Honor Hotel Group's first job skills competition held in Jinjiang honor

2008-05-23 00:00:00
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Summary:On April 26th, in order to comprehensively test whether the job skills and service level of all hotel chains of the Honor Hotel Group meet the requirements of the honor brand

  News from our newspaper: On April 26, in order to comprehensively test whether the job skills and service level of the staff of the honor hotel group’s chain hotels meet the requirements of the honor brand, and at the same time discover a group of outstanding talents with excellent service skills and skills, hosted by the honor hotel group, The "First Staff Skills Skills Contest" hosted by Jinjiang Honor Hotel was held at Jinjiang Honor Hotel. This competition is the first large-scale competition of Honor Hotel Group in Quanzhou, and it is also a competition for employees of various hotel chains to show off their style. A competition where brother hotels learn from each other, learn from each other, and improve each other.

  This competition was organized and planned by Ms. Hou Diyi, Vice Chairman of Jinjiang Honor Hotel, and with the active cooperation of the person in charge of each chain hotel under the group, the work of the competition went smoothly. The competition consists of four items: Chinese banquet table setting, bar counter fruit plate making, Chinese bed making competition, and front hall service competition. The "service practice assessment" mode is adopted, that is, employees' service awareness, professional knowledge, service skills, and adaptability are assessed. President Hu Lianrong of Honor Hotel Group hopes that through this employee skills competition, a new climax of learning skills, practicing hard work, strengthening quality, comparing skills, brightening skills, and making contributions will be set off among the hotel chain employees of the group, thereby promoting the chain The hotel’s service level and staff’s quality have been improved to provide more quality services to the majority of guests; to contribute to the sustainable development of the honorable brand.

  It is reported that the top three winners of each event in this competition will not only receive the honorary certificate issued by the group, but also organize the winners to travel to Wuyi Mountain. In this way, the winners are encouraged to continue their work in the future and exchange experiences with other employees, which will take the lead in improving the overall service level of the hotel where they are located.