Honor International Hotel Staff K Song Contest

2011-08-15 00:00:00
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Summary:In order to enrich the spare-time life of employees, increase the ability of communication and coordination between departments and the cohesion of employees; at the same time,

  In order to enrich the spare time life of employees, increase the communication and coordination ability between departments and the cohesion of employees; at the same time, to create a positive and healthy working atmosphere, stimulate the vitality of the hotel's employees, and gather the strength of employees to better serve the tourism reception work , The hotel held an employee K song contest on July 10 in the Peony Hall on the fourth floor.

  This competition focuses on participation, divided into two rounds of promotion and finals. The competition has first, second, and third prizes and excellent prizes, as well as generous bonuses. After receiving the notice, the various departments received positive responses from the employees. With mutual encouragement, many employees enthusiastically signed up for this event. They not only showed their talents on the stage, but also allowed leaders and colleagues to further understand themselves. It is also an opportunity for employees to grow. It is understood that many employees are performing on stage for the first time, and they have become more confident after this event.

  Chairman Hu Lianrong said: "Corporate culture is very important and people-oriented. I just want to make my hotel a school, so that employees can grow up here and learn things. If there is no experience, I will train them and let them Grow up."

  This event is a manifestation of "people-oriented". The hotel treats every employee as a seed, and provides the sunshine, moisture and soil needed by the seed so that every employee can thrive.