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2005-03-01 00:00:00
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Summary:When I had the opportunity to get to know Chairman Hu of Honor Hotel, I mentioned this.

  As a journalist and working in Beijing, the nature of his profession is destined to be "drifted" by the law of life. This may be related to the change of food and accommodation, and also to many star hotels. Sometimes I calm down, the hotel I have stayed in is like a movie copy in my mind, and the "Beijing Hotel", which is known as the symbol of the capital, has left footprints; friends in Hangzhou specially arranged for a nap in the "Xizi Hotel" where Chairman Mao Zedong stayed; When I went to Changsha to stay at the "Penang Hotel", the waiter proudly told me that Mao Zedong had stayed here seven times; and the "Guesthouse" in Greater Shanghai was also a five-star hotel that often received the head of the central government. The photos taken with the waiter are mounted on the wall to remind people of the wonderful moments that have happened here. However, none of these left me too much impression, just a little shadow in the traces of the years.

  When my thoughts were frozen in the time period of January 2005, the Honor Hotel in Lion City was clearly displayed in front of me like a sword and a sword. The moving scenes once again aroused me to be unable to leave and to erase. Ripples. It was the deep winter season. When starting from the north, my wife confessed to me that the temperature in Fujian was about 10 degrees above zero. She told me after reading the weather forecast on the CCTV, which obviously said not to wear down jackets. Bringing to Fujian will make people laugh at "Tu Lao Hat". So I set off in a simple dress, got off the plane and felt that my wife’s correct diagnosis had been verified. In the heat wave, I was busy taking off my sweater, just like the saying "Unpredictable weather", a few days after I arrived in Shishi, I was attacked here. The cold current eroded, and the weather changed like a child's face. On the third day, I started to experience sore throat and sneezing, and then a cough accompanied me through the sleepless night. Hanging a bit is the only option. The interview task was urgent and tight. I was "waiting for the draft" at home. I had to take the drip to the room "820" where I lived. When the drip bottle held high in one hand entered the hotel attendant's field of vision, a man in work clothes The child ran over to help me. She received the drip bottle held high and asked about the condition. From her caring words, a warm current surged into my heart. She asked the floor attendant to open the door and hang the drip for me. And told the waiter on the floor to take care of me. At this time, I noticed that the waitress on the floor did not leave, but put the poured water glass beside me and told me to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor according to the instructions. Then she called again, and I forgot the content of the call. At that time, I started to have a fever and my eyes and memory were wrong. When I woke up, I found that there was a basket of fruit on the sofa table. The desire after a dry cough made me stare at the fruit for a long time. The waiter had already seen me. "Attempt", I hurriedly cut the apple and delivered it to me. After the drip, she helped me withdraw the needle. She said that she did the job of pulling the needle when her mother was hospitalized. The waiter didn't say much. I was seriously ill and I forgot to ask anything. Yixi remembered that she went out of the countryside to work here with her husband. The child was seven years old.

  I stayed in honor for 4 days and had three days of injections. She took care of me and asked for help, just like the Eighth Route Army saw ordinary people in the movie. My illness improved a bit, and I was anxious to return to Beijing. Shishi’s friend gave me two boxes of tea. I wanted to leave it to her, but she politely refused. I wrote a thank you letter for her. She said no and asked her what her last name was. , What was the service card number, she asked me what I was doing vigilantly, and put her hand on the service card on her chest and said, this is what I should do. After saying this, she slowly turned and left. I went in a hurry, and I failed to hand over the thank-you letter to the reception desk.

  When I had the opportunity to get to know Chairman Hu of Honor Hotel, I mentioned this. Chairman Hu asked me the name of the waiter, but I didn't know the waitress who was kind to me. It was regrettable. But her phrase "This is what I should do" is never remembered.

  Imagine that the Honor Hotel has a team represented by this unknown waitress. It's strange if it doesn't thrive!