Hotel aircraft carrier rising on the west bank of the Strait

2009-02-23 00:00:00
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Summary:The sea crosses the sea, showing the true qualities of a hero; the times are trending, and the honor shines forever. On the amorous land of Quanzhou on the west bank of the Taiwan

  ——Asia's second largest revolving western restaurant appeared in Jinjiang 100 meters above the sky to enjoy the beauty of the three cities of Quanjinshi

  ——Jinjiang Honor International Hotel strives to build an international five-star model hotel

  "Bamboo-side springs are adjacent to Danzao, and vines are rooted along Liyun." "There are no green tiles on the wind pavilion, and there are water-soaked moss and flowers on the cloud rock." The ancients described Quanzhou with wild flowers and fragrance. Fanyin is a fairyland on earth. Following the tide of reform and opening up, adhering to the instinct of striving and daring to win, today, on the west bank of the Strait, in the land of Quanzhou, a modern landmark building, the international five-star hotel aircraft carrier Jinjiang Honor International Hotel, stands out from the sea. The imposing vibe, the graceful and luxurious aura and the temperament that came out after thousands of calls, exudes the dazzling light of the times as soon as it debuts, bringing a brand-new atmosphere to Quanzhou, a land of beauty and civilization. Recently, reporters walked into Jinjiang Honor International Hotel, which will open on November 7th, and feel the honor and extraordinary experience, and experience the business stories created by Honor Hotel Group Chairman Hu Lianrong and his team with wisdom and courage.

  Jinjiang Honor International Hotel is located beside the Riverside Park on the banks of Shuanggou River, Meiling Century Avenue, Jinjiang. It is the tenth hotel chain invested by Honor Hotel Group. It is designed with simple European-style French style as the main design style and constructed according to international five-star standards. Decorated, the main building is 30 stories high, with a total area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters. Walking into the hotel lobby, the reporter was immediately shocked by a magnificent modern visual spectacle. The huge space is filled with a stylish atmosphere, and the white-gray decoration style is full of strong European style. GRG modern international environmental protection materials replace marble. The national landscape paintings of flowers and birds are colorful and lifelike, replacing the traditional "clock-like" lobby style. In short, every item, every design and every element in the lobby seems to tell the magnificence of a new international five-star hotel and the unique pursuit of honors; in the depth of the lobby, there is one place The 16-meter-high lobby lounge and the unique western-style architecture make people feel happy when they walk in. At night, top bands and singers from the Philippines and other countries perform special performances, making it an ideal place for business negotiations; morning on the first floor The afternoon tea restaurant is a natural garden. The arc-shaped floor-to-ceiling glass collects the fragrance of birds and flowers in the opposite riverside park. The hall is quiet and elegant. It follows the morning tea mode of Shishi Honor Hotel and is managed by famous teachers from Guangdong and Hong Kong. Can enjoy the strong Guangdong-Hong Kong morning tea atmosphere in Jinjiang, which is very popular among diners; in the kitchen on the second floor, the reporter was shocked by everything in front of him. This is a large kitchen space covering an area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters. According to reports, only More than 7 million yuan was invested in kitchenware. There are 24 stoves, all of which are regional operations. There are dozens of different departments, such as the clay pot department, the snack department, the pre-entry room, the drying room, and the meat processing room, using Western-style running water. The division of labor is very fine. The super large seafood pool, with all kinds of seafood, has a dazzling array of dishes. The dishes blend the good dishes of the eight major cuisines in the country, as well as classic Western dishes and Thai dishes. It is a super gourmet city; the aircraft carrier-style Chinese restaurant can accommodate 4,000 people at the same time. The Chinese food banquet hall is divided into several small halls. The first floor can host more than 140 tables; the fourth floor is the Xinpai RTV restaurant, which is a Chinese restaurant that combines Chinese and Western cultures. It organically combines the two cultures of eating and singing; the KTV on the fifth floor is An elegant concert hall, with first-class audio equipment in the country, only one item of audio. Chairman Hu Lianrong has RK dozens of brands across the country, and finally chose this set of audio with the same brand as Beijing Bird's Nest; The sixth floor is an indoor constant temperature swimming pool with a width of 18 meters and a length of 38 meters that has been invested millions of dollars. The sunlight can come in directly. People are lying on the water and reflected by the glass of the ceiling. People are like being in the open sky, in freedom. fly. The swimming pool has attracted a lot of attention before it opened; the 11th and 12th floors are saunas, the latest electrotherapy and hydrotherapy are introduced, and the quiet and luxurious decoration makes people feel like they are in a dreamlike world; There are guest rooms on the 25th floor. There are more than 230 deluxe rooms in 10 types of rooms. Under the guidance of the manager, the reporter walked into a few guest rooms. Simple-European style room, gold-inlaid jade bed, purchase price of more than 15,000 yuan per set, clear-cut room style, soft and quiet interior design, romantic and elegant interior facilities, humanized detail design, multi-angle rotating TV , Every detail is evocative, and every room is full of warm and romantic atmosphere; the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh floors are high-end reception areas for state guests. The two floors cover an area of ​​more than 2,800 square meters, and there are only 15 rooms. The decoration of the rooms is extremely luxurious, so that every high-end guest will have a sense of accomplishment when they walk in; the biggest highlight of the hotel is the Genting Revolving Western Restaurant on the 28th floor, which covers an area of ​​1,400 meters and is the second largest in Asia. The reporter walked up and was immediately shocked. It was more than 100 meters high from the ground, had more than 300 seats, and had VIP boxes. The reporter stood here looking into the distance, the magnificence of the Haijiang River, the prosperity of the city, the quietness of the fields, the surging of people, and the beautiful scenery of Jinjiang, Shishi, and Quanzhou. The heroic feeling of small. In addition, the hotel has 8 large and small meeting rooms and 8 elevators. The 6-meter-high international conference room has no columns and has a very wide view. It is equipped with a simultaneous translation system and can accommodate 500 people for meetings. The 8 elevators are equipped with the most advanced LCD voice prompt device; there are wine and cigar bar, tea art hall, SPA spa, tennis court, gym, chess and card room, squash room, table tennis room, beauty salon and other recreational and recreational facilities, which can meet the needs of Quanzhou, Jinjiang, Shishi This kind of business needs. The hotel specially hired the "Chinese Scissor King" to cut and sew work uniforms for the service staff. The price of each uniform is 300 yuan, and the clothing of the management staff is as high as 1200 yuan per piece. The hotel takes care of the staff’s appearance and manners. Make detailed articles to reflect the respect of honor people to each guest;

