Anniversary of Shishi Honor Hotel

2005-12-01 00:00:00
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Summary:The hotel opened on May 02, 2004, and officially opened on May 8. On May 17, 2004, the hotel established the Family Planning Association.

  The hotel opened on May 02, 2004, and officially opened on May 8.

  On May 17, 2004, the hotel established the Family Planning Association.

  On May 18, 2004, Liang Qiping, deputy secretary of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, stayed in our store.

  On May 25, 2004, our store received a corporate order meeting for the first time.

  On July 27, 2004, Mr. Hu Hairong was elected as the third "Executive Vice President" of Shishi Hotel Industry Association.

  In July 2004, the Hotel Art Performance Troupe participated in the third session of the Shishi Hotel Industry Association's first member conference and art evening, and won the "Excellence Award".

  At the end of August 2004, the hotel officially launched the "four-star rating" project.

  On September 8, 2004, the province's public security organs commended and rewarded work training and police mental health debugging work report meeting was held in our store!

  On September 27, 2004, the inaugural meeting of Shishi Tourism Association and the first member representative meeting was held in our store.

  In September 2004, the chairman of the hotel, Mr. Hu Lianrong, was appointed as the "Executive Vice President" of the first Shishi City Tourism Association.

  In September 2004, the hotel moon cakes were rated as "Reassuring Famous Moon Cakes in 2004" by Shishi Daily, 12315 Complaint Station of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and Shishi Epidemic Prevention Station.

  On October 1, 2004, "Honorary Monthly" was launched, and the first monthly issue was published.

  On October 1, 2004, the Honor Hotel Party Working Group was established.

  On October 20, 2004, the hotel’s director and chef Hu Manrong was awarded the title of “Chinese Famous Chef” at the 14th China Chef’s Festival and Cross-Strait Food Festival. All six dishes he produced were named “Chinese Famous Chef” by the China Cuisine Association. "Cai", became the only individual in Quanzhou to win six "Golden Chef Awards".

  In October 2004, the Shishi Forum on ideological and political work of non-public economic organizations in coastal areas was held.

  On November 1, 2004, the Honorary Youth Volunteer Team was established.

  On November 30, 2004, Honor Hotel's first commendation meeting for outstanding employees, outstanding managers, and top ten managers was held!

  On December 16, 2004, the China Hotel Association officially approved that Honor Hotel joined its organization and became the first member of the China Hotel Association in Shishi.

  On December 1, 2004, the "Honor Sanda Club" was established.

  In December 2004, the "Honor" newspaper was awarded the third prize of "Shishi City's First Corporate Culture Exhibition Review" by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions.

  At the end of 2004, our family planning association was awarded "Advanced Unit of the Year".

  In March 2005, the hotel was awarded by the Hubin Sub-district Work Committee of the Shishi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Hubin Sub-district Office of the People's Government of Shishi City as the 2004 "Advanced Taxation Enterprise"

  In March 2005, accepted the work of four-star hotel evaluation by the leaders of Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau.

  On April 5, 2005, the Second Session of the Fourth Shishi City Committee of the CPPCC.

  In 2005, the brand ambassador of Illywang Hong Kong film star Jiao Enjun held a signing ceremony in our store.

  On January 20, 2005, the Fujian Spring Festival Golden Week Working Conference was held in our store.

  On April 17, 2005, the hotel was designated as the reception hotel for the heads of all levels of the Eighth Hainan Expo. During the period, the dishes prepared by the hotel’s director and chef Hu Manrong won high praise from Zhang Siqing, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

  1. All the 6 dishes that won the 14th Chinese Chef Festival held in Fuzhou were awarded the title of Chinese Famous Dish;

  2. Mr. Hu Manrong, the hotel director and chef, won 6 Golden Chef Awards;

  3. The hotel won the Excellent Award of Quanzhou's First Corporate Culture Exhibition;

  4. Won the third prize of Shishi City's first corporate culture exhibition;

  5. Won the title of Top Ten Hotels in the Municipal Public Security Special Camp;

  6. Won the city's Hubin Office Advanced Taxation Enterprise and Advanced Family Planning Association Unit;

  7. In 2004, the hotel made moon cakes and was named "Reassuring Famous Moon Cakes";

  8. Became a member of China Hotel Association in December 2004;

  9. Received high praise and praise from foreign guests many times;

  10. The "Honor" trademark of Honor Hotel recommended by Shishi Municipal People's Government is "Fujian Famous Brand".