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2005-05-22 00:00:00
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Summary:It’s hard to imagine that with such fierce market competition, the Honor Hotel has grown from a seafood restaurant to today

  Hurrying to Shishi, this energetic and vibrant city is already brightly lit with neon shining.

  It is hard to imagine that with such fierce market competition, the Honor Hotel has grown from a seafood restaurant to today’s high-end catering chain operating organization with two seafood restaurants and a four-star standard hotel in just a few years. Each one is well-known and well-known in the local area. Every time it is mentioned, it is praised by colleagues. Behind such a dazzling halo, what kind of person is Hu Hairong, the executive director of the three honorary liquor (store) buildings? Solving this mystery is the purpose of our trip.

  Pushing open the office door, a busy breath hits his face, Hu Hairong walked into our interview with an easy-going look.

  Hu Hairong, a brave, strong, mature young man. Once in contact with him, you can catch the shadow of the Sanda champion from his handsome and burly figure and vigorous work style.

  When he was young, he was influenced by his father's practice of martial arts, and he wanted to become a Sanda champion since he was a child. This is what Hu Hairong thought and he did. When he first came to Shishi more than ten years ago, Hairong suffered an unprecedented setback. After nearly half a year of unemployment, even food and housing have become a big real problem. He can only rely on working in Shishi. The third and fourth brothers live. Despite this, Hai Rong still did not give up his ideals, and did not forget to train Sanda while looking for a job. Later, with the help of his third brother, Hu Hairong was able to find a job as a sound engineer in an entertainment city. He cherishes this hard-won job very much. With the guarantee of living, Hai Rong worked harder and harder. Although he went to work for nearly eleven or two hours a day, he insisted that he must practice Sanda for six hours a day and learned all the martial arts in Shishi within three or four years. In 1995, the accomplished Hu Hairong represented Shishi to participate in the second national "Hometown of Wushu" Wushu Competition and won the Sanda 60kg champion, becoming the first Sanda athlete to win the championship for Sanda in Shishi City. Hardworking, hardworking, hard work, and down-to-earth perseverance has achieved Hu Hairong's dream of champions, and has also achieved Hu Hairong's great career today.

  When he was still working in the entertainment city, Hu Hairong's hardworking, hardworking, persistent and enterprising spirit was already prominent. At that time, Hu Hairong was still working as a tuner, but he was eager to learn. While doing his own job, he carefully observed the service skills of his colleagues and the management and operation methods of managers and supervisors, trying to figure out the advantages. With his ingenuity, Hu Hairong started from a series of reforms in operation, management, and hygiene, step by step, from a small foreman to a KTV manager, and now he is the owner of several hotels (buildings). When he was first promoted to KTV manager, in order to make the business prosperous, Hu Hairong just learned a unique trick: shake a dice, you can shake five to seven pieces into a straight line, and ten pieces can be shaken into two or three at the same time. straight line. Relying on this unique skill, the hotel has attracted batch after batch of customers, and Hu Hairong has gradually made his name. Once, a Filipino guest came across his performance by chance and praised him greatly. After returning, he brought a team of people and brought a video camera to record his performance for publicity. This incident is still a story. Good story.

  Hu Hairong's persistent entrepreneurial spirit fully embodies the style of Sanda champion when he founded the brand "Honor". When the first "Honored Seafood Restaurant" was founded, it only took ten days to complete all the work of property inventory, personnel arrangements, work layout, operation and operation, and it was officially opened to the public. Three months later, this honorary seafood restaurant in Jinjiang has become an affirmed and recognized ace restaurant.

  One year after the successful opening of Jinjiang Honor Seafood Restaurant, Hu Hairong set his goal on a larger city-Quanzhou. There are so many hotels (buildings) in Quanzhou that the competition is fierce. However, Hu Hairong's personality is that the harder the place, the more he likes to handle the more difficult things. Facts have proved that Hu Hairong’s vision is correct. Quanzhou Honor Seafood Restaurant has also been recognized and recognized by Quanzhou consumers three months later, becoming one of the best restaurants in Quanzhou.

