Honor Hotel Group "Family Banquet" Goes to the Country (Photos)

2016-01-07 00:00:00
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Summary:This team of less than 40 people hosted a banquet for more than 100 seats in the Nanjing Jinjiang Chamber of Commerce, bringing the taste of hometown to the folks who worked hard in different places.

  This team of less than 40 people hosted a banquet for more than 100 seats in the Nanjing Jinjiang Chamber of Commerce, bringing the taste of hometown to the folks who worked hard in different places.


  The takeaway scene of the honorable family banquet.


  The team of elite chefs headed by Master Hu Manrong (pictured above) is the guarantee of the quality of take-out for family banquets.

  Honor "Serving Show".

  The annual dinner of the Nanjing Jinjiang Chamber of Commerce was created by the honorable family banquet takeaway service team.

  Outfield layout of honor family banquet.

  At the beginning of the new year 2016, Jinjiang hotel industry ushered in a big news. The honor hotel group large banquet takeaway team entered Nanjing and presented the first third member representative conference of Jiangsu Nanjing Jinjiang Chamber of Commerce and the founding ceremony of the University Student Association Delicacy with Jinjiang characteristics. More than 100 tables of dishes plus more than 100 divided meals, a total of 2,480 Jinjiang specialties were presented to the folks in other places. This can be said to be an explosive news in the Jinjiang hotel service industry. For a while, everyone focused on the honor hotel group’s takeaway service. . What kind of team is this, and what secret is it to be favored by the Nanjing Jinjiang Chamber of Commerce, which is thousands of miles away, and let them stay close and seek further? In order to reveal this secret to the readers, this newspaper specially interviewed the relevant responsible of Honor Hotel Group. People, decipher the honorary "family dinner" for everyone. Reporter_Tang Shuhong Huang Hailian

  Not far away to pass the hometown food and foreign folks all praised: This is the taste of hometown


  On January 1, the establishment celebration of the first third member congress of the Jinjiang Chamber of Commerce in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, was held for the establishment of the University Student Friendship Association. The large-scale banquet field team of the Honor Hotel Group presented a series of Jinjiang special cuisines to the guests, and let the Jinjiang folks who are far away in a foreign land Tasted the hot hometown food.

  This is the first time that Honor Hotel Group's large-scale banquet takeaway service has gone out of Fujian and promoted to the whole country. It is a milestone for the "Family Banquet" that Honor Hotel Group is committed to creating. All this is inseparable from the foresight of Hu Lianrong, Chairman of Honor Hotel Group. He proposed to do banquet takeaways as early as 12 years ago, hoping that more people can taste the honorable food. In the past 12 years, the honorable banquet takeaway service has been deeply rooted in the people's hearts in Quanzhou. Now, it is going all over the country, fulfilling Hu Lianrong's wish of "letting people all over the country taste honorable food". The honorable hotel takeaway entered the Jinjiang Chamber of Commerce in Nanjing, Jiangsu, which not only set a good example for the majority of hotel industry colleagues, but also opened a new journey for honor.

  "In order to prepare for this takeaway banquet, I went to Nanjing to inspect the market one month in advance." said Li Fanglong, the resident director of Jinjiang Honor Hotel, who participated in the outfield event. The purpose of this is to know in advance which ingredients can be purchased locally. , And what needs to be brought from Jinjiang, "This can ensure the quality of the dishes, and in order to ensure the quality, in addition to the ingredients, we also bring our own burners, dishes, etc. from Jinjiang. In order to let the folks from the Jinjiang Chamber of Commerce in Nanjing I can feel the taste of my hometown.” Li Fanglong said that 14 dishes were prepared for the banquet, and each dish was carefully prepared. The classic southern Fujian dishes: fried octopus, fried fish balls, minced meat and sea cucumber, braised lobster with yam... …The delicacies filled the scene of the Jinjiang Chamber of Commerce in Nanjing, Jiangsu with the taste of hometown.

  “This time, the honor hotel’s takeaway team rushed to Nanjing from Jinjiang, thousands of miles away, in order to let the folks of the Chamber of Commerce taste the taste of their hometown and imagine the new year in the cuisine of their hometown.” said Chen Deshan, executive chairman of the Jinjiang Chamber of Commerce in Nanjing, Jiangsu The folks of the Chamber of Commerce who work hard in different places can't eat their hometown food all year round and miss the taste of their hometown very much. The hometown specialties brought to you by this honor have made everyone satisfied and relieved of homesickness. "When I return to Jinjiang every year, I will eat the food of the Honor Hotel. I also heard that their takeaway service team has superb cooking skills. No matter how far away or how big a banquet can be like in a hotel, I asked them to prepare for the banquet of the Chamber of Commerce. This decision finally won praise from all the guests, and everyone said that it was never expected to be able to eat hot and authentic hometown food thousands of miles away.

  The professional takeaway service team creates an extraordinary "family dinner"


  Jinjiang people admire etiquette and meet all kinds of happy events, from weddings to birthdays, they will entertain relatives and friends to celebrate. If the banquet can be held at home, it will be more flavorful. Not only the home is full of festive atmosphere, but also the neighbors and the folks in the village will also become lively. In order to meet the needs of customers, Honor launched the banquet takeaway service 12 years ago, delivering Honor’s five-star quality to the door, allowing customers to enjoy the five-star service at home. Later, Honor upgraded the banquet takeaway service to a "family banquet" service, making "family banquet" a fashion.

