"Caring for Life, Concerning Safety II"

2005-08-01 00:00:00
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Summary:In the early morning, the chirping birds outside the window awakened me. I got up and opened the window, breathing the fresh air of early summer, watching the sunrise that filled the eastern sky

  Dear judges and teachers, dear friends, hello everyone! My name is Hu Na and I come from the Honor Hotel in Shishi City. The topic of my speech today is "Caring for Life, Concerning Safety".

  In the early morning, the chirping birds outside the window awakened me. I got up and opened the window, breathing the fresh air of early summer, watching the sunrise that filled the eastern sky, shining brightly, and the grass on the roadside was covered with morning fog and dew. With strenuous growth, a new day has begun again, and I can't help feeling: life is so good, and living is really a kind of happiness.

  When I was in my youth, I sometimes encountered small setbacks in life, and I would lament God’s unfairness, "Say sorrow for new words", but afterwards, I read the groaning sentence written in my diary. I will feel secretly funny again, no matter how hard and tired, I will rush into the sea of ​​memory with the waves of life. Life is the greatest blessing of heaven. No matter happiness or sorrow, no matter health or disease, no matter rich or poor, living is a kind of happiness and pride. Ostrovsky once said: "There is only one life for a human being", yes! How can we radiate the brilliance of life in this limited life and show the meaning of life? Some people say that we should help the elderly, the weak, the sick and the disabled. Some people say that they have to work hard all their lives to do a good job, while others say they want to be athletes, cheer for 2008, and win glory for the Chinese. In fact, I say there is only one prerequisite, and that is: live well.

  But some people don't cherish life. They ignore traffic safety regulations and fire safety regulations. Because of their lack of safety knowledge and lack of safety awareness, they always remind us of the bloody lessons of the past. It was on the evening of April 27, 2004. After having dinner, I was immersed in a sea of ​​books. Suddenly a loud "bang" bang pulled me back to reality. When I rushed out of the dormitory, In the corridor beside the guardrail, someone poked his head and looked down. I was jumping around like a rabbit in my arms. I vaguely felt what was going on. Surprised and curious, I was squeezed out of the crowd. When I walked up the stairs, I saw that Zifang Road was crowded with all kinds of people from a distance. What caught my eye was a lady lying on the ground groaning in pain, with blood stains around, "Ah—"Isn't this Huang Aizhen, the marketing director of our hotel? When I have never seen this kind of scene in person, I feel like the sky is spinning and my brain is blank. It was only when the "Woo-Woo-Woo" ambulance came from far and near, I was shocked to come back to my senses. Only when she was going to the hotel to cross the road, she was hit by a fast-moving pickup truck and caused a severe brain hemorrhage...In this materialistic world, nothing can be responsible for our safety, and nothing can do it for us. Paying for the life of human beings, the only thing we can take good care of is ourselves. We should always be vigilant: caring for life and paying attention to safety.

  "Car accidents are more fierce than tigers". It should be known that the number one killer of death in today's society is not disease, natural death, or suicide, but traffic accidents. Every day, in the cities where we live, scenes of tragedies are staged. How to reduce these injuries to the minimum? We rely on the awareness of safety precautions. We have known since childhood that "stop the red light and go on the green light." "Cross the road, look left and right", but why the proportion of urban car accidents has repeatedly increased, and the times are developing fast, but people's awareness of prevention has fallen. People who cross the road with a fluke mentality, walk in the middle of the road, run red lights at will, and jump over the guardrail. Everywhere, I was one of them before. But since the hotel launched the theme activity of "Caring for Foreign Employees and Building Safe Stone Lions" and watched the video of traffic accidents, I felt like a goddess, the bloody scene, the white-haired person crying and the black-haired person, and the relatives clamoring for heaven and earth. I cried bitterly and shook my heart, and kept watching us: life is precious, cherish life, caring for life, not only responsible to myself, but to my parents, brothers and sisters and all relatives.

  Since that time, every time I cross the road, I never run amok, even if I take a detour, I have to step on the zebra crossing, and remind every friend around me to obey the traffic rules, although time is money. It depends on how the money is used. Some people ignore the traffic rules. Crossing the road, racing and overloading...but he claims to be "cherish time". Although this time may not cause an accident, what about next time? What about next time? Is it guaranteed that there will be no accidents? These just a few minutes are compared What's the point of our entire life? It should be obvious to measure the rush of these few minutes and the progress of the entire life. Some people always dismissively say: Hmph, I have never had an accident, why be so rigid! The tortoise and the hare race, the rabbit will also fail, the reason is that the breeding point of pride and contentment is paralysis, can it be we Do you really want to use the so-called "money" of time to pay for life? No, it is stupid. After the tortoise and the hare race, the rabbit should guard against arrogance and rashness, and never dare to be careless. Animals can still do this. Shouldn't we humans Shouldn't you face your behavior more soberly? Only by enjoying a healthy life can we talk about the meaning of life. Only with safety can life bloom its beautiful buds forever.

  Cross the road to hurt yourself, drag racing, overload and harm yourself. Whether you hurt others or hurt yourself, you are irresponsible to yourself, your family, or even commit a crime. For your safety and others, please let us live in the same Friends under a blue sky love others and love themselves, bit by bit, starting from themselves, and driving every friend around us, let us hold hands, heart to heart, caring for life and safety together.