good news! The first "Hometown of Homesickness, Honor of Yongchun" Food Festival grandly opened on April 23!

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Summary:Blessed are the foodies! Honor International Hotel will hold the "2017 First "Homesickness Hometown Yongchun Honor" Food Festival" from April 23rd to May 3rd, 2017. The former executive chef of the


  What is homesickness?

  In the eyes of the poet Yu Guangzhong,

  Homesickness is a small stamp,

  It's a narrow ticket,

  It is a shallow strait.

  In the hearts of Yongchun people living in the hometown of nostalgia,

  Homesickness is a cup of bergamot tea,

  Is a sea of ​​flowers,

  Is a wisp of sticky incense,

  It's a jar of old vinegar,

  It is also a nostalgic delicacy.

  Spring flowers bloom, outing and kissing spring

  Taste the seasonal ingredients of spring,

  Delicious and fashionable food

  Feel together

  Nostalgic hometown ecology and health!

  Food meets here

  Looking for the eternal nostalgia between lips and teeth


  Foodies! Blessed are you!!!

  【Yongchun Honors 2017 First Food Festival】

  ---"Homesickness Hometown Yongchun Honor"

  Carnival mode is on in the whole city!

  April 23-May 3

  10 full days

  Everyday is a buffet carnival!

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  Blessed are the foodies! Honor International Hotel will host the "2017 First "Homesickness Hometown Yongchun Honor" Food Festival" from April 23 to May 3, 2017. The former executive chef of the Great Hall of the People and state banquet master will be invited Leading by the national senior culinary technician Qiang Zhentao; Chinese culinary master "Man and Han Banquet" three consecutive champions, Mr. Hu Manrong, led a team of honorary gold chefs to visit the Yongchun Honor International Hotel in person, and cook healthy, nutritious, affordable and safe food State banquet-level delicious dishes.

  Chinese cooking masters visit Yongchun

  Chic dishes, colorfully presented

  *Introduction to Master Chef*

  Master Walnut

  In 1973, he was transferred from Jiangxi to the restaurant of the Great Hall of the People to work in cooking until now.

  In 1996, he led a delegation of chefs from the Great Hall of the People to Japan for culinary technology exchanges. They were highly praised by people from all walks of life in Japan, and made positive contributions to strengthening culinary exchanges between China and Japan and promoting Chinese food culture.

  In 1999, he participated in the 4th National Cooking Competition and won the individual gold medal of Hot Cuisine.

  In 2004, he was awarded the title of master of the central government agency. In the same year, he was hired as a member of the Chinese Medicinal Diet Research Society.

  In 2006, he was awarded the title of Chinese Cooking Master by the Chinese Cuisine Association.

  In 2008, he served as the judge of the 5th Chinese Medicinal Diet Production Technology Cooking Competition.

  In 2010, he served as the judge of the 6th Chinese Medicinal Diet Production Technology Cooking Competition.

  In 2010, he was awarded the title of the first batch of national Chinese medicated diet judges.

  In March 2012, he was selected into the "National Famous Chef".

  Master Qiang Zhentao

  Qiang Zhentao, born in a culinary family, the son of the famous Fujian cuisine master Qiang Mugen, national senior culinary technician, Chinese culinary master, Fujian Fujian cuisine master, national first-level judge of the catering industry, executive director of the China Culinary Association, vice chairman of the Fujian Provincial Culinary Association, Deputy Secretary-General of Fuzhou Culinary Association, Secretary-General of Fujian Fujian Cuisine Technology Research Association, and currently Deputy General Manager of Fuzhou Chunhua Restaurant.

  Proficient in Fujian cuisine, learn from others' strengths, and boldly innovate. Representative dishes include Buddha jumped over the wall, sweet and sour beaded fish, jade fish brain soup, dragon body anchovy, eight-treasure hibiscus flower crab, soup tofu balls, etc.

  In 1976, he went to Fuzhou Juchunyuan as an apprentice and engaged in cooking.

  In 1988, he defeated the crowd in the second national cooking competition and won the gold medal. Now Qiang Zhentao's knife skills are outstanding.

  In 2005, at the 15th Chinese Chef’s Festival, the creation of "Buddha Jumping over the Wall" started at 5,000 yuan, and finally sold for a sky-high price of 11,000 yuan, which was the highest price among the famous dishes that participated in the auction during the festival. Zhentao is known as the "No. 1 in Fujian cuisine".

  In 2009, he was invited to serve as a judge in the Guangdong Division of the 6th National Cooking Competition;

  In 2010, he was awarded the title of "Chinese Cooking Master" by the Chinese Cuisine Association;

  In 2015, he was awarded the title of "Senior Registered Chinese Cooking Master" by the Chinese Cuisine Association.

