Honors-a message from the editor

2005-08-01 00:00:00
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  We must improve the corporate culture and make the hotel a school and a warm family.” This is President Hu Lianrong’s philosophy in managing the hotel. Indeed, the President said so and did the same. He regarded employees as his own brothers. Sister, always caring about their difficulties in life and work; he always asks employees, "Are you happy? Is there anything I can help solve?".

  That is to say, with the care and support of the chairman, after intensive preparation work, and personally planned and organized by the managing director Hu Hairong, the "Honor" monthly magazine finally met with you. The publication of "Honor" monthly magazine will undoubtedly bring a certain amount of fun to everyone's life. Those who love literary writing can show their literary talent; those who are proficient in management can show their talents; those who have valuable suggestions can express their ideas; in short, as long as you A little interest in "Honor" can find your happiness.

  The birth of "Honor" is the further sublimation of corporate culture, and it is also a concrete manifestation of Chairman Hu Lianrong's emphasis on corporate culture. The purpose of "Honor" is to "promote honorary brands, promote corporate culture, and discover outstanding talents. The content of "Honor" is divided into four major sections: one is honor news, mainly news about social activities related to honor. The second is honor demeanor, mainly It reflects the colorful life and leisure activities of honored employees. The third is Honorary Wenyuan, which mainly publishes excellent works of honored employees.

  The fourth is Honor Plaza, mainly related to hotel management and services, food culture, leisure and entertainment. You can selectively submit papers based on the above directions.

  "Honor" will hold a knowledge contest every six months. The topics are all selected from the published "Honor". As long as you keep paying attention to and collecting "Honor", then the grand prize is waiting for you. "Honor" really depends on everyone. Only when you put forward valuable suggestions, "Honor" can get better and better.