Jinjiang Honor International Hotel players participated in the 11th Jinjiang City Tourism System Vocational Skills Competition

2012-08-06 00:00:00
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Summary:From July 31st to August 1, Jinjiang City's 11th Vocational Skills Competition was held in Anhai Huaxing Classic Hotel. There are 8 competition events in the competition, including 6 individual events


  After two days of competition, in the individual event competition, Jinjiang Honor International Hotel's western food contestant Cheng Li won the first prize of western food setting, western food contestant Yin Fei won the second prize of western food setting, and Chinese food contestant Wu Yating won the second prize of Chinese food setting , Guest room contestant Wang Li won the third prize of Chinese-style bed making, and security players Zhang Guibin and Huang Zhigen won the second and third prizes of fire fighting skills respectively. The above contestants also won the Jinjiang "May 1st" Labor Medal and "Jinjiang Technical Expert" Honorary title and honorary title of "Jinjiang City Youth Position Expert".










  Actively participating in tourism vocational skills competition activities not only improves the service level of the hotel, but also shows the civilized image of the hotel, and can further improve the quality, level and skills of service personnel.