Golden wedding ceremony

2012-02-15 00:00:00
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Summary:In the spring, the fish phase is on the land; the phase shushes with wetness, and the phase moistens with foam, not as if the phase is forgotten in the rivers and lakes. Seek care for survival

  In the spring, the fish phase is on the land; Seek care for survival and testimony for true love! It is another Valentine's Day, and today is the best time to express love! This Valentine's Day, our Pingtan Longfeng Resort Honor Hotel presents a special love feast for everyone!

  From the afternoon to the evening of February 14, 2012, the inside and outside of the hotel were filled with love. The red carpet extended their love path from the lobby to the Dragon and Phoenix Hall. They walked all the way, with photos of a couple on the way. It's just that they are more special and commendable compared to ordinary wedding banquets, because this is a 50th wedding anniversary couple. Our Honor Hotel also presented them with a lively golden wedding ceremony. From around 8 pm, this team of golden married couples entered the venue under the applause of everyone and the guidance of their children to the end of the banquet at 9:30. Whether it is the memories of the team of old couples along the way, or the sincere words of their children, they will let you Everyone deeply felt the friendship of this team of golden married couples, moved for their love, and cheered for their golden wedding. And our honor has become a memory for everyone to verify at this moment.