Honorary Hotel President Hu Hairong successfully defended his title in the CCTV World Guinness Sic King Championship

2010-12-23 00:00:00
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Summary:The dice cup is swayed and shaken. You can arrange the dice in as many rows as you want, and stack them as high as you want. This is not a special trick in the movie "The King of Gambling"

  King of Sic King, the Chinese are proud!

  The dice cup is swayed and shaken. You can arrange the dice in as many rows as you want, and stack them as high as you want. This is not a special trick in the movie "The King of Gambling", but a real stunt. On December 18, 2010, Mr. Hu Hairong, the president of the hotel, known as the King of Dice, successfully defended the title in the CCTV1 World Guinness King of Dice King Tournament. Thirty-two grains stood upright and completed! A new Guinness was created! world record.

  This is not the first time that Mr. Hu Hairong has broken a world record. Before him, he won 20 single-pillar upright champions. On November 14, 2008, Mr. Hu Hairong challenged the Guinness World Record in three sets of "China Night" on CCTV. In the program, it created 25 single-column upright dice shakes, raising the record of 5 at once. At the same time, it also set a new record, the Guinness World Record of 42 upright double-columns, and won two gold medals. This year, Mr. Hu Hairong made another great achievement. On December 18 this year, in the CCTV1 World Guinness King of Kings Championship, he completed 32 dice and stood upright, breaking the 25 dice held by himself. World record.

  Persevere for 12 years, practice stunts

  Being able to practice the stunt of 32 upright dice cannot be accomplished overnight. The reason why Mr. Hu Hairong practiced the upright dice was in 1996, 12 years ago. Was it Mr. Hu Hairong or just a speaker in the entertainment city Teacher, by chance, he saw the wonderful scene of Chow Yun-fat shaking the dice in the movie "The King of Gambling", and was attracted by it. From then on, he couldn't help himself. He would practice harder when he had time. He hoped that one day he could reach the state of the movie.

  From then on, he always held the dice and the dice box in his hand, sitting down to practice, walking, standing talking, practicing before going to bed... As soon as he was free, he would shake the dice again and again to make a sound, that kind I was so addicted to almost crazy that my colleagues were very surprised. At first, there was no rules to follow when rolling the dice. After 1 year of practicing, he found the feeling. By listening to the sound and practicing the hand feel, he could slowly overlap 2 to 4 tablets. After 12 years of unremitting efforts, he Finally practiced the unique skill of shaking a dice. This unique trick attracted batch after batch of customers. Even after seeing it, a group of Filipino customers lingered and praised it. One month after returning home, they brought a group of people, especially the camera to take it back to watch.

  Kung Fu master committed to anti-gambling

  Dice-rolling is just one of Mr. Hu Hairong's hobbies, and his other hobby is to practice Sanda, and he is also a kung fu master. He not only practiced on his own, but also opened a martial arts gym and led students. In January 1996, he led the trainees to Guangzhou to participate in the Sanda arena. Not only did he win the team runner-up, he also won the 65kg Sanda champion and was awarded the title of "Best Athlete" by Shishi City.

  As the dice stacks higher and higher and the technique is becoming more and more mature, Mr. Hu Hairong deeply realized that mastering the technique of dice stacking is not important in itself. The important thing is to use this technique to educate people to stay away from gambling and make everyone All live in a healthy world. Therefore, Hu Hairong put more energy on the anti-public welfare propaganda of gambling. He actively participated in various public welfare activities in the society and spared no effort to promote the harm of gambling every time, and promote the importance of staying away from gambling for individuals, families and the whole society. significance. He once attended a CCTV column with the Chinese card king to promote public welfare to audiences across the country, warning people not to gamble, but to be a person who contributes to the entire society.

  Build a brand and write a legend

  Mr. Hu Hairong will learn the earnestness and perseverance of rolling dice and practicing Sanda to build his own career. In the management of the enterprise, Mr. Hu Hairong aims to build a "honor" brand, starting from bit by bit, from the most basic level, and from the details. The core of his management is: every position is important and everyone is a brand. Under his strict requirements, the honorable employees have won praise from customers for their harmonious, amiable, standardized and meticulous service.

  Mr. Hu Hairong also paid attention to cultivating the corporate culture of "honor", created the internal publication "Honor" newspaper, established a unique honor website, and based on the characteristics of the honor hotel group with many young people and strong vitality, successively established the "honor art" Various activity groups organized by the hotel’s party and labor group, such as the “Honorary Youth Volunteer Team”, “Honorary Youth Volunteer Team”, and “Honorary Sanda Club”, attract employees to use their amateur talents and enrich their amateur cultural life.

  After several years of brand building, operation and promotion, "Honor" has become a hotel group with the catering industry as the leader, integrating catering, guest rooms, entertainment, fitness, tourism, and business reception. In 2005, "Honor" successfully entered the ranks of "Fujian Famous Brand". The next goal of Honor Group is to build "Honour" into a "China Well-known Trademark" in five years.