Sword pointing to the future--"Honor" brand won the famous brand tour of Fujian Province

2005-12-22 00:00:00
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Summary:Honor the brand and create the future. Honor hotel chain has entered a mature stage, and the "Honour" brand development strategy has formed a rapid development.

  Core tips

  19 years ago, with a passion for entrepreneurship, Hu Lianrong came from Jiangxi to start a business in southern Fujian alone;

  Starting from the establishment of the "Honor Seafood Restaurant", Hu Lianrong focused on the "Honor" brand from the very beginning. He took credibility and quality as the goal to achieve higher goals and continued to add color to the "Honor" brand;

  In 2003, Hu Lianrong and other investors invested tens of millions of yuan in Shishi Honor Hotel, which opened a new page for the "Honor" brand;

  A few days ago, the "Honour" brand was assessed as a famous trademark in Fujian Province. At this epoch-making moment of the honorary brand, the senior leaders of Honor Hotel Chain stated that they must further increase the construction of the "Honour" brand and strive to make the "Honour" brand in 2010. "The brand became a well-known trademark in China.

  Ten years of sharpening a sword

  19 years ago, Hu Lianrong, one of the founders of the "Honor" brand and chairman of the Honor Chain Hotel, came to Shishi from his hometown in Jiangxi alone and started his entrepreneurial career. With a keen eye, he chose the hotel and entertainment industry. In the hotel and entertainment industry, after several years of hard work, he kept innovating and summing up experience, and gradually formed his own new and unique understanding of the development of the hotel industry. He found that with the continuous deepening of my country's reform and opening up, the hotel industry, which is a sunrise industry in the tertiary industry, will usher in a historic stage of rapid and vigorous development in my country. This is a great opportunity of a lifetime.

  Many years of hotel management experience told Hu Lianrong that in order to really do a good hotel, in addition to having a good market, the more important thing is internal management. The hotel is a labor-intensive enterprise, and management is particularly important. He clearly realizes that the importance of management is the importance of talents. To do a good job in a hotel, it is necessary to cultivate talents. From then on, he has a game of chess in his mind about how to cultivate talents. In terms of employing people, Hu Lianrong insisted on eclectic and talented. In selecting talents and employing people, regardless of the amount of experience, he values ​​the spirit of humbly learning, learning and progress, and the professionalism and hard work style. In any position, as long as you can really do your own thing well, you are a talent. This is Chairman Hu's way of employing people.

  Over the past ten years, there have been thousands of hotel professionals trained by Hu Lianrong. With talents, Hu Lianrong has made it easy to start a business. Hu Lianrong deeply realizes the importance of brand to an enterprise. At present, there are not a few really influential brands in the hotel industry in China, and most of the hotel brands that can be in line with international standards are some well-known hotels. After careful consideration and multi-party discussion and research, he decided to set "Honour" as the brand of Honor Hotel to operate. He looks forward to the future and is determined to build "Honour" into a well-known brand in the Chinese hotel industry that is in line with international standards. After the first "Honor Seafood Restaurant" in Jinjiang City was officially opened for business in Jinjiang and became a hit, "Honor" successfully opened another "Honor Seafood Restaurant" in Quanzhou. In September 2003, Hu Lianrong again became an entrepreneur. With fearless courage and sharp strategic vision of industrialists, he invested tens of millions of yuan to renovate a high-end foreign-related business hotel, Shishi Honor Hotel, in accordance with the national four-star standard. The successful opening of Shishi Honor Hotel has rapidly increased the popularity of the "Honour" brand in southern Fujian and even Fujian. Since then, the "Honour" brand has developed vigorously all the way and has rapidly emerged in the hotel industry in southern Fujian.

