Xiamen Honor Seafood Restaurant grandly opened after trial operation

2009-11-05 00:00:00
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Summary:Speaking of lunch and evening tea culture, Honor Group should be regarded as one of the earliest leaders in southern Fujian. It has been operating Hong Kong-style breakfast

  Recently, Xiamen Honor Seafood Restaurant, which was renovated according to the standard of a star hotel, officially opened. This is the 11th chain store of the "Honor Hotel Group" of Hu Lianrong, executive chairman of the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Fujian Province. It is reported that Xiamen Honor Seafood Restaurant has started its trial operation two months ago and has received unanimous praise from customers during the period.

  Large multifunctional banquet hall, advanced audio-visual equipment

  When he arrived at Xiamen Honor Seafood Restaurant, the reporter was immediately impressed by the magnificent decoration and grandeur. According to reports, Xiamen Honor follows the luxurious, noble and elegant decoration style of the high-star hotels of the Honor Hotel Group, with elegant and luxurious decoration and advanced equipment. The large multifunctional banquet hall on the first floor can hold more than 80 tables at the same time. It has a high-tech information release system used only by high-star hotels, a live TV synchronization system for wedding banquet photography, and adopts the latest version of 2009 KTV, VOD VOD system and Olympic Bird’s Nest The dedicated audio and stage lighting equipment used provide high-quality services for undertaking various wedding banquets, business banquets, large-scale gala parties, etc. Deluxe VIP box with full sea view

  The restaurant is located in the Bay Park, a rare and elegant place in the downtown area. The restaurant has more than 70 luxurious business VIP boxes. It is located by the sea, facing the wind and the sea, and can enjoy the scenery of the "widescreen" bay from Gulangyu to Haicang Bridge. The round reception table in the Presidential Hall can seat 20 people at the same time. The Hall of Honor is equipped with a high-level reception and dish-sharing long dining table, which can be arranged for 40 people/table. The observation box of the State Guest Building on the third floor can enjoy the magnificent sea and the magnificent sea. The beautiful scenery of Bay Park, the art corridor in the middle is more noble and elegant.

  Ming file production, optional seafood pool

  General snacks are made in the back kitchen. The honorable dim sum room is operated in a Ming kitchen style. Dim sum, pastry, steaming, frying, and braising are also made on-site. While dining, watching the chef cook dishes is really fashionable and unusual. The hall is also equipped with a self-selected display table, with hundreds of ingredients for customers to choose and match freely; in the large seafood pool, there are all kinds of seafood and a dazzling array. The kitchen is built in accordance with Xiamen City's A-level hygiene and epidemic prevention standards. The chef team is led by the honorary hotel executive chef, the CCTV Man Han full seat three consecutive championships, the first international Chinese cuisine young chef competition gold medal, Chinese culinary master, abalone master Hu Manrong, will be honor The "Hujia Cuisine" full of Fujian serves Xiamen customers.

  40% off lunch and evening tea

  Speaking of lunch and evening tea culture, Honor Group should be regarded as one of the earliest leaders in southern Fujian. It has been operating Hong Kong-style breakfast, lunch and evening tea for more than ten years. It has led the trend of eating breakfast, lunch and evening tea in Shishi and Jinjiang. "Eating lunch and evening tea" has become a part of an elegant lifestyle.

  The lunch and evening tea at Honor Seafood Restaurant is fresh and authentic; the restaurant has a beautiful environment and you are in it, as if you are really drinking tea in a Hong Kong restaurant. Looking through the exquisitely crafted menu, it tantalizes the appetite, including "steaming, moisturizing desserts, very rich and crispy, Hong Kong and Macau braised pork, Mingdang hometown fried, honorable congee" and more than a dozen series of nearly 200 kinds of dim sum to choose from . Welcome guests at the opening, and enjoy a 40% discount for the honorable afternoon tea.

  Hu Lianrong, chairman of Honor Hotel Group, said that Xiamen Honor Seafood Restaurant will gather the essence of the top 10 chain hotel management experience, follow the business philosophy of "high-star service, mass consumption", and dedicate perfect service to every customer.