  Now, Qiang Zhentao is a member of the Chinese Cooker and Chinese Pastry Professional Committee of the Professional Skills Appraisal Committee of Fujian Province, and the chairman of the Fujian Fujian Cuisine Skills Research Association.

  Master Hu Manrong

  Chinese cooking master

  Chinese Abalone Master

  Fujian Fujian Cuisine Master

  Top Ten Famous Chefs in China

  Member of China Famous Chef Professional Committee

  Chairman of Fujian Region of World Chinese Food Federation

  Executive Chairman of Fujian Region of the Special Committee of the Youth Celebrity Chef Committee of the World Chinese Food Federation

  National referee

  International judges

  The disciple of the world's royal chef and abalone king Yang Guanyi

  CCTV "Man Han Quan Xi" arena competition won three consecutive times

  Top Ten People in the Catering Industry in 2006

  The most watched young chefs of 2006

  Selected as the Golden Goblet Award of Chinese Cooking Master in 2012

  Entered the United Nations on behalf of Chinese cuisine in 2014, and was received by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and multinational ambassadors

  Participated in the French and European Eight-Country Food Festival in 2015, won the three highest awards "Five Diamond Gold Award", and served as the sous chef of the closing dinner for Chinese food

  Entering Pakistan on behalf of the Chinese Food Carnival in 2016

  Honorary President of Hotel Group Kitchen: Hu Manrong



  This is a seafood feast

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  Organizer: Yongchun Honor International Hotel

  Organizer: Spring Vision Culture Media Co., Ltd. (Yongchun Net)

  Cooperative business: Honor Fitness Club, Longfengxi Wedding Planning.......

  Contact number: 15375782088 Mr. You


  Welfare is coming


  (Buffet Voucher + Honor Fitness Experience Card, etc.)

  Lunch: Original price: 168 yuan/person, discounted price 128 yuan/person

  Dinner: Original price: 198 yuan/person, discounted price 158 yuan/person

  (Note: 80 yuan/person for less than 1 meter 4)

  The benefits are so awesome!

  Such good things

  I must inform more people to know...


  Happiness Hotline:

  Switchboard: 23711111

  Front desk: 23713118 23713116

  Chinese food reservation desk: 23713298 23713339

  Western Food Reservation Desk: 23713100

  KTV reservation desk: 23712888

  Snacks all kinds of delicacies between meals:

  Seafood, barbecue, dessert...

  You can feast on the meat, or you can taste it like a dragonfly~

  Anyway, the more you eat, the happier!


  A large wave of real estate food arrived in the air

  Are you ready for your stomach?

  The seafood of the food festival buffet is the most exciting part. Select fresh seafood, with the taste of the ocean, delivered to you. Needless to say, there are many kinds of seafood. There are no less than 20 kinds of seafood, including oysters, scallops, crab sticks, and prawns, to meet the freshness requirements of more diners and make people linger.

  The top chefs process the best seafood on site, and the waiters work hard to replenish the goods. They will never be out of stock because of the diners.


  Full of good food,

  Take it quickly, your hands are slow!!





  As the last step of eating the buffet, drinks and desserts put a perfect end to the finishing touch. Drinks, cakes, pudding, sushi, etc. After eating, let you walk on the wall.

  Not only that

  Show everyone the food around

  A variety of tempting and delicious desserts are here

  Even the air is sweet

  The dim sum here is absolutely beautiful and tasteful

  Chocolate cake is fragrant and smooth

  Every bite smells of love,

  I feel excited too~


  It’s all said that the environment affects appetite. This is not just to talk about it. This abnormally hot weather makes you eat under the scorching sun. No matter how delicious the food is, you don’t have an appetite. Comfortable, full score for the first conditions!

  Elegant and individual dining environment, beauty is everywhere; beauty is everywhere!

  Delicious is so tempting, how can you resist and miss it,

  Seafood, sashimi, hot and cold dishes,

  Drinks, snacks, sushi, etc., everything!

  No matter if you like meat or seafood, or dessert pie,

  You can enjoy yourself in the honorable cafeteria.

  Hurry up and call your friends to have a delicious seafood meal!

  All kinds of hard seafood have been laid,

  Open your legs, open your mouth, and enjoy!

  Yongchun Honor International Hotel Food Festival

  See you or leave on April 23!

  Looking forward to your visit~

  Honor Hotel

  Address: No. 329, Hubin Road, Taocheng Town, Yongchun County


  Switchboard: 23711111

  Front desk: 23713118 23713116

  Chinese food reservation desk: 23713298 23713339

  Western Food Reservation Desk: 23713100

  KTV reservation desk: 23712888