Woman's mobile phone robbed alone at night, hotel security guards bravely

2013-07-15 00:00:00
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Summary:Minnan Net, July 5, "Robbery!" At 9:30 pm on July 2, two security guards at the Honor International Hotel in Jinjiang City heard such a cry for help. They rushed to the road,

  Enthusiastic security guard Yu Wangling (left) and Zhao Zhigang

  Citizen Miss Wang

  Want to praise

  The kind security guard who helped him

  Minnan Net, July 5, "Robbery!" At 9:30 pm on July 2, two security guards at the Honor International Hotel in Jinjiang City heard such a cry for help. They rushed to the road, caught up with the robbers, and turned him to the police station.

  Heard the woman was robbed

  They both rushed out

  At about 9:30 pm on July 2, Ms. Wang was walking alone on the road. When she walked to an alley near the back door of the Honor International Hotel in the city, a man suddenly rushed over from behind and snatched the mobile phone from her. The two dragged for a while, the man broke free, and ran away. Ms. Wang chased behind and shouted "Robbery! Catch the thief!"

  "I happened to be on duty in the parking lot at the back door to guide the guests' vehicles in and out." Yu Wangling said, as the incident happened near the back door of the hotel, he rushed out immediately after hearing the call for help. "At this moment, I saw a woman chasing a man, so I chased him and stopped the man." He pulled the clothes on the back of the man, and the man said to him because he couldn't break free. Don't catch me, I will give you the phone." But Yu Wangling refused. After a while, Zhao Zhigang, also a hotel security guard, also chased it out. The two grabbed the man's left and right hands and pushed him to the ground. "I was going to go to the floor security check. I heard them in the hotel lobby saying that there seemed to be a fight at the door, so I chased it out. I didn't expect it to be robbery." Zhao Zhigang recalled. Later, the two called the police and sent the suspect to the police station.

  "It's just a small matter"

  I've caught a thief before

  Yesterday afternoon, 17-year-old Chongqing boy Yu Wangling in an interview kept saying, "It's nothing, it's just a small matter. You should do it when it is time to do it." He said that helping others when they are in trouble is a matter of course.

  34-year-old Chongqing native Zhao Zhigang also said: “It’s really nothing. I caught a thief this year.” It turned out that when he was on duty at the back door of the hotel a few months ago, he found a man sneaky and wanted to stop. In an Audi car in the alley, "After 200 meters, my colleagues and I chased him and caught him."

  According to Mr. Luo, the hotel’s security manager, the two security guards are both from Chongqing. “The two have always worked seriously and responsibly. This time they will work hard, which is what we expected.”

  According to the police, the suspect, Pan Mousen, is 29 years old, from Yongchun, has no job, and lives by robbery and theft. When you have money, you live in a hotel. If you don't have money, you sneak into the hotel lobby and sleep in the corner. Currently, he has been detained by criminals on suspicion of robbery.