  Strength cast brand

  Since the catering industry is a highly professional and technical industry in the hotel industry, it is one of the most core parts of the hotel. Therefore, it is difficult to do catering without senior professional and technical personnel and careful and thorough management personnel. Hu Lianrong knows that catering is difficult to produce in the kitchen. Without exquisite, delicious, delicious and delicious dishes, it will not win the recognition of customers, let alone talk about the brand. In view of this, Hu Lianrong focused his attention on creating senior professional and technical personnel with profound cooking skills. As early as more than 10 years ago, he sent his fourth brother Hu Manrong to the kitchen to study art. Hu Manrong lived up to the expectations. After several years of learning, he was not satisfied with his culinary skills. In 1996, he went to Beijing People’s Hall Training Department for one and a half years and received the "Super Senior Chef" certificate issued by Beijing People’s Hall Training Department. Chengguilai’s original special dishes such as "National Banquet Hot and Sour Soup", "Charcoal Grilled Liao Ginseng", "French Fried Foie Gras", "Scallop Dried Hook's Wing", "Apricot Juice Stewed Bird's Nest" and other dishes are very popular. The southern Fujian region has led the trend of southern Fujian food. In October 2003, Manrong’s elaborately crafted “Golden Hook Wing” participated in the “Fujian Tourism Cooking Technology Grand Prix” held in Fuzhou and won the title of “Gold Medal Cuisine”. In October 2004, Hu Manmianrong elaborately prepared "Boiled South African Dried Abalone", "Rainbow Bird's Nest", "Emerald Lobster Noodle", "Golden Soup Roasted Sea Tiger Wings", "Pepper Pork with Bamboo Shoots", and "Youlong Opera Beads" ”And other six beautiful dishes participated in the “14th China Chef’s Festival” held in Fuzhou and were all named “Chinese Famous Dishes”. Hu Manrong also won six “Golden Chef Awards” and was named “Chinese Famous Dishes”. "Cook" has become the only "Chinese Famous Chef" who has won the most "Golden Chef Awards" in Quanzhou. In July 2005, Hu Manrong went to Hong Kong to apprenticeship and was accepted as a disciple of Yang Guanyi, "The World's Royal Chef and Hong Kong Abalone King". In October 2005, he participated in the first National Cooking Skills Innovation Competition and won the highest award "Innovation Achievement Award". With more than 10 years of culinary career, Hu Manrong has been looking for famous teachers with an humility and eagerness to learn from Yang Guanyi and other world chefs. At the same time, he himself has also trained hundreds of apprentices with profound culinary skills. Now he honors various chain hotel kitchens. They are all proud disciples of Man Rong. For more than 10 years, Man Rong has been committed to the study of culinary arts and continuously innovated dishes. Every year, he and his third brother Hu Lianrong went to France, Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other places to visit and learn. Taste the world’s cuisines, learn from the best of all families, combine and upgrade the major cuisines of Fujian, Cantonese, Chaozhou, Sichuan, Hangzhou, Shandong, Hunan, etc., research and innovate based on the characteristics of the South Fujian catering industry, and form a unique set of "honors" "Dining cuisine. Hu Manrong's series of kitchens Exquisite cuisine is the highlight of the main "honor" brand. This shining point also strongly supports Hu Lianrong’s entrepreneurial courage and dedication to his career, making him firmer in his belief in doing the best, and gradually enabling him to establish a hotel management system led by catering and develop steadily from the inside out. .

  Employees are customers

  Hu Lianrong believes that the most important thing in management is: "The boss serves every member well, so that the employee can serve every guest well and the hotel can win more customers." In a nutshell, that is, as a service company, in operation and management, even his own employees do not serve well, how can he serve many customers? Therefore, employees are also the customers of the company, and they are the first customers. For more than 10 years, the familiar face and friendly smile constitute Hu Lianrong's classic expression. Everything is so natural. No matter which chain store he goes to, he is like a family member. He treats employees as his own brothers and sisters, always caring about their difficulties in life and work; he always asks employees, "Are you happy? ?", "Is there anything I can help to solve?"; He cares for the staff meticulously everywhere, so that the staff can deeply realize the warmth that can only be felt at home in the hotel. When he learned that the employees of Honor Hotel were inconvenient to eat and had difficulty in taking hot baths, he decisively spent huge sums of money to rebuild the staff canteen and buy boilers to rebuild the staff hot baths. He is always concerned about the staff's accommodation environment, and plans to spend a huge amount of money to buy land to build his own staff dormitory. His behavior, words and deeds deeply infected everyone around him "Honorable People". This is how the "Honor Man" takes him as an example and serves every guest with his true feelings and smile.

