Liu Qian's Magic Night on September 27

2009-09-25 00:00:00
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Summary:This happy bird night Liu Qian 2009 "The Place Where Dream Begins" Magic Special Asian Tour (Quanzhou Station) This performance is hosted by Beijing Century Feige International

  After the Asian king Jay Chou and the Chinese pop music heavyweight group "Zongtangxian" struck Quanzhou, it has recently ushered in a super surprise. Liu Qian, the prince of magic who made a national magic frenzy, became popular in the Spring Festival Gala, September 27 The evening will bring a unique magic night to the citizens of Quanzhou at the Strait Sports Center Gymnasium. It is reported that Liu Qian has been actively preparing for the performance by then, and will bring the most amazing magic show to the Quanzhou audience.

  Popular all over the country after the Spring Festival Gala

  Liu Qian deservedly became the most popular artist in China in 2009. Although he only showed up on CCTV Spring Night for less than 10 minutes, the magic storm he brought can be described as menacing. Not only did the magic industry that had been sluggish for many years return to its popularity, but the magic industry was even more successful. Has reached an unprecedented peak. The domestic call for "learning the magic" followed closely. 2009 was called the "Magic Year". Both men, women and children were crazy about it and joined the craze with unstoppable momentum.

  The popularity of Liu Qian comes from his extraordinary experience and hard work. It is understood that 20 years ago, he received the championship trophy of the magic game from David Copperfield; 10 years ago, he and his magic traveled all over the world; 5 years ago, his footsteps returned Only in China did it enter the public's field of vision.

  Magic Night on September 27

  The surprise on September 27 came from the latest news the reporter got from the organizing committee. The magic prince Liu Qian will set foot in Quanzhou and let the citizens of Quanzhou take a magical journey in person. Such a heavy surprise will inevitably make the fans of Quanzhou boil over. It is reported that in Nanjing in May this year, Liu Qian opened the first stop of the "Place of Dream Beginning" Asian tour, becoming the first person to tour in the magic world. Recently, Liu Qian's Asian tour in Quanzhou Station was finally finalized on September 27th. It is reported that the performance is currently under intensive preparations, and the Magic Prince will allow the majority of fans to experience an extraordinary journey of mystery and shock.

  On September 27, 2009, Liu Qian’s 2009 "Place of Dream Beginning" Magic Special Asian Tour Performance (Quanzhou Station), on September 27, 2009, will officially sell tickets soon. Tickets are now available for booking. Ticket hotline 0595-22299198, Related performance information will also be announced throughout the city, and a magic storm will inevitably be set off by then...

  The magic special performance (Quanzhou Station) Special thanks to the following units: Jinjiang Tongyilong Shoes Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Honor International Hotel, Fujian Zhongxie Association Service Co., Ltd., Fujian Strait West Bank Investment Co., Ltd., Jinjiang New Coast Wine Industry Trading Co., Ltd., Huijing Group.

  This happy bird night Liu Qian 2009 "The Place Where Dream Begins" Magic Special Asian Tour (Quanzhou Station) This performance is hosted by Beijing Century Feige International Culture Media Co., Ltd., Quanzhou TV Station, Quanzhou Dongyu Culture Media Company, Fujian Province Diange Culture and Art Co., Ltd. undertakes.