[Honorary Brand] Was rated as a famous provincial trademark-the first star hotel in Quanzhou won this honor

2005-11-22 00:00:00
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Summary:On September 26, good news came from Shishi Honor Hotel that the "Honor" trademark used by the hotel was recognized as "Fujian Famous Brand" by the Fujian Provincial Trademark

  On September 26, good news came from Shishi Honor Hotel that the "Honour" trademark used by the hotel was recognized as "Fujian Famous Trademark" by the Trademark Recognition Committee of Fujian Province. Prior to this, the hotel was rated as AAAA-level Chinese Green Hotel and Four-star Hotel respectively. This is the year that the honorary hotel brand has won consecutive honors.

  19 years ago, Hu Lianrong, chairman of Honor Hotel, came to Shishi and started his entrepreneurial journey in Shishi. Although Shishi already had several large-scale hotels at that time, Hu Lianrong recognized it. With the development of the city, The hotel industry in Shishi has great potential for development. He believes that a brand is the wealth of an enterprise, as well as a hotel, but the formation, growth, and maturity of a famous brand requires a certain process, and it is inseparable from the packaging and cultivation of creative and innovative planners and the promotion of the media. Hu Lianrong said that an important way for modern hotels to cultivate famous brands is to do a good job of advertising with their own characteristics, and to pass on the corporate culture, the characteristics of the dishes, the new concept guest rooms, and the thoughtful services to consumers through effective channels. After consumers learn about your hotel through advertising, they will directly "feel" your "product" when the use effect is consistent with the publicity effect, consumers will promote your product, and the hotel's brand will increase The louder, in layman's terms, the brand is the vitality of the hotel, and the advertisement is the spokesperson of the brand.

  Honor Hotel always pays attention to talent training and reserve, and has a group of high-quality professional hotel management and marketing planning talents. The hotel takes "the pursuit of perfection" as its corporate philosophy, which fully embodies the core elements of the company's management model, thereby gradually growing in the fierce market competition. In the fierce competition, Honor Hotel, with its trend-setting high-end equipment and facilities, heroic and majestic atmosphere, and the warm and considerate, personal and thoughtful service of all employees, it carefully builds a perfect combination of humanity and personality, fashion and technology for all guests. A realm of business activities full of wisdom and success. The word "honor" has taken root in the hearts of more and more citizens.