  Just when the reporter was still intoxicated by the huge shock brought by the hotel, the reporter met Mr. Hu Lianrong, the chairman of the hotel who was busy. His elegant demeanor, quick thinking, young smile and wise eyes made the reporter feel at once. It connects him with the "Empire State Building" in front of him. Hu Lianrong devoted a lot of effort to the painting of Jinjiang Honor International Hotel. From the beginning of the design, Hu Lianrong has made great contributions with keen vision and extraordinary courage: bravely stand the development trend of contemporary hotel industry, strive to build an international five-star model hotel, revitalize regional tourism resources, and establish a regional hotel brand. Serve the economy and trade of Quanzhou, improve the quality of life of modern people, and add a lot of color to the development of the economic belt on the west side of the Straits. In order to achieve this goal, Hu Lianrong began his "imperial journey." After more than a year, he visited and inspected internationally renowned hotel groups such as the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, the Wynn Hotel in Macau, the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, and the Seven-star Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, UAE, to learn about the world’s hotels The latest trends and latest achievements in the development of the industry, whether it is advanced design concepts, advanced management models, advanced decoration materials and decoration styles, or even the layout and color style of the hotel, all adopt the best of everyone and adopt fashion. Essence, organically blends things from the world and the nation, and strives to form a modern masterpiece with both international style and national heritage. Hu Lianrong always insisted on one thing, that is, meticulous craftsmanship, slow work and meticulous work, and come out after endless calls. He believes that only in this way can the newly-launched Jinjiang Honor International Hotel be exquisite and unique. Under the hard work of Hu Lianrong and the entire design and construction team, after more than two years of construction, the Jinjiang Honor International Hotel towering into the clouds is now in Jinjiang, Shishi, Quanzhou, and even Fujian Province and the whole country. It is already outstanding and charming. Up. "Quanzhou people can make good clothes, shoes, and stone, and they can also make hotels. Honor Hotel Group has such confidence." This is the voice of Honor.

  The sea crosses the sea, showing the true qualities of a hero; the times are trending, and the honor shines forever. On the amorous land of Quanzhou on the west bank of the Taiwan Strait, the long and long history, the simple and psychic culture, and the unharmed and unharmed charm nurture the brand-new hotel giant of Jinjiang Honor International Hotel. She and the giant ship of Quanzhou are fast The sound of progress, proudly integrated into the Quanzhou 15-minute economic circle, and fly with Quanzhou!