More than twenty mysterious people gathered in this place just for this important event...

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Summary:Two days ago, a group of men in white clothes and black aprons came to this house

Two days ago

There are a group of men in white clothes and black aprons

Came to this

Honor State Banquet Building·Rong Mansion

Who are they

What are you here for?

Let the editor take you deep into the hotel

Explore it









Since it is a new dish launch event, of course the editor will take a few pictures of the new dishes to give you lemons!

The first is the cold dish series

Are You Ready?

They come!

Summer White Bamboo Shoot Bead Salad

Slice white asparagus and finger radish into thin slices, drizzle with the secret sauce, and pair with the "fairy air" from the surrounding dry ice. The sultry heat of summer is instantly gone.

Brandy skewer tomatoes

The skewers of tomatoes and brandy are simmered together, and the aroma of the wine is slowly blended into the tomatoes, enhancing the original sweetness of the tomatoes.

Icy Crispy Chicken

This chicken seems to have been enchanted. The crispy skin of the chicken pops into the mouth and it feels like dancing on the tip of the tongue. The chicken is tender and not fired, so you won’t feel tired after eating too much.

Sashimi live sea cucumber

Clean the fresh sea cucumbers and slice them into thin slices, pour lemon juice on them, dip a little mustard soy sauce, and put them in your mouth.

Mango Pudding

At first glance, it seems that there are a few small mangoes on the plate, but when I look closer, I find that these are puddings. The small ones are very cute!

Cold dishes are just a brief beginning for your taste buds to enjoy

The hot dishes are served with the excitement of the house

In the process of tasting dishes, the hearts of people are gradually getting closer

Now the editor will show you the new hot dishes launched this time!

Stewed lion head


The common lion head is deep-fried and formed before cooking, but this lion head is different. It abandons the process of deep-frying and shaping, and directly steams in the pot, giving people a healthy enjoyment.

Sea King Tofu with Abalone Sauce in Stone Pot

This is a tacit cooperation between seafood and tofu. The aroma of tofu removes the fishy smell of seafood, and the deliciousness of seafood enhances the taste of tofu. The entrance is perfect!

Abalone Braised Pork

The braised pork and abalone are boiled together. The soft and waxy meat is matched with the abalone Q bomb. The meat is fat but not greasy. The freshness of the abalone blends with the fragrance of the meat, which brings an extraordinary experience to the taste buds.

Crispy beef pit brisket

Choose a good beef pit brisket, wrap a layer of skin on the outer layer, deep-fry it in a high-temperature oil pan until golden, pick up one and dip it in the mysterious sauce, put it in the mouth and bite it, and the juice will burst , This is really great!

Homemade Tofu with Black Truffle

Soybeans are made into tofu by hand, and eggs are added to make the tofu smoother, and the addition of black truffles enhances the umami of the tofu.

Flame bamboo charcoal snowflake beef

Put the beef ribs in charcoal bamboo, seal them with edible salt, sprinkle the fried salt around, pour white wine, light the fire, and cook the beef ribs at the temperature of the surrounding flame, which perfectly guarantees the original beef Fresh and salty.

Signature wild turtle

After cutting the turtle into pieces, add a few green vegetables and stew until the soup is thick. After a sip, you feel that the whole person has got a new sublimation.

Pig hand fairy chicken

The combination of pork knuckle and Qingyuan chicken blends the tastes of the two in the cooking process. Although they are two different ingredients, there is no sense of contradiction.

Fish head Buddha jumps over the wall

Everyone knows that Buddha Jumping over the Wall is a specialty of Fujian, but this hotel from Fujian improved the Buddha Jumping over the Wall to create this special fish head over the wall without losing its original essence.

I heard that I recently invited a local chef with a special honor and a high salary, and plans to focus on developing local dishes such as local Longshan Xiangshan small seafood!

So many dishes

Are you dazzled

Now I will pick a few to introduce to you

(After all, there are too many dishes, so small preparations can't come)

Ancient Moon Aged Stuffed Flower Drunken Crayfish

From a distance, I feel that a group of live lobsters will stretch out big tongs at any time when they are lying on the iceberg, but when they get closer, they will find that this group of lobsters has been cooked and has a hint of wine, like a group of drunks.

Prawn Balls

It's another shrimp dish, but the raw material is changed to prawns. It is also cooked after removing the shells, and paired with fiery condiments, which perfectly interprets the summer heat.

Yellow Po Chicken Roasted Taro

This is a dish full of surprises. For those who do not know seafood, they may not know that Huang Po Chicken is a fish name (just like the editor, haha). The collocation of taro and Huang Po Ji is also very ingenious. The soft taro melts in the mouth, while the yellow Po Chicken is firm in meat. The two become a pk match in the mouth.

Fried Coccinella with Seed

The small cockles are filled with fish roe and fry them in an oil pan. The fish oil in the roe penetrates into the fish meat. The special seasoning is added to make the whole dish full of flavor!

Shipu Color Mix

The glutinous taste can be said to be a kind of taste that all people in Cixi love. The glutinous rice and seafood are combined to make the whole smell slowly and delicious with a hint of wine.

Steamed and pickled octopus

Steaming octopus with glutinous rice should be a common way of cooking octopus in most friends' homes. The wine aroma in the glutinous rice can mask the fishy smell of octopus and greatly enhance the freshness of octopus.

Steamed razor clams and plum fish with amaranth stem

Amaranth stems, one of Ningbo’s three smelly stems, are often used to cook alone, but the chef at the Rong Mansion skillfully cooks seafood and amaranth stems together, which improves the freshness of plum fish and razor clams and reduces the smell of amaranth stems. A perfect cooperation.

And the boss told the editor that a new friend "migrated" from the ocean to this pool, then who is it?

Or this thumb-sized conch?

Or maybe it's this big lobster about one arm long?

In fact, it could also be the slow-moving emperor crab with long legs!

What is the correct answer, I chose to remain silent~

If you want to know, hurry up and find it yourself!

So many new dishes make your saliva drool?

Hurry up

They are waiting for you at the Rong Mansion!

// the end //

Cixi State Banquet Hall of Honor·Rong Mansion

Address: No. 1358, Suntang North Road, Gutang Street, Cixi City

(Intersection of Suntang North Road and Haitong Road)

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