Honor Hotel Group deploys high-definition video conference system to achieve intra-city management

2012-05-30 00:00:00
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Summary:"Hotels and catering" have always been in the most important position in people's daily life. The competition of modern catering and hotels is fierce. How to seize the fleeting business

  "Hotels and catering" have always been in the most important position in people's daily life. Modern catering and hotel competitions are fierce. How to seize the fleeting business opportunities and remain invincible in the fierce competition, Honor Hotel Group has been constantly seeking in its operations.

  Application background and requirements

  In South Fujian, "Honor" is a shining brand and a large-scale chain enterprise that attracts attention. Honor Hotel Group was founded in 2001. It is mainly engaged in the expansion of chain operations with catering and hotel services. Now it has developed into a chain hotel brand with greater domestic influence and high public awareness in East China. It has successively won Fujian Famous Brand and National Excellent catering companies, famous Chinese abalone restaurants, China Food Safety Demonstration Units, Chinese Famous Restaurants, National Special Class Restaurant, World Golden Key Hotel Alliance and many other honors. While gaining good economic benefits, the senior leaders of Honor Group are deeply aware that in order to continue to maintain the good development momentum of the company, seize development and expand business opportunities, it is necessary to actively use various information tools and promote growth with advanced technology.

  After introducing a series of advanced management systems, the group began to reflect on the internal communication mode: the communication between the headquarters and chain hotels, restaurants and restaurants is mainly through telephone and fax. If meetings are required, the leaders of each store must come to the headquarters, time cost, travel expenses The use is high, but the efficiency is low. In order to completely change this problem, the Honor Hotel Group’s network department decided to use the most advanced network communication method video conference to reform the internal communication method.

  In response to the current situation and needs of the group, the leading video conferencing companies regard high technology as the group’s comprehensive solutions, which not only innovated the internal meeting communication methods of the Honor Hotel Group, but also established a very direct and fast way for the company’s training and technical exchanges. Network communication channels.


  According to the needs of the Group, after comprehensively analyzing the network environment and equipment between the headquarters and branches, the following solutions were proposed:

  Network deployment:

  In addition to the Jinjiang Honor International Hotel's network is mobile broadband, Beijing Honor is Netcom Broadband, and other branches are mainly telecommunications, and the lines of operators have not been unified. In order to ensure smooth audio and video and clear pictures in the video conference, while taking into account issues such as north-south interconnection, the Jinjiang Honor International Hotel network was changed to 4M telecom broadband to ensure the stable operation of the video conference system.

  Access method:

  The high-tech video conferencing software provides a variety of flexible access methods such as conference rooms, desk tops and mobile notebooks, which fully meets the diverse needs of the group's conference rooms and leadership offices. Honor Hotel Group headquarters and some qualified branches use meeting room access, other branches and leadership offices flexibly use desktop access, and outgoing leaders can choose mobile notebook access to the meeting.

  Deployment method:

  In order to save costs, we will host the high-tech video conference system server in the Quanzhou Telecom’s computer room and use a 50M exclusive optical fiber network to ensure the stability of conference services. In order to obtain the best conference effect, each branch of Honor Hotel Group is equipped with dedicated desktop computers, projectors, projection screens, large screen LEDs, SONY HD cameras, power amplifiers and mixers, etc., and high-tech video is installed on desktop computers. Conference software, participants only need to click on the video conference client and enter the conference room to easily join the video conference.

  Implementation Effect:

  Through the use of high-tech video conferencing, Honor Hotel Group has made obvious changes in regular meetings, daily management, information communication and internal training, etc., and the communication and collaboration between branches are more efficient and the response is faster. Various meetings of the headquarters and branches are conducted through video conferences, and the efficiency of the meetings is greatly improved; the management mode is gradually optimized, which solves the problem of slow information feedback in the past; through the video list of each branch, it is very convenient to conduct audio, video and collaboration with related persons in charge Real-time communication in various ways such as, emails and reports, the management method is flattened, and the process is more streamlined; various management, business training, and technical exchange seminars are more convenient through video conference software.