One of the series of "Honor is Coming" "Honor" has a good boss

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Summary:Honor is an achievement. When Hu Lianrong regarded "honor" as a brand in the hotel industry with multiple cultural meanings such as dignity, luxury, fashion, and humanity

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  Honor is an achievement. When Hu Lianrong regarded "honor" as a brand in the hotel industry with multiple cultural meanings such as dignity, luxury, fashion, and humanity, honor became a pronoun of grade, status, glory and other enjoyment. In three or four years, honorable persons represented by Hu Lianrong and his younger brothers Hu Manrong and Hu Hairong, who are special senior chefs, have opened 7 hotels in Quanzhou’s hotel industry with integrity, meticulous, high-grade, and high-quality services. "Honor" chain hotel, with a rich source of customers and full of customers every day, not only has formed the "honor chain image" that has attracted the attention of the industry, and has been promoted to multiple levels of honor in three years, first being rated as a four-star hotel, and then It has also won many titles with extremely high gold content such as "Famous Brand", "AAAA" Green Hotel, and "National Special Class Hotel" in Fujian Province. There are indeed many things that can be summarized and used for reference.

  Speaking of Hu Lianrong, the chairman of Honor Hotel Group, the Honorary Man said, we have a good boss. What's so good? One hundred honorable people have one hundred good compliments about him. They praise their boss as if they praise a relative of their own family. In their hearts, their boss Hu Lianrong is different from ordinary bosses. In the process of promoting the development of the honor business, he is kind, generous, and kind to others. Fortunately, he has made all employees honor, benefit sharing, and carrying for the career. The common cause of glory and dream of all honorable people.

  Gentle and powerful, confession of the strength of a real man

  To be a hotel, one cannot do without a kind and gentle personality: and to start a business, it is difficult to turn ideals into reality without sufficient strength. In reality, gentleness and strength are often a contradiction, that is, gentleness and strength are a kind of personality charm that many men dream of. Many people who are familiar with Hu Lianrong know that gentleness and strength have been organically unified in Hu Lianrong, and he is extremely confident enough to be sincere enough and put into practice, and he will be strong enough. Maybe this is the secret of his career success.

  This is the philosophy of a real man, and this is the confession of the strength of a man who leads a group of brothers to work hard to create a great cause of honor. As a young talent who once won the "Break Dance" champion in his hometown of Jiangxi, and has the reputation of "Prince of Break Dance", Hu Lianrong has a special liking for the hotel industry. After he came alone to Shishi, which was the first to open to the outside world and was extremely economically active in southern Fujian, he spent nearly 10 years in the hotel industry, from dancing pillars to singing and dancing hall managers, and now directly involved in the management of the hotel industry. He earnestly accumulated With experience and economic strength in the hotel industry. Here, he has been planning to start a business. In 1992, Hu Lianrong had cooperated with others to open a barbecue restaurant. Unexpectedly, he quickly closed his hands after running a few months with a loss of tens of thousands of yuan. Some relatives and friends persuaded him to work hard in the hotel industry with his own skills to earn some worry-free money, and stop taking risks. He smiled indifferently and said that it would be difficult for him to be afraid of taking risks. In 1995, taking advantage of the vigorous development of the Shishi clothing industry, he invested tens of thousands of yuan to let his lover open a fashion store and tailor-made fashion for customers, trying to start a business in the clothing industry and accumulate the first pot of gold. As a result, this time Also lost. It's a pity that his relatives and friends are doing it for him. He smiled again and said that in business, there is a profit and a loss, it doesn't matter. The two unfair business failures did not dispel his great aspirations. Since then, with his classic smile, he worked diligently in the hotel industry, and was successively employed by many hotels as general manager and other important management positions.

  God rewards hard work. In 2000, with the trust and support of his friends, he tried again to start a business in the hotel industry and opened his first seafood restaurant in Jinjiang-Jinjiang Ludao Seafood Restaurant. This time, with its stable and solid style of doing things and professional and meticulous management, it can be said that it was natural and successful. As soon as the Jinjiang Ludao Restaurant opened, it was very busy and the business was booming. Since then, he has been unacceptable on the road of entrepreneurship and development. He founded Jinjiang Honor Seafood Restaurant in 2002. In 2003, he founded Shishi Lvjing Hotel in Shishi City. In 2004, he founded Quanzhou Honor Seafood Restaurant in Quanzhou. In the same year, he founded a four-star honor hotel in Shishi. Jinjiang in 2005 The opening of Yinglin Honor Hotel and the successful opening of Jinjiang Honor Hotel in the same year marked the beginning of the group operation of Honor Hotel Chain. Since then, the brand management and industrial development of Honor Hotel has entered a new stage...

