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Summary:"Honorable family, everyone here is very caring, kind, united, and helping each other! And I am a lucky person surrounded by love, and a child of honor.

  "Honorable family, everyone here is very caring, kind, united, and helping each other! And I am a lucky person surrounded by love and a child of honor.

  2012 was an "extraordinary" year. In the prophecy, it represented the arrival of the "end of the world". In reality, my lively, cute, and closest sister fell ill at the beginning of the year.

  In recent years, my family has suffered from bad luck and repeated misfortunes. My sister was seriously ill with lupus erythematosus from a family that was originally not wealthy. The doctor said that if it is not treated in time, the consequences would be unimaginable, but the medical expenses are so high that our family simply cannot afford it. My sister's condition is getting worse and worse. I feel that it's getting dark. When I think of expensive fees and my sister, I'm really scared. I'm afraid that my sister will leave us.

  Just when I was in despair, a kind colleague woke me up. We have a big caring family with a group of caring brothers and sisters. They will definitely stretch out their loving hands to help me solve my urgent needs. So, I explained the situation to the leader. The leader immediately agreed and held a fundraising ceremony. Under the leadership of the leader, the staff extended a helping hand and raised a lot of donations for me, so that my sister had a chance to get For treatment, Sister Ai Hong and other leaders specially visited my sister in the hospital and encouraged her to recover from her illness. All of this moved me very much.

  With a very grateful heart, I want to sincerely thank all the leaders and colleagues, thank you! You are colleagues, good friends, and even relatives. When my elder sister was suddenly seriously ill, she held out a pair of loving hearts and extended a pair of helping hands so that my sister’s illness could be treated.

  The life-saving grace will be unforgettable forever! Leaders, colleagues, donations to me, and the kindness to me, I will remember in my heart, I will remember this deep love, deep love. Although I may not be able to repay all the leaders and colleagues for the kindness to me, I will encourage you to learn from you, be a good person, and be grateful. For the big family of honor, I can only study hard and work hard to repay this kindness. Finally, please allow me to bow deeply to all the benefactors who have supported me, and wish everyone a safe life!