Saw the Christmas dinner first

2009-12-14 00:00:00
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  Do you see the snowflakes and Santa Claus in the window, the shop sign? See the Christmas tree in the hall full of colorful balls and gifts? Although there is nearly half a month before Christmas Eve, but in the red Under the three colors of Christmas, green and white, the strong Christmas atmosphere has overflowed the streets and alleys. Following the search for Christmas food in the last issue, this issue, the reporter has discovered several exciting Christmas menus for you. Come and have a look.

  Christmas starts with lighting

  The melodious Christmas singing, the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, the wonderful magic show, the passionate violin performance, the dizzying fancy bartending show... The night before yesterday, the reporter personally experienced the "charm of a global meeting in Jinjiang" In the "Honor International Hotel" event, hundreds of happy Chinese and foreign guests gathered together to watch the lighting of Christmas lights.

  What is the lighting ceremony of Christmas? In fact, Christmas starts from the lighting ceremony. It is understood that the Christmas lighting ceremony, which began one month before the end of the year, originated in Northern Europe. It is like the "Little Year" in China. Westerners light up the lights as festive as Chinese hang lanterns.

  In recent years, five-star hotels in major cities in China have basically held lighting ceremonies on Christmas Eve. As an international hotel, Jinjiang Honor International Hotel is located in a hot spot for foreign investment and has many foreign customers. Therefore, this lighting ceremony attracted many international guests. Everyone said that such a ceremony made them feel at home in a foreign country. Of course, the lighting ceremony is only the beginning of Christmas. With the lighting of the Christmas lights, many anticipated Christmas food, Christmas gifts, and exciting programs will begin soon.

  The hotel is delicious

  In order for diners to have a warm and romantic Christmas Eve, major hotels have started Christmas food plans early. Some have been carefully decorated for several weeks to create a blockbuster effect, and some have even renovated the restaurant. Give everyone a refreshing feeling on Christmas Eve.

  For example, after careful decoration, the Paris City Western Restaurant of Quanzhou Hotel will be unveiled. Starting from December 19, there will be many delicious meals to meet with diners. This feast can be described as a combination of Chinese and Western. Whether it is CREMO ice cream imported from Thailand, tuna sashimi imported from Japan, octopus sashimi imported from Japan, Alaska snow crab, mussels, or Asian flavored pasta, vegetables, roast meat, etc., you can taste them all at once. all over. Listening to the descriptions of the chefs with joy, and seeing them in the elegant environment after reloading, this gourmet feast is even more exciting.

  At the same time, with the official launch of the Christmas light-up ceremony, Jinjiang International Honor Hotel will present a rich gourmet feast such as authentic American turkey, precious abalone, and shark fin soup on Christmas Eve. At the same time, there will be many wonderful performances and awards. Let the diners come home full.

  Western Christmas dinner unveiled

  Christmas has always been an important manifestation of festive culture in various western restaurants. Therefore, Christmas decorations always start from western restaurants. Since late last month, the three Christmas colors of red, green and white Christmas trees have entered some western restaurants. Under the glittering showcase paved with snowflakes, the warm light has officially issued a Christmas invitation.

  The reporter learned from Amazon Barbecue City, La Casa restaurant and other places that the fragrant turkey, roasted whole lamb and the exclusive mysterious Christmas dinner will be officially launched. As an important delicacy indispensable for Christmas, the custom of eating turkey since 1620 has also traveled across the ocean to China. On Christmas Eve, the whole family invites relatives and friends to a western restaurant to have a Christmas dinner, eating delicious turkey, roasted whole lamb, or Christmas dinner carefully arranged by the business to create a romantic atmosphere. Accompanied by fine wine, this Christmas should be as long-lasting as fine wine. Therefore, merchants have spared no effort to prepare for fine wine. According to the food explorer from Amazon Barbecue City, during the Christmas period, Beijing’s famous teachers will be invited to give guidance to exclusively brew red, yellow, black and green health beers. Nowadays, a large group of food lovers are eager to try and plan to become early adopters. First person.