Grateful Heart--Written on the occasion of the establishment of Honor Sanda Club

2005-07-10 00:00:00
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Summary:At the moment when the long-held ideal in my heart became reality, my heart was full of ups and downs. Traveling through the tunnels of time and space, returning to the arduous years of hard work

  July is like a fire, warm and unrestrained, it is the years of burning passion. My youth is also burning. With the high hopes of the martial arts predecessors and the ardent expectations of the brothers who have shared the ups and downs along the way, the "Honor Sanda Club" was finally established in the passionate July.

  At the moment when the long-held ideal in my heart became reality, my heart was full of ups and downs. Traveling through the tunnels of time and space, returning to the arduous years of hard work and hard work, the past scenes unfold before our eyes. At that time, the third brother Lianrong sent me to study martial arts with his brother’s kindness and keen foresight; remember that Lian Rong said to me earnestly: "Hai Rong, you have to endure hardships, brother must treat you Train to become a Sanda champion.” So, as a young man, I started the arduous road of martial arts and art.

  Fortunately, on my way to practice martial arts, I met many martial arts seniors who loved me very much. They carefully pointed me to practice skills and taught me how to practice martial arts. Not only did they understand that martial arts practitioners should pay attention to martial ethics, but also It made me understand the truth of being a human being, cultivated my spirit of martial arts, and made me achieve certain achievements in martial arts, and it has always inspired me to bear hardships and stand hard work and dedication on the road of entrepreneurship.

  I remember that at the end of 1991, with my boundless love for martial arts, I was only 17 when I went to Shishi Natural Gate Martial Arts School to study martial arts. Principal Wu Minghuai saw that I was smaller and gave me unlimited love. The generous President Wu Minghuai personally cared about my diet and daily life arrangements, and personally told Coach Yu Zhangyuan to take me well. Coach Yu Zhangyuan pointed me one by one, let me understand that the martial arts my father and brother taught me when I was young is so profound and mysterious.

  Adhering to the knowledge of learning art, under the guidance of my third brother Lianrong, in 1992 I followed the curator Wu Haixuan to learn martial arts and Sanda. Curator Wu Haixuan is humble and generous, and he has practiced martial arts very well. He also brought out many outstanding students and achieved good results in Wushu Sanda competitions. With the careful guidance of the seniors, I have greatly improved my martial arts and Sanda.

  Martial arts is a broad and profound knowledge. It can change the destiny of life. It can make thin people stronger and stronger, and it can train people's perseverance, pride and willpower. Under the introduction of my third brother Lianrong, in 1993, I went to the Shishi Xianjiu Bone-building Martial Arts Center to learn from the curator Zhou Mingyuan. Curator Zhou Mingyuan has the demeanor of predecessors of martial arts, is serious and has affinity, is extremely persistent in martial arts, concentrates on the study of martial arts, medicine, he insists on practicing every day, and always teaches how to teach the members one by one. Progress has cultivated a large number of outstanding martial arts athletes, who have won many honors in international and national martial arts competitions. Under the personal instruction of curator Zhou Mingyuan, I have a better understanding of Wushu Sanda.

  September 1994 was an important turning point in my martial arts career. When I came to Shishi Linbian Martial Arts Center, Wang Liang returned to the curator with a far-sighted view and invited Professor Yu Jianxun, a professor of physical education at Hainan Normal University. Professor Yu Jianxun is an international-level Sanshou referee. Under the careful guidance of Professor Yu, I have been greatly improved. Under the organization and care of Wang Liang's returning curator, in October 1994, I participated in the "First National Martial Arts Hometown" martial arts competition in Shishi City together with my brothers from the Linbian Martial Arts Center, and achieved good results. After that, with the help of the curator Wang Lianghui, I stayed in the forest side martial arts gym as a Sanda coach, teaching and practicing. In December 1995, under the leadership of the curator Wang Lianghui, I led the Linbian Wushu Center students to represent Shishi City to participate in the "Second National Martial Arts Hometown" Martial Arts Competition, and won the second place in the total score of the group. I myself won the "Wushu Sanda 60kg Champion", and the other students won the second, third, and fifth excellent results.

  Martial arts is a melting pot. It is hard, cruel, and fighting spirit. It requires your perseverance, patience, perseverance, and dedication. However, it always inspires your hard work, courage, perseverance, honesty and integrity. The reason why I was able to grow up quickly under the training of my third brother Lianrong, and achieved the current small results, is because my martial arts career has forged my hard-working, dedicated, diligent and tenacious entrepreneurial spirit.

  As the saying goes: drinking water thinks about its source. Looking back, I would like to sincerely thank the people who have cared and supported me in my life, especially the curator Wang Lianghui, President Wu Minghuai, Curator Wu Haixuan, and Zhou Mingyuan who have given me great encouragement and help during my martial arts career. The curator, coach Yu Zhangyuan, and Professor Yu Jianxun; of course, many friends in the martial arts circle and people from all walks of life also gave me a lot of care and help, allowing me to continue to progress and grow. Today, I realized the wish of my third brother Lianrong, and also realized my life ideals, and formally established the "Honor Sanda Club", which made me face new challenges again. I firmly believe that there are so many brothers and seniors who care and Love, I will face the future with a grateful heart.