to train when I saw a group of gangsters bullying a young man who looked like a foreigner and robbed him of his money. I went to persuade them to fight, but they beat them harder. Seeing such a situation, I had no choice but to use my fists and give them a lesson. Sometimes I have to admit that force is the most direct method. Of course, I don't advocate it. Later, I learned that the bullied young man, whose surname was Yang, had just come to Shishi from a foreign land and couldn't find anything to do. I arranged for him to enter the martial arts gym and arranged for him to work. Now, he is already a master of martial arts.

  I can help others and I will feel very proud of seeing them become useful materials. This is why I am a martial arts coach. For so many years in Shishi, I have traveled to various martial arts halls, on the one hand to learn the martial arts skills of different coaches, on the other hand, to make friends. I especially like to make friends.

  December 24, 1995, was an important day for me. On that day, I led the students to participate in the martial arts competition held in Guangdong. We won the team runner-up, and myself, I won the 60kg Sanda champion. Holding the trophy in my hand, I was so excited at the time, and the long-term efforts were affirmed. Through this game. I also got acquainted with the demeanor of national martial arts masters, and really achieved my goal of making friends with martial arts. Later, Shishi City awarded me the title of "Best Mobilization". It was not only a kind of award, but also an incentive, which inspired me to In the future road of life, we must continue to move forward and not retreat.

  Journey: Love to fight to win

  Now that my brothers and I have opened our own hotel, I have started a new stage in my life. Isn't there a lyric called "Love to fight to win"? To win, you really need to have a bit of fighting spirit. But this kind of spirit is not enough. What is more important is righteousness and integrity. This requires good qualities and habits so that anyone can find their own way to success.