  All these achievements are far from the championship in Hu Hairong's eyes. He is not only a champion in Sanda, but also a champion in the hotel industry. Just as Hu Hairong seized the great opportunity of the Shishi Municipal Party Committee’s strategy of "Tourism to Prosper the City", he resolutely returned to Shishi to establish Shishi’s first high-end luxury tourist hotel decorated according to four-star standards, breaking through the unity of restaurant management, integrating catering, recreation and entertainment. A comprehensive hotel integrating accommodation and conferences. It has a large banquet center, western restaurant, Hong Kong-style morning tea, luxurious KTV boxes, high-end and warm business rooms, business, executive meeting rooms, shopping malls, beauty salons and other supporting facilities. A fully operated star hotel. The success of Shishi Honor Hotel laid a solid foundation for Hu Hairong to be a champion in the hotel industry. Nowadays, the Shishi Honor Hotel is well-known in the local area, and it has become a civilized service window for the reception of Shishi City. So far, it has successfully received many provincial and municipal leaders and major stars in Hong Kong. And other large-scale events.

  The success of honor, for many people, is the direct result of the geographical location and the cultural atmosphere here-as Quanzhou gets closer and closer to the gate of the world, its success becomes more and more inevitable. The reason why honor can achieve today's results, Hu Hairong naturally talked about his team. People-oriented business philosophy is a kind of talent training mechanism in honor. Attracting better and more professional talents is the purpose of this talent mechanism, but more importantly, it is to strengthen the training of talents within honor. Honor has today's status. It is not only the advanced business philosophy, but more importantly, the use of a good team in the management to continuously promote the honor brand, deepen the brand, and improve the ability to connect with the consumer market in practice. Regarding the future direction of development, Hu Hairong said without hesitation: "It must be brothers who will work together to make honor stronger and bigger"!

  The deepening of the honor brand, the improvement of the team quality is of course. Hu Hairong has always adhered to the practice of his third brother Hu Lianrong: building the hotel into a school, so that every employee has the opportunity to learn and self-improve. The society in the future will be a society dominated by learning organizations. To make enterprises bigger and stronger, learning is a must. In less than three months since the opening of the Shishi Honor Hotel, he has organized many trainings, hoping to form a learning atmosphere from top to bottom among all employees and carry out the learning to the end. “Any team that wants to adapt to the challenges of the market must continuously strengthen self-learning and continue to innovate.” Speaking of “innovation”, Hu Hairong naturally mentioned Shuijingfang: “Our innovative concept of hotel management is like'Chinese liquor The first workshop-Shuijingfang', back then, it was like a black horse that suddenly came out of the high-end liquor industry. Its unique humanized marketing model attracted many people's applause! It became like the high-end liquor industry and established a good brand of Shuijingfang Effect. The innovation of Shuijingfang is multifaceted. Unique packaging, exquisite gifts, humanized services, rich culture, etc., are all factors for the success of the Shuijingfang brand in the fierce competition. The same principle is to attract For more customers, our catering industry must also make bold innovations and continue to improve services."

  Hu Hairong, a martial artist, always shows a sense of chivalry. Chinese martial arts teaches people to be chivalrous, and Hu Hairong is very willing to help the world and help the poor. While his career is flourishing, Hu Hairong does not forget the people, and enthusiastically supports public welfare and education. He has successively sponsored or lost funds for Jinjiang Nursing Association, Qingyang Kindergarten, and 5 kindergartens in Shishi City. Hu Hairong won the second national "Hometown of Wushu" Sanda 60kg champion in 1995; was awarded the "Best Athlete in Shishi City" in the same year; obtained the Sanda Coach Qualification Certificate in February 1996; won the title of Sanda 4th Duan Athlete in 1997; 1998 Obtained the national second-level Sanshou referee qualification certificate in 2004; was elected as the member of the third council of Shishi City Family Planning Association in June 2004; was elected as the executive vice meeting of the third council of Shishi Hotel Industry Association in July 2004 long.

  Honor has Hu Hairong, who is persistent in his career, and we believe that the future of honor will be better! Just like the brand concept of honor "honor the brand, create the future"!