Fujian Red Society accepts the first donation from Honor Hotel Group

2014-08-05 00:00:00
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Summary:(Lin Chunyin) "I hope that my colleagues' families will be well, and I hope they can rebuild their homes as soon as possible." Wang Fang, an employee of the Fuzhou area of Honor Hotel Group,

China News Service, Fuzhou, August 5 (Lin Chunyin) "I hope that the families of my colleagues will be well and that they can rebuild their homes as soon as possible." Wang Fang, an employee of the Fuzhou area of ​​Honor Hotel Group, told a reporter from China News Agency on the 5th.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 occurred in Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province on the 3rd. As of 14:00 on the 4th, the Ludian Earthquake in Yunnan Province had affected 1,0884 million people in Ludian County, Qiaojia County, Zhaoyang District and Huize County in Qujing City. People died. The colleague Wang Fang missed was from the disaster area. “I heard that the houses there collapsed, so she hurried back immediately.”

On the 5th, thousands of employees of Honor Hotel Group's Fuzhou area stores voluntarily donated 70628 yuan (RMB) to the Ludian disaster area, which became the first corporate donation received by the Fujian Red Cross after the Ludian earthquake.

The next day after the disaster, the People's Government of Fujian Province sent a message of condolences to the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government and donated RMB 3 million. The Fujian Provincial Red Cross also donated 500,000 yuan for emergency humanitarian relief to the Ludian disaster area on the 4th, and through the news media appealed to the community to continue to lend a helping hand to help the people in the disaster area to tide over the difficulties.

The staff of the Fujian Red Cross said that the disaster area is currently facing a shortage of drinking water, food, medicine, and tents. The relief funds will be used to purchase materials needed in the disaster area. "In the future, the provincial Red Cross will announce the donations immediately. , To be open and transparent."

The staff member said that the Fujian Provincial Red Cross has arranged a rescue team to be on standby urgently, following the dispatch of the Chinese Red Cross Society and the Fujian Provincial Government, and is ready to rush to the disaster area if needed.

The donation methods and channels of Fujian Red Cross are as follows:

1. Bank transfer (including online banking)

Account name 1: Fujian Provincial Red Cross, account opening bank: Fuzhou Hualin Branch of Industrial Bank, account number: 117130100100143727;

Account name 2: Fujian Provincial Red Cross, account bank: China Construction Bank Fuzhou Gulou Sub-branch, account number: 35001896307052501732;

Account name 3: Fujian Provincial Red Cross, Account Bank: Bank of China Fuzhou Guping Road Sub-branch, account number: 427358386366.

2. Post office remittance: The address is "Fujian Red Cross, 8th Floor, Pingtung Office Building, No. 128, Hualin Road, Fuzhou", Zip Code: 350003.

3. SMS donation: edit the SMS "2" and send it to "1069999359", that is, donate 2 yuan, which can be repeated.

4. On-site donation address and time: August 5th to September 4th.

Address 1: Fujian Red Cross Society, 8th Floor, Pingtung Office Building, No. 128, Hualin Road, Fuzhou City, donations are accepted from 08:00 to 18:00, and donations are accepted on weekends.

Address 2: Fuzhou Hualin Branch of Industrial Bank, 1st Floor, Pingtung Office Building, No. 128, Hualin Road, Fuzhou City. The time for receiving donations is based on the bank’s normal business hours.

In order to facilitate contact, send donation receipts or donation certificates, etc., if you donate in the above ways, please indicate "Ludian Earthquake" and communication contact information in the "Use" or "Postscript" column.

5. Contact number: Donation consultation 0591-87763356.