  Unique weapon: get the taste buds of gourmets

  Hu Lianrong is first of all a steady pioneer. As a long-term expert in hotel service, he knows that to make a hotel, as long as you have money, it is easy to decorate luxuriously and upscale. It is also easy to recruit a full set of young and capable professionals, but to form yourself Characteristics, condensed into their own fist, it is very difficult to implement differentiated competition in the industry. He also believes that, as a hotel industry, it is not difficult to attract customers to the hotel, but it is not easy for customers to enjoy a noble, elegant and affordable enjoyment in the hotel, eat well and live well, and become repeat customers. So he chose to enhance the competitive advantage of the "Honor" brand and implement differentiated competition on the quality of catering and service. As early as more than 10 years ago, he put his fourth brother Hu Manrong in the kitchen to study art. Hu Manrong has lived up to expectations. After years of learning, his cooking skills have become more sophisticated. In 1996, Hu Lianrong sent him to the training department of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, where the supremacy of Chinese cuisine is located. After a year and a half of apprenticeships, he was awarded the "Super Chef" certificate issued by the Training Department of the Great Hall of the People. , Culinary skills have once again been sublimated. In October 2004, Hu Manrong participated in the "Tenth Chinese Chef's Festival" with six exquisite dishes. All six dishes were awarded the "Chinese Famous Dishes" and became the only "Chinese Famous Chef" who has won the most "Golden Chef Awards" in Quanzhou. ". In July 2005, Hu Manrong went to Hong Kong to apprentice and was accepted as a disciple by Yang Guanyi, the "World Royal Chef and Hong Kong Abalone King", and his culinary skills became increasingly sophisticated. Scientific nutrition, colorful and delicious, high-grade and high-quality dishes have become the unique weapon for honor to implement differentiated competition. It also makes honor a paradise for gourmets from all walks of life, especially government and business guests.

  As a family: treat employees as honorable customers

  Hu Lianrong is a generous and kind person. He has a very influential sentence in the industry: "Honorable customers are first of all their own employees. If even their own employees do not serve well, how can they serve the guests?" This has become the most vivid and popular in the management concept of Hu Lianrong's hotel industry. part. To let employees serve customers well, companies must first serve their employees well. Therefore, he treats everyone who walks into the honor as his brother and sister. To run staff canteens and large-scale staff baths, he does not hesitate to invest heavily in the best equipment, provide the best meals and the best living benefits; he is always worried about the honor of investing heavily in the staff’s accommodation plan to purchase land and construct Staff accommodation. He said that the career of honor is everyone’s career, and the difficulties of honoring people are everyone’s difficulties. Only when everyone jointly shoulders the responsibility of honor and the difficulties of each human body, will the honorable cause flourish and honor people. Will also thrive with the development of the honor career. As honors develop, the treatment and living and welfare conditions of honorable persons should also be continuously improved.

  Many people make friends, and they believe that "people respect me a foot, and I respect others." It seems like this is really a buddy. And Hu Lianrong makes friends with people, he is particular about not waiting for you to respect me, I will respect you first, you respect me for a while, I respect you for life. Sincerity and courtesy, kindness and integrity have become the fundamental points of Hu Lianrong's interpersonal communication. When meeting employees, he always asks: "Are you happy?" "Is there any difficulty I can help?" When he met a stranger, he said: "It's nice to meet you, what can I do for you? Is it?" This may be a professional habit for ordinary people to do, but for Hu Lianrong, he really does it.

  So people who work in Honor have a strong sense of security. Because honourable people have the consensus and habit of sharing their suffering from natural and man-made disasters and other accidents. In Hu Lianrong's advocacy and the body of honor to bear together has become a unique corporate culture feature of honor. When every employee gets married, he must send a big red envelope like a parent; if the employee has a problem at home, he must personally visit his door and solve his financial difficulties on the spot. Last year, an employee with family difficulties accidentally suffered a car accident. When Hu Lianrong visited the hospital, he left 20,000 yuan in medical expenses on the spot. The hospital must use the best doctors and the best conditions to treat him. After returning to the hotel, according to the extremely difficult situation of the employee’s family, he coordinated the hotel union to launch honorary chain stores to donate money to the employee, which not only gave the employee great comfort and love when faced with natural disasters, but also helped this employee. The employees completely walked out of poverty and lived a good life. Whether it is a hotel employee or a customer who walks into the honor, people can see Hu Lianrong’s gentle and kind smile on his face. This mature man, who was once the "Prince of Thunder" in the entertainment industry in Fuzhou, Jiangxi, is in front of employees and customers. He has always been as simple, kind and responsible as his brother who dares to take responsibility.

  In the Quanzhou Bay area, people are often surprised that the hotel industry in Quanzhou has grown up like Hu Lianrong, an entrepreneurial prodigy overnight. They only see his brilliance by leaps and bounds, but often ignore his years of accumulation in the hotel industry. In the slow and diligent efforts, he has endured many failures, and he has also had long and patient expectations and accumulations that ordinary people can hardly persist. Nowadays, honors are flourishing, and Hu Lianrong's honors are also coming in. After being named "Quanzhou Ten Best Foreign Youths" in 1996, "Fujian Province Top 100 Foreign Youths" in 1997, and No. 1 in Shishi City in 1998 After being a member of the CPPCC for foreign youths, in 2004, he was elected as a member of the Shishi CPPCC Standing Committee. In 2005, he was once again elected with a high vote of "Quanzhou Top Ten Entrepreneurship Elite" and "May 1st Labor Medal" titles, and ranked first. In the same year, he was named the entrepreneurial elite of Fujian Province. His true love confession has been continuously turned into reality under his down-to-earth efforts, and his career world has been continuously expanded and extended under his gentle and powerful promotion. A "honor hotel" family that has attracted the attention of the world is growing on the land of Fujian. growing up.