Yadan incarnate as "little bird" Xiao Shenyang wears a bed sheet to play Tang monk

2009-10-28 00:00:00
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Summary:The Xiao Shenyang Jinjiang Laughter Show opened warmly last night at the Jinjiang Zuchang Gymnasium. Xiao Shenyang, Yadan, and other actors from the Zhao family class used their super

  Xiao Shenyang’s performance at Jinjiang Station still brought two brothers who had appeared in the previous performances-An San'er and Cheng Ye, two actors and their respective partners to perform "Erren Zhuan" and various The "unique skills" made the audience cramp with laughter. However, when Yadan (Maomao), who starred in the Spring Festival Gala sketch "Not Bad Money" with Xiao Shenyang, came on stage, the atmosphere of the scene reached its first climax.

  In the impression of many audiences, in the two-person turn, the male actors are usually the protagonists and are responsible for amusement, while the actresses are generally supported by the side and play a role as a support. But when it comes to Yadan, it's different. In her performance with her husband Wang Jinlong, she also kept hilarious lines, which caused the audience to burst into laughter.

  Like the performance on the Spring Festival Evening, last night's girl still maintained the "silly girl" style, frequently showing "conditions" on the stage, which also suffered a lot. Regardless of the fact that Yadan is not tall, her singing skills are very good, a classic piece by Zhao Chuan, "I am a little bird", was performed perfectly by her, plus she made it on stage His various "strange bird shapes" are no worse than a few male actors. Yadan also received the warmest applause from the audience.

  The protagonist, Xiao Shenyang, "made a shining appearance" amidst the many calls from the audience: dressed in an outdated style suit, canvas shoes, and a women's satchel with large florals on his shoulders, even though this dress is extremely unsuitable, But his appearance still made the audience uncontrollable, and many people couldn't help standing up from their seats.

  I have long heard that Xiao Shenyang can make things strange, and it was really insightful last night. He and his wife, Shen Chunyang, staged an alternative "Journey to the West" for everyone. If nothing else, just look at his funny outfit: a "cassette" made of sheets and a "crown of five Buddhas" sewn with insoles. , Is enough to make everyone stomped with laughter. The most amazing thing is Tang Seng's mount - it is actually a toy horse, which is really nonsensical to the extreme. And Xiao Shenyang said with a smile, "This horse grew up drinking Sanlu."

  In previous performances at Xiamen Station, our reporter once witnessed Xiao Shenyang "walking into the marriage palace" with a beautiful Xiamen woman in front of his wife Shen Chunyang. Last night, the "flower heart" little Shenyang repeated his old tricks and once again had a "love affair" with a Jinjiang beauty audience.

  After performing two consecutive heart-piercing songs "The Sea" and "Love When I Die", Xiao Shenyang and a female "fan" on the scene jointly performed the clips from the TV series "A Chinese Ghost Story". While Xiao Shenyang sang the theme song of the TV series affectionately, she hugged the beautiful "fans" beside her. Shen Chunyang, who was struggling, once again held an umbrella for the two of them. At this moment, something unexpected happened-the original line designed by Xiao Shenyang for the beauty was an English "Good morning teacher" (Good morning teacher), who knows that this beauty makes her own claim, and thousands of people are on the scene. The famous audience and the "original partner" Shen Chunyang shouted "Little Shenyang, I love you!" Even Xiao Shenyang, who had seen the big scene, was taken aback by this confession.

  Little Shenyang Jinjiang "remarried"

  Yadan is still so "silly"

  News from this newspaper. Use bed sheets to make "cassocks" and use insoles to make "five Buddha crowns". Have you ever seen such a Tang monk? Last night, Xiao Shenyang used such a bizarre dress to show everyone a big story of Tang monk .

  The Xiao Shenyang Jinjiang Laughter Show opened warmly last night at the Jinjiang Zuchang Gymnasium. Xiao Shenyang, Yadan, and other actors from the Zhao family class used their super funny skills to bring the enthusiasm of thousands of audiences to the scene again and again. ignite. In the interactive session, a beautiful audience even expressed his heart to Xiao Shenyang loudly on the spot.