  "China Textile Information Weekly" reporter Xie, who stayed at the Shishi Honor Hotel for the first time, told us a touching and true story: He suffered from a sore throat and sneezing while staying in the hotel, when he held the drip bottle in one hand and entered the hotel room When the waiter’s field of vision, a waiter ran over to help him. The waiter took the IV bottle and asked about his condition. When he arrived in the room, he helped the IV drip, poured the water and put it beside him, and took the medicine prescribed by the doctor. Ask him to take it according to the instructions. At that time, he started to have a fever, and his eyes and memory were wrong. When he woke up, he found that there was a basket of fruit on the sofa table at some point. The desire after a dry cough made him stare at the fruit for liberation. Earlier, the attendant who had been around at this time had already seen his "attempt" and hurriedly cut the apple and delivered it to him. After the drip, the attendant immediately helped him withdraw the needle and said that her mother was hospitalized. She did all the work of pulling out the needle when she did————. Reporter Xie stayed in Honor for 4 days and received three days of injections. The waitress took care of it and asked the cold and warm. When his illness improved a little, Reporter Xie was also anxious to return to Beijing. Shishi’s friend gave him two boxes of tea. He wanted to leave it to the waiter, but she politely declined. He wrote a thank you letter for her, and she said no , Asked her what her last name was and what was the service card number, she vigilantly asked him what he was doing, and put her hand on the service card on her chest and said, this is what I should do. After saying this, she slowly turned and shot away. In a hurry, he failed to hand over the thank-you letter to the reception desk.

  When I met Mr. Hu Lianrong, Chairman of Honor Hotel, by chance, reporter Xie mentioned this matter. Chairman Hu asked him the name of the waiter, but he didn’t know the waitress who was kind to him. He really regretted it. and. But the waitress's phrase "this should be done" made him unforgettable forever.

  Reporter Xie sighed with tears: "Imagine that the Honor Hotel has a team like this unknown female service representative. How can it not thrive?". The "Honorable Man" does manage this business as reporter Xie said, starting from the details, starting from the bit by bit. If you don't know how to learn, just ask if you don't understand. How many days and nights, how many heat and cold, the "Honor Man" explores the road to the success of his hotel management with his hard work and sweat. The Honor Hotel not only has the luxurious style of a super-large four-star hotel, but also has a group of considerate and dedicated guests. Sincere employees, their performance forms the core of the brand-building a warm home for customers.

  Cultural expansion market

  Without thinking, there is no way out, thinking determines the way out. More than ten years of management experience told Hu Lianrong, "Quality is life, and brand is the extension of life." Brand building is the soul of the entire enterprise. To do a good job in a company, you must first do a good job in the brand. He personally takes care of the hotel. Group development strategy. To do this well based on the brand, he personally grasped the hotel group development strategy. This concept of establishing an enterprise based on a brand and developing an enterprise by brand constitutes the overall cultural characteristics of the honor chain hotel.

  Hu Hairong, president of the honor hotel chain, set the goal of building the "honor" brand very early, and required the comprehensive promotion of the shaping, operation and promotion of the "honor" brand to further enhance the value and competitiveness of the brand. Incorporate honor chain hotels into brand objective management, through joining the "China Hotel Association", creating AAAA-level Chinese green hotels, and successfully passing the four-star hotel assessment, improving a series of measures such as marketing strategies, cultural strategies, talent strategies, and product strategies. Fangwei builds a "honor" brand as a famous trademark in Fujian Province. One is to actively promote the group development of the "Honor" brand and further improve the "Honor" management model.

  President Hu personally organized and edited a management manual that included department management systems, job responsibilities, inspection and evaluation standards, contract signing templates, and procedures for management methods; established an information technology platform within the resource sharing group for chain hotel customers Resource replacement, dish innovation results and technical literature flow, group procurement labor bureau, etc.; adopt joint schooling methods in Jiangxi, Fujian, Henan and other places and local universities and technical schools to jointly run or independently run hotel professional training schools; form a chain hotel personnel system Establish the group’s manpower resource reserve base to cultivate compound talents and tiered talents; strengthen the application of group VI in chain hotels, promote the unification of knowledge, and comprehensively package and promote the image of the honorable hotel group.

