Leading excellence and pursuing perfection (remember the Jinjiang Honor Hotel to be opened at the end of the year)

2005-11-02 00:00:00
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Summary:Guest rooms: Guest rooms are designed with emphasis on humanity, individuality and fashion. The high-floor frame structure and curved corridors are more warm and quiet.

  Guest rooms: Guest rooms are designed with emphasis on humanity, individuality and fashion. The high-floor frame structure and curved corridors are more warm and quiet. The practical area of ​​the room is much larger than that of most four-star hotels. The distinctive large bathroom and its separate shower and bathtub are more tasteful, plus unique Through perspective view, you will feel novel.

  Uniquely designed presidential suites, deluxe business suites, mid-building viewing suites, VIP suites, honeymoon rooms for couples, ladies rooms, connecting family rooms and other characteristic standard rooms, spacious and comfortable, with excellent texture. Expensive furniture and world-famous bedding, a variety of valuable artworks and decorative furnishings, warm and stylish, coupled with user-friendly and considerate service, make the guest room atmosphere comfortable and at home, making the journey hurry The travellers forget loneliness and tiredness, and find the feeling of going home.

  The luxurious suites are the ultimate interpretation of dignity and style! It is not immersive, it is difficult to experience its exquisite quality, this will be your best choice for quiet business trips.

  KTV: The hotel has meticulously built more than 30 domestic first-class KTV rooms, which organically blend luxury with technology, trendy and modernity in design. The world-famous audio and unique decorations, the computerized song order system for ten thousand songs and the high-tech lighting visual effects create an avant-garde and trendy ideal place for you to fully reveal your personality and release your passion.

  Chinese restaurant: The Chinese restaurant of the "aircraft carrier-style" honor seafood restaurant can accommodate more than 2,000 people for dining at the same time. It has 40 luxurious private rooms and 5 VIP private rooms. The column-free multi-functional banquet hall is luxuriously decorated with noble and elegant decoration style. Exquisite and expensive supplies and avant-garde lighting configuration make the spacious dining area show the unique grandeur of Honor Hotel. The super-configured performing arts stage, brand-new service model, and high-quality and diversified humanistic service concepts will make your banquet honorable and noble. It is an ideal place for large-scale banquets, business, weddings and other banquets and celebrations.

  Western restaurant: novel and unique Western restaurant and coffee bar, providing international standard Chinese and Western buffet all day, standard European design, elegant and romantic------

  Hotel management, catering management, guest reservations, business meetings and other aspects are all intelligent.

  The hotel conference center is luxuriously decorated with complete functions and spectacular scenes. There are international and domestic multifunctional conference halls that can accommodate 500 seats. It adopts a full range of computer-controlled lighting systems and can adjust lighting according to different scenes of the meeting. Equipped with the latest conference facilities such as a simultaneous interpretation system in four languages, a ring microphone system, a multimedia projector, and a large lifting projection screen, various small meeting rooms can meet the needs of holding various business meetings.

  As an administrative business building, it has beautiful decoration, complete hardware and software facilities, and provides fast and comprehensive services. It is also equipped with seminars and leisure areas and provides convenient and comfortable humanized services. Business bars and cafes can make business people get busy in a timely manner.

  The hotel is equipped with large parking lots, shopping malls and beauty salons and other convenience measures. The subtleties all reflect the honorable people's people-oriented service concept and the enterprise spirit of leading excellence and pursuing perfection.