Speech by Mr. Hu Hairong, Executive Director and General Manager at the "July 1" Celebration Meeting

2005-07-02 00:00:00
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Summary:Looking back on the ups and downs of the last century, the Communist Party of China took the "Mao Zedong Thought" as the theoretical guide and led the people of the whole

  Dear colleagues and staff friends:

  Hello everyone!

  Today is the 84th anniversary of the birth of the Communist Party of China, and the whole country is celebrating it. Here, we also pay the highest respect to the great Communist Party of China.

  Looking back on the ups and downs of the last century, the Communist Party of China took the "Mao Zedong Thought" as the theoretical guide and led the people of the whole country to win the complete victory in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the War of Liberation, allowing the world to witness the founding of our new China. Since then, the Chinese have straightened their backs and embarked on a bright road. The history of China has begun a new era, and the history of the party has thus opened a new chapter.

  In the "Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee" of the Party, Comrade Deng Xiaoping put forward the guiding ideology of "emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts", leading the people of the country to take a new step in reform and opening up, and pushing the construction and development of China's socialist cause to a new level. era. The convening of the "16th National Congress" has written a new chapter for socialist modern construction. Comrade Jiang Zemin’s important theoretical thinking of the "Three Represents" is a new summary of the party’s nature, fundamental purpose, and fundamental tasks. It is a new development of Marxist construction theory in China, and is the foundation of the party, the foundation of governance, and the strength of the party. source of.

  The glorious history of 84 years proves that the Communist Party of China deserves to be the most scientific, advanced, and greatest working-class party in the world. Therefore, we must unite more closely under the leadership of the new generation of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao at the core, and vigorously promote the proletarian revolutionary spirit of the old generation of the Communist Party of China that is hardworking, not afraid of difficulties, forge ahead, and innovative!

  While warmly celebrating the "Party's Birthday", I would like to take this good opportunity to review the work of our hotel last month and make a general arrangement for this month's work. I hope everyone will implement it seriously.

  In June, the work of our hotel was progressing well, and all the tasks assigned were implemented one by one. The work situation of each department was generally stable, the operating index was on the rise, and the management work was in order. This shows: the staff of our hotel are all conscientious, making their own efforts for the development of our honorable cause. It is embodied in the following three aspects:

  First, the reception work on the floor has achieved better results. Chinese food, western food, kitchen, guest room, recreation and other departments work together to pay close attention to management and improve service quality, and successfully receive leaders at all levels of the province and city; host brand conferences for major companies and various types of accommodation and entertainment for guests Wait.

  The second is that staff training work goes hand in hand. There are training for new hires organized by the hotel; departmental business training for employees; specialized training for PA employees; as well as foreign language training for employees and business learning training for middle and senior leaders in the hotel. These trainings have achieved good results.

  The third is to stick to work safety. From food procurement to storage and processing; from cooking and production to the sale of finished products, all departments of the hotel strictly control, safety management, and safe operation, so that the hotel's safety work runs well without major safety loopholes. At the same time, the hotel also organized employees to participate in the "Power Cup" speech contest with the theme of "Caring for Life and Concerning Safety" organized by relevant municipal departments. Among them, not only did the contestants achieve good results, but they also promoted the honors well, which improved the safety awareness of our employees and the awareness of complying with relevant safety laws and regulations.

  In the next work, we will also emphasize several aspects:

  1. Strengthen hierarchical management and improve execution. Between the general office and the department,

  Between higher and lower levels, the responsibility system must be put in place, and the specific implementation and enforcement of various work systems and various documents must be strengthened. Departments and at the same level should also cooperate and supervise each other to jointly promote the development of honor.

  2. Work on energy conservation and consumption reduction must be implemented quickly. How to use resources and energy reasonably is a major focus of the hotel's work. Finance, engineering, logistics and other departments should strengthen management and control in reducing losses and saving materials to minimize energy consumption and waste. At the same time, we hope that the majority of our employees will enhance their awareness of conservation and treat the Honor Hotel as our own big family. We are the honorable person. To save for honor is to save for yourself; to start a business for honor is to start a business for yourself.

  3. "There is learning to make progress", and the breadth and intensity of hotel training must be further broadened and increased. I hope that in the future business training will be carried out more vigorously, not only to allow employees to improve their cultural knowledge and hotel work capabilities, but also for managers to continue to learn to enhance management level, business theory, and work capabilities. Form a good learning atmosphere.

  4. Safety work must be constant and unremitting. "Safety responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai." In the following production and operation work, especially in the operation and use of oil, gas, fire, electricity and other energy sources, we must always be vigilant, eliminate all hidden dangers, and prevent accidents. The coefficient is reduced to the lowest point or "zero point" state. You must know: "Hidden danger is better than open fire, and prevention is better than governance." Everyone must work hard to ensure safe production and safe operation of our hotel.

  5. The work style of "striving to be advanced and overcoming laziness" must be maintained. Any good company must have a good mental outlook and good work style to ensure it. Our honorable people must always maintain an aggressive mental state, overcome the negative emotions of pride and merit, and we must encourage each other and make progress together.

  We must take the "Party’s Birthday" as an opportunity to study and implement the party’s fine traditions and entrepreneurial spirit, integrate it into our specific work and practice, and give full play to the collectivism and team spirit of the Communist Party of China. In this way, our honorary career will always be vigorous, prosperous, and always brilliant!