  The second is to plan and actively promote marketing strategies to further improve the networked, informatized, professional, and humanized marketing system. The director Mr. Hu Lianrong said that the hotel must pay attention to stylish luxury decoration, and use high technology to arm the hotel. According to market dynamics, systems and security systems, guests must have a sense of full comfort and security as soon as they enter the hotel. This must be strictly implemented. The established price strategy can flexibly handle the relationship between the room occupancy rate and the room price according to the market dynamics, so as to achieve the most benefit; improve and accelerate the information transmission of the guest history file when the guest checks in, and the long-term care after the guest leaves the shop And customer loyalty program for after-sales consultation. Provide customers with systematic, professional, affectionate and personalized services; formulate and speed up the implementation of brand promotion plans, strengthen image planning and product planning. Combined with the activation of the group's new VI system, the "Honor" brand image was systematically designed. Make use of major hotel events to create market selling points, make full use of the news media to promote the "honor" brand, and take advantage of resources such as business meetings, tea restaurants, new concept guest rooms, KTV, Chinese banquets, etc., to systematically design products and order; establish all staff Marketing mechanism, strengthen the systematization and standardization of marketing management, and promote the unblocked marketing information and management of various departments of the hotel.

  The third is to plan and actively promote the talent strategy, and build a human resource system suitable for brand development. Formulate and implement the development strategy of honorable talents, expand the channels for the introduction of human resources, establish efficient and diverse recruitment channels; strengthen the modernization and institutionalization of human resources management, improve the professional standards of human resources training, strengthen job training, and apply advanced and professional A strong and international hotel training course for the group’s various chain hotels and departments to communicate and learn to cultivate a team of versatile talents; strengthen internationalization, institutionalization, standardization, and further improve talent training and talent introduction , Human resource incentive and elimination mechanism, and establish a complete system of honor training materials.

  The fourth is to plan and actively promote cultural strategies and build a cultural system with innovation as its soul. To deepen the establishment of honorable corporate culture, Hu Lianrong himself created a "learning organization", regularly organizing hotel chain managers to participate in the tourism bureau, Professor Li Yi, deputy secretary-general of the China Hotel Association, professor of the Personnel Training Department of the National Tourist Office, and Hong Kong "Phoenix" training organization, Chen An's training organization teaches management staff. Hu Lianrong also led managers to Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other places to participate in various types of training and learning from time to time, listening and absorbing the experience and essence of world-class management masters.

  Created the internal publication "Honor" newspaper, established a unique honor website, established the "Honor Art Troupe", "Honorary Youth Volunteer Team" and various activity groups organized by the hotel party branch and the "Honor Art Troupe" ”Participated in the performance organized by the special camp station of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and won the “Second Prize” and “Excellence Award” successively; the “Honor” sponsored by the hotel trade union and the Youth League Committee was awarded the “Third Prize of the First Shishi Corporate Culture Exhibition Evaluation” after the newspaper. "Excellent Award for the First Quanzhou Corporate Culture Exhibition"; The "Electric Power Cup" safety knowledge speech contest hosted by the Municipal Government Work Safety Committee, the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce. Our store "Safety Messenger" Hu Na is passionate The overflowing speech was awarded the honor of "third place"; in participating in the "Shishi City Tourism System First Youth Job Skills Competition" organized by the Shishi Technology, Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, the staff of Shishi Honor Hotel won the crown in the guest room bed making competition; Shishi Honor Hotel was successively elected as the "Executive Vice President Unit of the Third Council of Shishi Hotel Industry Association"; "The First Executive Vice President Unit of Shishi Tourism Association"; launched "Create a learning team and strive to be the top ten manager" , Excellent managers, excellent employees" activities, formulate corresponding quantitative standards and learning content, and carry out compliance activities through training, departmental intensive learning, and individual self-study; carry out a variety of cultural and sports activities to cultivate employees’ amateur cultural life and improve employees The cohesion and combat effectiveness of the company; build and improve the honor management manual, complete the honor corporate culture construction project of the VI new image system design and application, consolidate the existing famous brand achievements, and strive to become a century-old store.

  Honor the brand and create the future. The honor hotel chain has entered a mature stage, and the "Honour" brand development strategy has formed a rapid development. According to the chairman of Honor Hotel Group Hu Lianrong, 2005 is the year of promotion and development of the "Honour" brand and the fourth restaurant of "Honour" ——Jinjiang Yinglin Seafood Restaurant officially opened on November 7, and Jinjiang Honor Hotel, the fifth four-star high-end business hotel, also plans to open at the end of the year. It is reported that Jinjiang Honor Hotel will build a branded hotel chain management system integrating human culture, personality, technology, fashion, entertainment and food. According to the development strategy of the Honor Chain Hotel, it is expected that in 2007, a "Honor International Hotel" will be opened in line with the world and built and decorated in accordance with the super five-star standard.