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2009-08-31 00:00:00
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Summary:Hu Lianrong, chairman of Honor Hotel Group, said that Xiamen is an international city and has a leading position in enterprise management in Fujian Province. Honor Hotel Group

  On August 10th, Xiamen Honor Seafood Restaurant opened grandly in Haiwan Park, a classic tourism and leisure area on the west coast of Xiamen. It is the 11th branch of Honor Hotel Group in our province. The restaurant spends tens of millions of yuan. It is a service organization integrating professional catering, leisure, business, and official reception. Its facilities are built in accordance with international four-star standards, adhering to the luxurious style, noble and elegant decoration style of the group's high-star hotels .

  Xiamen Honor Seafood Restaurant is located in the golden seaside area of ​​Xiamen Gulf Park, where the scenery is picturesque and quiet in the middle of noisy; 400 parking spaces are free for customers to use; the environmental decoration follows the concept of environmental protection and health, and the honor hall of more than 200 square meters demonstrates its supreme status. Multiple large sea view boxes of more than 80 square meters meet the needs of many VIPs; there are multiple banquet halls, 80 tables can be placed on the first floor, and more than 800 people can eat at the same time; the third floor opens up 10 boxes of space decoration art landscape long Corridors and artificial hills echo the real scene outside the window; the seaside restaurant on the third floor offers a panoramic view of the West Sea, where you can have a panoramic view of Gulangyu Island and Haicang Bridge.

  Xiamen Honor Seafood Restaurant’s kitchen is decorated in accordance with Xiamen’s A-level sanitary standards, and the equipment investment is more than 5 million yuan. It is a modern kitchen produced by assembly line. Its energy-saving, environmental protection and sanitary conditions are leading in the same industry; the entire restaurant is equipped with PTA a la carte (PDA) Ordering system), LED information wide-screen display and other modern facilities, and also equipped with a restaurant VCD ordering system for guests to sing for free. The audio equipment of the system is of the same brand as the Bird’s Nest equipment; the chef team is composed of the executive chef of Honor Hotel Group and CCTV Headed by Hu Manrong, the master of the three consecutive races of the Manchu and Han banquets, the culinary master, and the disciple of Yang Guanyi, will serve Xiamen customers with the well-known "Hujia Cuisine" in Fujian.

  Hu Lianrong, chairman of Honor Hotel Group, said that Xiamen is an international city and has a leading position in enterprise management in Fujian Province. Honor Hotel Group expands the Xiamen market, first of all, it is the need of the strategic layout of the honor brand, Xiamen needs honor; the second is to hone the team, learn from the strengths of others, and expand the catering industry cake with peers; third, fully meet the needs of customers , So that Xiamen people can enjoy honorable service, and honorable old customers can eat honorable dishes after finishing the business in Xiamen.

  The successful opening of the restaurant is due to the ardent care and strong support of various relevant departments in Xiamen, as well as the unity and hard work of the honor management team. It is a fruitful achievement for the brand growth and market expansion of the honor hotel group, which indicates that the honor hotel group will change Opened a new page to further optimize the brand. In the future management and service, the restaurant will gather the essence of the top ten chain hotel operation and management experience, and in accordance with the principle of "high quality, efficiency, convenience and speed", as always, provide customers with high standards and high quality catering services , To make new contributions to Xiamen's tourism industry.

  Honor Hotel Group is a chain management enterprise integrating restaurants, hotels, business, and tourism. It has been in the hotel industry for more than 10 years and has been awarded as Chinese Famous Restaurant, National Special Class Restaurant, China AAAA Green Hotel, China Abalone Famous Store, Fujian Province Many honors such as well-known trademarks are well-known brand hotel chains with high public awareness in our province and greater domestic influence.

  Enjoy honor, in honor; taste delicious food, in honor. Xiamen Honor Seafood Restaurant is ready to go, and it is bound to be vigorous.

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