2005 Annual Commendation Conference

2006-06-01 00:00:00
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Summary:Today is the 2005 annual commendation meeting and employee gala. It is a gala that commends the honorary hotel and the individual sales of moon cakes in the brothers’

  Colleagues, brothers and sisters: Good evening, everyone!

  Today is the 2005 annual commendation meeting and staff in the gala. It is a gala that commends the honorary hotel and the individual sales of moon cakes in the brothers’ stores. It is also the third honorary hotel and also the “Top Ten Best Managers”, “Excellent Managers” and “Excellent "Employees" commendation meeting, this evening is a gala designed by all employees under the leadership of managers of various departments to show their own style. I hope everyone learns from the mooncake sales elites, from the "Top Ten Managers", from the "Excellent Managers", from the colleagues who are rated as "Excellent Employees", and from the managers and performers who actively organize to participate in the wonderful show tonight. . Please congratulate them with warm applause. In the process of selecting outstanding employees this time, a group of outstanding staff emerged. They are dedicated to their work. However, due to the limited number of places, they cannot be commended one by one. I hope you will not be discouraged and continue to work harder and use your broad minds. With a positive working attitude, innocent gratitude, care, love, support, tolerance, and consideration for colleagues around your boss, I believe that your tomorrow will be better.

  Since our honorary opening for more than a year, we have achieved gratifying results with our diligent, united, pioneering, innovative, and proactive working attitude: "Honor" trademark has been rated as a well-known trademark in Fujian Province, becoming the first well-known trademark in Quanzhou. In May 2005, we passed the four-star hotel assessment and promoted to four-star hotel with high scores. In July this year, we were rated as the first "AAAA" green hotel in Shishi City by the Chinese Association. I will not come to the honors one by one. Today's honor is inseparable from the support of all sessions of the society, let alone your unremitting efforts. On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for your contributions.

  Although the hotel has achieved some results so far, we cannot be complacent about it. When the hotel’s business is good, some drawbacks and problems will be hidden. We must discover these hidden problems, eliminate them in the bud, and create a harmonious, progressive, united and cooperative honorary family. Today I want to be able to Everyone makes a few requests.

  First, we must strengthen the management and training of talents. The hotel is always paying attention to the dynamics of the employees. As the company continues to grow, it will also make corresponding adjustments to your salary and benefits. The salary increase this time fully shows that the hotel has not forgotten you. Of course this Also measure the rewards of your hard work. Regarding the problem of high turnover rate in hotels, I think the key is that managers should carry out ideological education for employees in their daily work, go deep into employees, understand their needs, and treat them as their own sisters and brothers. Care for them, truly solve the worries of employees, and keep others with love. Our hotel attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents. We have held several management training courses, invited domestic brand professors to teach in the store, and sent department managers to learn outside, so that the Honor Group can communicate with Shanghai and Beijing as soon as possible The city’s hotel industry has been integrated, and a group of outstanding talents who can adapt to the development of honorable enterprises have been cultivated.

  Second, we must build a harmonious working atmosphere. At present, a "harmonious society" is being created from the central to the local level. We must also build a "harmonious honor." The connotation of harmonious honor includes the following aspects: First, safety. First of all, we must pay attention to traffic safety, obey the rules, spend an extra minute on the sidewalk, and be responsible for our lives and our parents. The second is firefighting. Now the winter season is here, and the weather is dry and the material is dry. Therefore, we must strictly pay attention to fire prevention work. All departments, especially the security department, must earnestly carry out fire prevention work. The person in charge of the department must check and manage diligently, and carefully check every day before leaving get off work before leaving. Employees should also pay attention to prevent gas poisoning, do not use gas water heaters, try to use electric water heaters, and the bathroom must be ventilated and exhausted. Next, we will also build a "harmonious honor" with the Hubin Police Station, and invite Director Qiu and instructor Ruan to visit the hotel to conduct legal education for us, strengthen the legal awareness of employees, and let everyone know and abide by the law. The second is to establish a correct outlook on life and values. It is not difficult for everyone to find that those employees who have the correct outlook on life and values ​​have been well developed in our honorable company. They are studious, willing to contribute, hard-working, conscientious, and self-disciplined. They embody the value of life in the process of hard work to realize their ideals. As long as you work seriously and behave honestly, you will surely get good development in the honorable company. Since the establishment of the hotel, the hotel has been implementing humanized management, giving full play to the strengths of the employees, each has its job, and each person makes the best use of his talents. Through this model, a number of outstanding talents have also emerged. The third is to create a harmonious working atmosphere. I require that every employee must respect each other, especially management personnel, to form mutual respect, be courteous, courteous, up and down, help each other, unite and cooperate to become an excellent team, creating a "harmonious honor" A good working atmosphere can effectively unify the development of employees and the development of the company, so that the relationship between the company and employees is more harmonious.

  Our honorable enterprise is developing steadily, healthily and rapidly. What we need is an excellent team with unity and cooperation, vigorous and vigorous, clean and self-disciplined, strong execution ability, and high work efficiency. I sincerely hope that everyone will continue on the basis of your current efforts Be vigorous and become an excellent member of our excellent team.

  Finally, on behalf of all the staff of Honor Hotel, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the people who have carefully planned the party and all those who participated in the performance! To be rated as "Top Ten Managers", "Excellent Management", "Excellent Staff" and Advanced Work I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to the employees who have won moon cake sales awards and those who have won honors for the hotel! I hope you will continue to work hard and innovate, and hope that more colleagues can get the moon cake sales award next year. I also wish today's party a complete success!