Honor Hotel Group has successfully transformed and rises against the trend. The latest masterpiece

2014-01-14 00:00:00
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Summary:Affected by policies such as the "Eight Regulations" and "Six Prohibitions", many star-rated hotels are experiencing "Waterloo" with declining performance. In the face of difficulties, Honor

  Affected by policies such as the "Eight Regulations" and "Six Prohibitions", many star-rated hotels are experiencing "Waterloo" with declining performance. In the face of difficulties, Honor Hotel Group adjusted its development strategy in a timely manner, outlined a new blueprint for the development of commercialization and mass consumption, and welcomed consumers who have accompanied it for 14 years with a brand-new civilian face.

  Because of this, in the industry "cold winter", the popularity of Honor Group continues to rise, and good news are spreading! Honor Hotel Group’s 21st hotel, Yongchun Honor International Hotel is grandly opened! This is the first five-star hotel in Yongchun, with a total investment cost of nearly 3 It covers a total area of ​​nearly 20 acres and a total construction area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters. The planning and design are advanced.

  After the hotel opened, the business philosophy of "high-star service and popular consumption" shocked the entire Taocheng, and the performance exceeded expectations, and many false rumors about the closure of individual branches of Honor were self-defeating. The successful counterattack of Honor Hotel on the road of transformation has made it once again the object of attention of the industry.

  ■■A forward-looking perspective leads the hotel industry revolution

  Honor the successful transformation of "people-friendly brand"

  At present, the high-end catering and hotel industry is in a low period. Recently, more than 20 chain hotels and restaurants under the Honor Group have been doing business. In the Beijing area, the attendance rate has not decreased but increased! Honorary Catering Fuzhou area, Meifeng Store, Wusi Store, Zhengda Store, Yuanhong Store, four gate stores, the guests are full of customers! This performance is really amazing.

  How did the Honor Group break through the industry? After a visit, the reporter found that after a year of hard exploration, the Honor Hotel in the new era adjusted the group’s development strategy in a timely manner. The forward-looking vision and drastic changes have led the way. High-end dining hotel revolution.

  Today, Honor Catering at a new starting point outlines a new blueprint for the development of commercialization and mass consumption, and is welcoming consumers who have been with it for 14 years with a brand-new civilian face. The various changes of honor hotels broke people's traditional impression of the superiority of star hotels in the past, and such changes were quickly praised by consumers. From nobles to common people, the honorary hotel group after the transformation has been reported frequently!

  Today's honor has become synonymous with "people-friendly brand". The Yongchun Honor International Hotel, which officially opened on December 26, shocked the people of Taocheng with civilian consumption! It is understood that the hotel will continue to uphold the "high-star" The business philosophy of "service, popular consumption" is noble and not expensive-banquets start at 688 yuan per table, guest rooms start at 268 yuan, and KTV 388 yuan. Hong Kong-style afternoon tea is optional, buffet dinner is 108 yuan per person, with a wide range of varieties, beautiful colors, fragrances and external banquet services. With the most complete supporting facilities, Yongchun Honor International Hotel will be your best choice, whether it is for a big banquet, a leisure holiday, or a relaxing break.

  ■■Honor will change a city

  300 million investment creates multiple firsts in Yongchun

  It is said that Yongchun is a good place, the scenery is beautiful from nature, it is a place for tourism, vacation, sports, and rejuvenating leisure and oxygen. It has the reputation of "Quanzhou's back garden". The 21st hotel of Honor Hotel Group is located in the most moving place of this quiet town, overlooking the intoxicating scenery of Anshan, Liu'an, Dayu Mountain and Kuixingyan. The stream in front is gurgling, and the wooden plank road is curved. Ideal choice for wedding banquets, business banquets and tourists.

  The relevant person in charge of the hotel told reporters that each new hotel of Honor is just like the iPhone product created by Apple in the United States. It has become more colorful from generation to generation. The Yongchun Honor International Hotel, which has invested nearly 300 million yuan, is the latest masterpiece of the group. It has created many firsts in the hotel industry in Yongchun—after completion, it will be the first five-star standard hotel, the most magnificent pillar-free large banquet hall with a 1,100 people capacity of 1,080 square meters, and a romantic buffet for 180 people at the same time "Tao Restaurant", more than 160 spacious and comfortable guest rooms, luxurious and fashionable KTV entertainment club, Yongchun's largest large-scale leisure and fitness club...All the excitement is about to begin.

