There are really mermaids! Hangzhou's first "Undersea" buffet restaurant opened today! xxl

2016-05-21 00:00:00
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Summary:Finally, there is the first 360° panoramic aquarium-style "undersea" buffet restaurant at the door of Hangzhou

  Hangzhou doorway

  Finally got the first one

  360° panoramic aquarium-style "undersea" buffet restaurant

  2600㎡, 500 seats

  The 9-meter-diameter cylindrical water "Undersea Theater"

  300+ delicious unlimited buffet

  Food in hand, sea view in front

  Are you in a hurry to say hi to the mermaid

  To reach the restaurant, you must first go through the "Undersea Tunnel"↑↑.

  Blue lights are embedded in the floor of the stairs, which are as uneven as the seabed.

  Add the Shanghai grass embellishment and feel the full ocean atmosphere!

  The foodies are totally in the mood to go to the aquarium for a spring trip?!

  On the second floor, the huge 9-meter-diameter cylindrical water tank in the center of the restaurant is visible.

  One second makes you feel like you are in the depths of the sea.

  Thousands of marine fish, sea turtles, small sharks, piebald fish and other marine life

  The girl was dazzled and pressed her phone to take a photo.

  Of course, this is not the best looking. Here comes the highlight——

  The restaurant specially introduces Russian beauties and professional synchronized swimmers from foreign countries.

  In the water ballet, play the role of "mermaid".

  The "Undersea" buffet restaurant of Fanner in Hangzhou is definitely super "Big Mac" level.

  It covers an area of ​​more than 2,600 square meters and can accommodate 500 people.




  Salmon, Tuna, Portunus

  Iron plate foie gras, codfish, fried shrimp tempura

  Fruit wood smoked 12-bone lamb steak, balsamic vinegar ribs

  Brine series, dessert series, hot dishes series


  I can't squeeze the girl's lens anymore

  However, you must not miss the "Vanner Super" recommended by the chef.

  This is something you can't eat in other cafeterias! Yes, all you can eat!

  Abalone rice

  Fried rice is no longer popular. In Xiamen Fanner, this is already a familiar signature dish.

  An abalone is placed on the rice, and the delicious abalone juice is mixed with the rice, giving it a different taste.

  XXL Arctic Shellfish

  My sister’s friend once swept 50 pieces of Arctic shellfish, and even took a piece of Arctic shellfish as a measure of the quality of a buffet.

  Salmon is almost the basic item of buffet in Hangzhou star hotels, but Arctic shellfish are often "out of stock".

  Especially the "big" Arctic shellfish with a sweet, crisp taste and a pleasing red and white color.

  Flower crab

  The burly crab is fresh and sweet and full of meat.

  It’s not surprising that dozens of flower crabs are put together, but they’re on the plate.

  I found out that he was big enough to dominate a plate~

  Various snails

  There are all kinds of snails piled on the buffet table, and the chef introduced that they were all freshly shipped from Xiamen to Hangzhou.

  Jade snails, sea snails, fragrant snails, and small snails have completely refreshed the girl's ability to recognize snails. Love to eat how many snails do you know?

  Gentian fish

  Many people went straight to the fresh seafood, but ignored the gentian fish at the corner of the dining area!

  The gentian fish, known as "sea chicken", is definitely a niche item.

  The thinly sliced ​​gentian fish has no intermuscular spines, and the meat is tender and white. It is served with thick soup.

  Moisturizing into the stomach, the whole person is warm.

  Fried ice cream

  It is the love of girls and children. The girl came with a luxury bag,

  I ordered almond slices, Oreos, and raisins, and fried an ice cream.

  Fruit area

  For the first time, the girl faced the fruit section of the cafeteria,

  Can actually be guilty of choice-because even the fruit is directly in the double digits.

  The waiter said calmly, there are only more than 20 kinds.

  Uncommon fruits such as durian flesh, lotus mist, jackfruit, bayberry, rambutan, kiwi, orange, star fruit, etc.

  It would be too sincere if you think about the retail prices on the market by changing the way to the dining table.


  Beverage area

  Faced with such a grand buffet restaurant, my sister’s colleague, who is 188 in height and weighs Pan Da P, refused to reveal her weight.

  3 pots of dry steamed crayfish and 2 cups of Heineken happily opened my stomach.

  More than ten types of Tiger, Heineken, Red Wine, Yonghe Soy Milk, Coffee, Juice, Coca-Cola, Freshly Squeezed Drinks, etc.

  It is rare to appear in a cafeteria at the same time.

  300+ delicacies refresh the girl's stomach capacity

  Hangzhou's first ocean buffet restaurant with a mermaid

  You heart it?

  Food welfare

  May 20-May 22

  30% off lunch and dinner

  From May 23

  20% off the original price of lunch at 198 yuan, preferential price: 158 yuan per person

  20% off the original price of 298 yuan for dinner, preferential price: 238 yuan/person

  60% off the original price on birthdays and senior citizens over 65

  (Note: The discount does not overlap)

  Themed buffet restaurant of Valne Marine Culture


  After 8 months of retreat and decoration, the buffet brand "Fan Erna" from Fujian Honor Hotel Group was introduced into Hangzhou in a low-key manner.

  In Xiamen, he set a turnover rate of 5 times a day, and his popularity is so high that he is no longer sei. Are you ready to go gluttonous?

  Appointment hotline: 0571-87893666

  Address: Second Floor, Podium Building, Wufu Tianxinglong Building, No.358 Fengqi East Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou (the intersection of Fengqi East Road and Xintang Road)