Longitudinal lines open up the dusty memories of youth

2009-07-26 00:00:00
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Summary:"Zongguanxian is a man, watching the passion of four classic men, listening to those familiar melodies, unconsciously I also yelled and sang along with the melody. My passion was ignited

  At 8:00 pm on July 25, 2009, Jinjiang Sports Center Stadium became a good place to remember youth. Known as the "first day group in Chinese", a vertical line composed of four superstars Luo Dayou, Li Zongsheng, Zhou Huajian and Zhang Zhenyue, was popular in Jinjiang and led tens of thousands of fans to experience "more than just a concert" It is also a journey of youth, memory, and love.

  Have nothing to say about singing

  Looks dazzling

  Although each member of "Zongtangxian" can complete a high-level concert alone, the performance last night was by no means a simple assortment concert. The four players made their debut with a new band lineup. Drummer Zhang Zhenyue, keyboardist Luo Dayou, acoustic guitarist Li Zongsheng, electric guitarist Zhou Huajian, and the strongest orchestra in the history of Chinese music brought 20 minutes of wonderful songs. From the familiar old song "Love Follows" to the popular song "Departure" due to the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the scene immediately soared, and the fans in the venue were sweating with excitement.

  Compared with the post-modern style of Jay Chou’s concert stage, the vertical stage seems to have all the elements related to nostalgia. The stage structure that travels through time and space, and the 12-meter-high LED screen, allows fans to clearly feel that the four are not old. Enthusiasm, and the Hokkien dialect that is constantly spoken in the mouth, instantly draws the hearts of the fans. Singing skills have nothing to say, the stage costumes are also dazzling. In particular, Li Zongsheng's gray-haired style made the fans present refreshing. It seems that the "second oldest" singer in the four-person combination can be as cool and dazzling as Zhang Zhenyue.

  From "post-60s" to "post-90s"

  Although the Zonglanxun is only a one-year group, it is clear that the concert will "make money", but wherever they go, fans are willing to pay the bill, from "60s" to "90s", from parents to moms and dads. From senior fans to students who have not graduated from high school, the reporter was impressed by the age span of the fans. "I grew up listening to Luo Dayou and Li Zongsheng's songs, and I hope to hear the song that touches my heart again." said a "post-70s" fan. Indeed, the arrival of the vertical line is like a key, unlocking many people's dusty memories of youth, and the nostalgic memories resonate with young people who are still in adolescence.

  As a master-level figure in the music creation, Li Zongsheng’s heart-stirring "Ghost Obsessed Heart" brings the "post-70s" back to the era of youthful first love. The "Mortal Song" that almost everyone can sing now sounds like a complicated one. People who are lost in reality realize the true meaning of life; the young Zhang Zhenyue and the affectionate Zhou Huajian, lyrical rock "Love Me Don't Go" brought the energy of "post-80s" and "post-90s", "Tomorrow I will marry you" Let "post-60s" and "post-70s" join the carnival. As the "spiritual leader" of the vertical line, Luo Dayou, his singing of "Story of Time" and "Childhood" made fans of the four age groups miraculously cross the generation gap and merge into one, completing the collective memories of the "four generations" .

  "Zongguanxian is a man, watching the passion of four classic men, listening to those familiar melodies, unconsciously I also yelled and sang along with the melody. My passion was ignited in an instant. The passion hidden in my heart gave me long-lost memories. Thank you Zhou Huajian, Zhang Zhenyue, Li Zongsheng and Luo Dayou, and thank you Zongguanxian!” A fan who stood on a chair excitedly and shouted with the music used this His heart said the secret of the hot concert.

  The only designated hotel for "Zongguanxian" concert----Jinjiang Honor International Hotel