The hotel college runs schools hand in hand, order-based training to achieve a win-win situation for schools and enterprises

2005-11-22 00:00:00
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Summary:Shishi Honor Hotel and Quanzhou Textile College have joined hands to establish the "Honor Hotel Talent Training Base"

  News from our newspaper Shishi Honor Hotel and Quanzhou Textile College have cooperated, and established the "Honor Hotel Talent Training Base" and "Honor Hotel Management Class" in the Honor Hotel and Quanzhou Textile Institute, and the Quanzhou Textile and Clothing Institute "Honor Hotel Management" Class" practice teaching base. "Mr. Hu Lianrong, Chairman of Honor Hotel, was also employed as a guest professor at Quanzhou Textile and Fashion College. One party has passed the four-star rating with high scores, successfully won the "four-star" crown, and joined the "China Hotel Association" member unit "For the first-class hotel, one side is a full-time general institution of higher learning approved by the People’s Government of Fujian Province to issue national higher education diploma qualifications. How did the two sides come together? Recently, the reporter told Hu Lianrong, Chairman of Honor Hotel Mr. Lin Shengyuan, chairman of Quanzhou Textile and Fashion College, conducted an exclusive interview.

  The following is an interview with Mr. Hu Lianrong (hereinafter referred to as "Hu"), Chairman of Honor Hotel:

  Reporter: Hu Dong, what are your considerations for the cooperation between the hotel and the college?

  Hu: We want to make the company bigger and stronger, and we must also make the company bigger and stronger. In this case, we urgently need a large number of high-quality professionals.

  Reporter: In the development process of Honor Hotel, how many talents does the company need?

  Hu: Our honorary enterprise has been developing steadily at the rate of opening a new hotel every year since it started in 2000. Shishi Honor Hotel I passed the four-star rating in April 2005, and was awarded the "Four A" level China Green Hotel in May 2005. We abide by people-oriented and treat customers with integrity. From welcoming guests to catering services, innovative dishes, guest rooms, and KTV quality services have been patronized and praised by guests at home and abroad, and the business prospects continue to be promising. At present, we have 5 hotel chains. The honorary logo has been approved by the Fujian Provincial Trademark Committee as a famous trademark in Fujian. The honorary brand has been recognized and praised by Shishi, Jinjiang, Quanzhou and even Fujian Province. At the end of this year, we will open Jinjiang Honor Four-star Hotel and Yinglin Honor Seafood Restaurant in Jinjiang. At present, talents are most lacking in the development of honor. A four-star hotel needs 700 to 800 people, and the average hotel needs 200 to 300 people every year.

  Reporter: After the cooperation, what are the ways to train talents?

  Hu: On the basis of the school's theoretical education and teaching of students and students, we will send personnel to the school for practical training. At the same time, we will also let students go to hotels for internships to cultivate practical talents as much as possible.

  Reporter: What do you think is the significance of this training model?

  Hu: Order-based training of talents is a pioneering work for enterprises and colleges. The hotel and the academy jointly run schools with complementary advantages. We have the advantages of theory and practice, and the school has theoretical teaching. Through the cooperative hotel, practical talents can be cultivated. Students can enter the role after graduation, and also provide a reserve for the development of the hotel. power.

  Reporter: Talk about the future development goals of Honor?

  Hu: The former Secretary Xu of the Municipal Party Committee proposed the "Tourism Comfortable" project. The hotel's high-quality service has become the key to the Tourism Comfortable Project. The hotel will improve the service quality of the hotel by introducing more high-quality talents, and improve the service quality of the hotel in order to create the "tourism smoothness" project. At the same time, in the development of hotels at home and abroad, honorable enterprises are determined to create a century-old brand.

  The following is an interview with Mr. Lin Shengyuan (hereinafter referred to as "Lin"), Chairman of Quanzhou Textile and Fashion College:

  Reporter: Hello Lin Dong! Could you please introduce the general situation of the college?

  Lin: Quanzhou Textile College was established under the approval of the Fujian People’s Government. It is a full-time general institution of higher learning that is in charge of the Provincial Department of Education and filed by the Ministry of Education. It covers an area of ​​nearly 100 acres and has a total of There are 15 majors, more than 20 training bases, and more than 2,400 students.

  Reporter: What kind of consideration did the college set up the hotel management professional practice base?

  Lin: This is a new exploration of our college to deepen teaching reforms and implement order-based talent training. It is also a good start for the hotel and the school to further strengthen cooperation and jointly train high-level management service personnel.

  Reporter: What is the training goal of the college?

  Lin: The goal of our education and training is to train high-level application talents in production, management and operation. We cooperate with Shishi Honor Hotel to establish a teaching and training base to provide internships, internships, and practical teaching activities for hotel management students. It is comprehensive and comprehensive. It is an extension and extension of education and can promote The improvement of the students' theoretical and practical level will realize zero distance between study and work.

  Reporter: What do you think of the prospect of order-based training?

  Lin: With the needs of development, the demand for the application of senior talents for hotels has become more and more urgent. The order-style talent training model is implemented to cultivate high-level management service talents that meet the needs of the hotel. This order-style talent training The model has long-lasting vitality.

  Reporter: What historical effect does this training model have on your college?

  Lin: There are three main functions: 1. The college and the enterprise jointly cultivate talents, promote the combination of theory and practice, promote the cultivation of high-quality talents, and cultivate students with strong hands-on ability: 2. The honor of this cooperation has been awarded for 10 sessions. 3. Let us both develop each other, the college cultivates talents needed by society, and the enterprise gets the talents it wants, which plays a role in the career development of both parties and achieves a win-win situation.