  The "Family Banquet" service is based on the philosophy of Chairman Hu Lianrong "delivering food and service to thousands of households, so that the people of the country can taste honorable specialties", and is committed to allowing guests to enjoy honor no matter where they are. Food and service. According to Hu Chengliang, executive director of Honor International Hotel, the honorary "Family Banquet" service is dedicated to allowing guests to enjoy hotel-like service and quality at home. Therefore, Honor has done enough work on the "Family Banquet" service team. From the banquet manager, supervisor, and foreman, to the chef team and waiter team, all provide guests with professional star service experience with the most professional lineup. Among them, the chef team is led by the group kitchen president Hu Manrong. Master Hu Manrong is accepted by the world's royal chef Yang Guanyi As a disciple in the room, he has won the titles of "Three consecutive championships in CCTV "Man-Han Banquet" Challenge", "Fujian Fujian Cuisine Master" and "Chinese Cooking Master". The honorary chef team he cultivated has won gold medals in various gourmet competitions. Only a professional team of chefs can guarantee the stability of the quality of the dishes made in any place. This is what the honorable team of chefs does. "

  To ensure that guests can enjoy star service at home, apart from a professional team and an excellent chef team, professional equipment is also very important. According to reports, all food ingredients are purchased uniformly by the group. The safety process is monitored from the transportation process to the processing process. The hotel is also equipped with a dining car to maintain the temperature and freshness of the ingredients during the transportation process, and the seafood is fresh. Transport directly to the host’s house just as alive.

  Over the years, honorary family banquet services have been loved and praised by the majority of guests. So far, honorary large-scale banquets have been served by major enterprises in Quanzhou, such as Lilang, Anta, Fuguiniao, Jiumu, Panpan, and Brilliant. The excellent team, professional equipment, and perfect service attitude make the honorary "family banquet" service well-known and become the first choice for banquet catering experts for citizens' festive banquets and even corporate annual meetings.

  Actively practice internal skills to adapt to market development


  Everyone knows that, as a hotel industry, it is not difficult to attract customers to enter the hotel, but it is not easy for customers to enjoy noble, elegant and affordable enjoyment in the hotel. Paying attention to the quality of catering and service, Hu Chengliang said that as a branded hotel chain with food as its main feature to retain customers, as the hotel market continues to change, Honor actively adjusts its pace and actively adapts to market needs. To this end, many hotels under the Honor Group have launched civilian-oriented breakfast, lunch and dinner, buffets, etc. to meet the needs of the public.

  The hotel industry is the most cutting-edge service industry. In order to gain a foothold and develop in this industry, Honor has paid close attention to every part of the industry. From insight into the development trend of the hotel and catering industry, to talent training and team building, as well as stable and exquisite dishes, to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit of employees to dare to fight, spare no effort to advance. “Last year, the hotel implemented a comprehensive budget and performance appraisal system, and through strengthening pre-control and other links, the whole process was controlled to increase revenue and reduce expenditure.” Hu Chengliang said that corporate system and corporate culture are the basic core points. The system fully mobilizes the enthusiasm and subjective initiative of employees. The corporate culture unites employees and creates a family of honor. According to reports, Honor Hotel Group attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture. Through the organization of cultural and sports activities, it strengthens the cohesion of employees and builds a strong corporate cultural atmosphere. At the same time, it also allows everyone to have a better understanding and understanding of the corporate culture of honor. To show the real charm of the hotel's people-oriented management concept. In honor, employees or executives are usually commensurate with elder sisters, so as to give employees a sense of belonging and home. "In order for employees to serve customers well, companies must first serve their employees well." Hu Chengliang said that honorary executives will visit employee dormitories every month to talk to them, care for them, solve their worries, and organize birthdays for employees. Will wait to let them feel the warmth of the big family.

  Fifteen years of taking off the road without forgetting social responsibility


  For Honor Hotel Group, no one in Jinjiang knows. Honor Hotel Group was founded in 2001. It is a large-scale chain operation enterprise integrating hotel, equity investment, commercial trade, green ecology, real estate development, etc. At the beginning of the brand establishment, it has expanded its chain operation mainly in catering and hotel service industries. In 2006, it began to invest in diversified operations in other fields. After 15 years of development, Honor Hotel has more than 20 chain stores across the country, and has developed into a hotel chain brand with greater domestic influence and the highest recognition by Fujian people.

  While achieving good economic benefits, Honor Group has not forgotten to repay the society. Over the years, it has adhered to the construction and development of social welfare undertakings. The total number of donations in cultural and educational undertakings, sports undertakings, undertakings for the disabled, poverty alleviation and disaster relief, etc. It has reached more than 10 million yuan, has established a good social image, has been praised by all walks of life, and has become one of the corporate representatives with social responsibility. Over the years, Honor has written a chapter of great love in the field of public welfare-donating to build the "Honorary Hope Primary School"; donating to build roads for his hometown; donating funds to support the construction of new rural areas; successively supporting dozens of poor college students and orphans; "The foundation donated 1 million yuan and so on. At the same time, Honor also strongly supports social activities, such as actively supporting the 361° Cup 3rd China·Jinjiang (International) Cycling Open and other major events. Hu Chengliang said that honor strongly supports cycling events, aimed at shaping the corporate culture, but also for "building Jinjiang's sports brand, boosting the construction of a strong sports city, driving the transformation and upgrading of the sports industry, and continuing to promote the in-depth development of Jinjiang's national fitness work." Make a contribution.

  Hu Lianrong, chairman of Honor Hotel Group, believes that the brand should include quality, taste, morality and character. If the great achievement of honor in business is the manifestation of quality and taste, then the performance in the field of public welfare is undoubtedly the deduction of morality and character. When the quality, taste, morals and character of a brand are all deduced and carried forward, how can the brand be unsuccessful? This may be the reason why the honorary brand has come to such a glorious situation in 15 years.

  Honor the employees to show their love.

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  Author: Tangshu Hong Huang Hailian