Not a movie stunt, but "real kung fu"

2009-04-21 00:00:00
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Summary:Core Tip: Many people are familiar with the name Hu Hairong, not only because he manages more than a dozen chain restaurants, but also because he has outstanding martial

  Core Tip: Many people are familiar with the name Hu Hairong, not only because he manages more than a dozen chain restaurants, but also because he has outstanding martial arts and won the Sanda champion in the national martial arts arena competition. In the "Guinness China Night" dice world record challenge of CCTV "Zhengda Variety Show", he broke one and set another Guinness dice world record and won two gold medals at the same time. This is unprecedented in the Nice World Record Challenge. So how did you practice this "Martial Arts", which was dubbed the "World Dice King"? A reporter from this newspaper will take you to Hu Hairong.

  1. Directly hit "One Pillar Optimus" and "Double Dragons Soaring"

  Hu Hairong broke and set the Guinness dice world record with the single-column "One Column Optimus" (ie 25 dice in a single row) and "Double Dragon Flying" (ie 42 dice in a double row), breaking and setting the Guinness dice world record and winning gold medals in two events I believe many people have seen it in CCTV's three sets and one set of programs. Recently, reporters also witnessed his wonderful performance at the Shishi Honor Hotel.

  I saw him put 25 dice on the flat glass table top, picked up the dice tube in his right hand and lightly swept across the table top, the dice ran into the dice tube one after another as if by some kind of magical power. Then, he threw the dice tube from behind at a speed that could not cover his ears. The dice tube flipped a few somersaults in the air. The magical thing was that the mouth of the tube was not sealed and the dice would not fall out when in the air. Immediately afterwards, he caught it lightly with his left hand. "This process is accompanied by acrobatics. The level is too high." An employee of a hotel nearby exclaimed. Then, his hands swayed quickly on the tabletop, the friction between the dice and the tabletop became smaller and smaller, about 10 seconds before and after, suddenly, he stopped his hands, gently picked up the dice tube, and the single column of 25 pieces was stacked into the sky. The shaped dice "come out". Of course, the reporter will not miss another record-"42 dice doubles stacked side by side."

  In Hu Hairong's performance, the reporter found that the maximum number of his "One Pillar" can stack 28 pieces. Why did the Guinness World Records Challenge use 25 single-pillars to break the record? To the reporter's question, he said humorously: "Let's keep one hand." It seemed that he had to show his hands again, so the reporter suggested Hu Hairong to show some TV A stunt that I haven't seen before.

  It was really hidden, he came up with a "dice shake". I saw him put all the 32 dice in the dice tube and began to shake it. At first, the dice made a mess. As he moved the dice tube on the table faster, it was incredible that after about 30 seconds passed. , He stopped, opened the cup, the dice formed four pillars on their own, without slanting or falling apart, 32 dice became four "dice pillars". It seemed that when the dice reached his hand, he had to obediently let him control it.

  In movies, people often see that many people move their ears when they play dice. What role does this play? Hu Hairong told reporters that ear movement has a certain effect. It makes the brain more powerful and often has stronger nerves. Willpower and insight, you can hear more detailed sounds around you, and you have such a performance when you roll the dice, as long as everyone's attention is on the dice barrel.

  Hu Hairong said that listening is very important when rolling the dice. When you hear the sound of friction becoming smaller, the dice in the dice cylinder may have been folded into a column. If the dice are in a column, there is almost no rubbing sound. As for the difference between the two-column and the three-column sound, it depends on regular training to feel it. If you have enough flexibility and practice diligently, it is not difficult to roll out a dozen dice columns.

  2. Behind the stunts, persist in practicing stunts for 12 years

  In many TV shows, dice rolling often becomes a tool for gambling. In Hu Hairong's view, gambling is the root of evil. But how did he play the dice with the color of "gambling" to such a level of proficiency?

  It turned out that Hu Hairong has been engaged in the hotel service industry for many years. He felt that a hotel needs something special to be sought after by customers. If a skill becomes a new business card and a new highlight of the hotel, he can add a special meal to the guests after a meal. Although many people are very good at guessing punches and dice, every time they see everyone spitting in the process of fighting wine, it is unmannered. He just wanted to have a kind of novelty, gentle and able to attract customers skills. Therefore, after becoming a manager of an entertainment venue, he often played dice with guests to adjust the atmosphere. Especially after watching Chow Yun-fat and Chow Xingchi's gambling films, he was very inspired. Although he knew that the plots in the movie were stunts, he firmly believed that there are only things that are unexpected and cannot be done, and stunts can also become facts.

  An interesting incident happened during this, which made Hu Hairong madly like dice. More than a decade ago, Hu Hairong made a bet with a colleague in the hotel. Because he discovered that this colleague had a good gambling habit, as a department manager, Hu Hairong did not want his colleagues to delay work and future, so he took a clever way to bet with this colleague: if he could be like in "The God of Gamblers" This colleague has to quit gambling if he controls the dice at will.

  Next, in addition to carefully pondering the special effects in the movie, Hu Hairong used water cups and toothpick boxes as training props whenever he was free every day. At first, those dice didn't listen to their orders. After a period of practice, he found that three or four dice could be stacked. After a few months, he can quickly stack up four or five dice, and can control the dice in his hand to roll any number he wants.

  This colleague was convinced and completely quit gambling. Why can he roll the points of the dice arbitrarily? Hu Hairong said that if you want to master the rules of the dice, you must be very familiar with the dice. How much, more practice, so that it is not difficult to remotely control the number of six-sided dice. Who could have imagined that this accidental bet with a colleague changed Hu Hairong's life. Whenever he was free, he held a dice tube and dice in his hand, and even ran a tool similar to the size of a dice tube. Hands training, the top floor of the home is where he practiced hard, this practice lasted 12 years.

  3. King of Dice reveals the integration of dice and martial arts

  If you want to know the secret of Hu Hairong's rolling dice, it has something to do with his martial arts. What is the relationship between playing dice and martial arts? Hu Hairong said that playing dice is the same as punching. It requires both strength and relaxation to stimulate explosive force. It also requires speed and flexibility. Fast response and high sensitivity are similar to Sanda.

  Hu Hairong was born in a family of martial arts. In the process of practicing dice, he organically combined dice-rolling with the concentration and concentration of martial arts, and gradually explored the technique of dice-rolling.

  Hu Hairong told reporters that the mental and psychological qualities of each competition and performance are very important. The style of a general who is not chaotic and not surprised like Zhao Zilong and Guan Yunchang is necessary in martial arts, and it is also applicable to playing dice. During the CCTV game, the bright lights and the slippery floor made him very uncomfortable, but he just won the gold medal of the two rights with his free and easy skills and calm performance, relying on good psychological quality.

  If it is not for the over-loaded exercise of martial arts and the will to develop your perseverance, then you may not be able to achieve today's achievements in business or playing dice, so when someone says "you performed super stable that day", only Hu Hairong clearly knows that this is not one or two world kung fu.

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  "Guinness China Night" World Record Challenge is the highest level extreme challenge event organized by the Guinness World Headquarters and CCTV in China.

  In the "Guinness China Night" World Record Challenge, the dice challenge was established in 2006, and the first competition began in 2007.

  Before Hu Hairong, the highest record for shaking an opaque dice tube was 20 single-column upright dice. The winner was Zhang Jinglin from Henan. But now, his status as the "Dice King" has been shaken. Hu Hairong broke Guinness with 25 single-column upright dice. He set a new Guinness record with 42 double-pillars and became the only player to win two gold medals at the same time in the CCTV Guinness World Records Challenge.