  From Shishi, Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Jiangxi Fuzhou, Beijing, Zhejiang Cixi to Pingtan, Longyan, and the newly opened Yongchun honors, honors will lead the new local cuisine in every city. After 14 years of glorious history, honorary hotels and restaurants have long developed into the most influential hotel chain brands in the country and the highest recognition by the people in Fujian. They have successively won the famous Chinese trademark, the national special class restaurant, the Chinese abalone famous restaurant, the national excellent catering company, Many honors include China Golden Leaf Green Hotel, International Famous Restaurant, China Top Ten Restaurant Chain Brands, and Member of World Golden Key Hotel Alliance.

  ■■The delicious food at the door is not a dream

  From 688 yuan per table, delicious and not expensive

  Food has always been the "golden sign" that Honor Group is proud of. The super-first-class gold medal headed by the master of the triple ring of the CCTV "Man and Han Banquet" competition, Chinese cooking master, Chinese abalone master, Chinese senior nutritionist, Fujian Fujian cuisine master, national referee, international judge, honorary hotel group director and kitchen president Mr. Hu Manrong The chef team is the guarantee of the quality of honorable dishes, making you feel noble when banqueting guests. In November 2013, Master Hu Manrong entered the United Nations on behalf of Chinese cuisine to cook for United Nations officials and permanent envoys to the United Nations from more than 170 countries. He was highly praised and cordially received by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

  In honor, you can not eat repeated delicacies for 7 consecutive days. It combines 8 major cuisines, which can not only make high-end delicacies, but also make homemade radishes, taro, pumpkin and green vegetables into delicious dishes. In terms of the dishes, Yongchun Honor also takes care of the tastes of locals and the needs of tourists, adding local specialties such as Shigu white duck soup and stewed pig's trotters. Even for big banquet guests, orders starting at 688 yuan per table are stress-free. Not only is it delicious and authentic, Yongchun Honor also introduces many outstanding talents from Yongchun to work in the hotel, to understand the local customs, and to cater to the consumer needs of customers.

  Chinese cuisine is a masterpiece of honour, and Tao restaurant, a buffet restaurant that focuses on all dishes, is even more worth looking forward to. Hong Kong-style refreshments, buffets, steaks, barbecues, pizzas, western desserts, ice creams... Hundreds of dishes are available in unlimited quantities, and can accommodate 180 people at the same time for a warm and romantic candlelight dinner, western weddings, birthday banquets and various themed wedding banquets , Make your dinner party sublimate!

  In addition, the external banquet is another service launched by the group for guests. Moving the star hotel home will definitely give you a perfect food experience and a good memory.

  Wang Xian, a person from Yongchun who loves food, told reporters that he used to drive to Quanzhou with his friends in order to have a feast of honor. Now he can enjoy the delicious food of the Manchu Feast at the door of his house, which is really great!

  ■■From the public to understand the hearts of the people

  The most down-to-earth five-star standard hotel

  In addition to the magnificent overall facilities, the Yongchun Honor International Hotel built in accordance with the five-star standard may feel that this is a luxurious and expensive place. However, the Honor Group, which started as a public restaurant, is the hotel brand that understands the people’s hearts. In Yongchun, every table is served. From 688 yuan, guest room from 268 yuan, KTV 388 yuan, Hong Kong-style afternoon tea is optional, buffet dinner 108 yuan per person, with a wide range of varieties, beautiful colors, fragrances, and truly "high-star service and popular consumption."

  With both the high-end international pattern and the intimacy of being grounded, Yongchun Honor is such a "noble and not expensive, truly affordable" hotel. The reporter interviewed the local residents of Yongchun, and they also felt proud. Yongchun has always been a characteristic tourist destination that makes Quanzhou people proud. The back garden of Quanzhou has made up for the lack of high-end business banquets and tourist reception.

  It is understood that Yongchun Honor has a total of more than 160 spacious and comfortable guest rooms, each of which is equipped with a 42-inch Led ultra-thin color TV, Wifi unlimited swimming, a special honor bed and a variety of optional multifunctional health pillows, executive VIPs There are also free conference rooms on the floor, as well as 41 luxurious and stylish KTV rooms, princess-style services, and brand new "Bird's Nest" audio equipment of the same brand, providing guests with a brand-new entertainment venue and a leisure and entertainment hall .

  Uniform procurement, reduce intermediate links, and give benefits to customers. In addition, like many international five-star hotels, Yongchun Honor also opened the first local large-scale leisure and fitness club with the largest scale, the most facilities and the most complete projects.

  Ms. Lin, from Yongchun, said: “I was shocked to have such a high-end hotel located in Yongchun. I feel that it has improved the quality of the entire city. This is also an image project that promotes urban economic development and attracts investment.”