New Year's Message by Hu Lianrong, Chairman of Honor Hotel Group

2006-01-10 00:00:00
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Summary:Time passed, time passed by. On the occasion of the coming of the New Year, I would like to represent the leadership team of Honor Hotel Group to friends from all walks

  Dear friends from all walks of life, fathers and villagers, brothers and sisters:

  Time passed, time passed by. On the occasion of the coming of the New Year, I would like to represent the leadership team of Honor Hotel Group to friends from all walks of life who have been following and supporting our Honor Hotel Group for many years, to our customers who have always trusted and understood us, and to all colleagues of Honor Hotel Group , I extend my sincerest greetings and heartfelt wishes, I wish you all a happy Chinese New Year, good health, and all the best!

  Looking back on the past year, there are always a lot of emotions and many thoughts. If you have to use one word to summarize the ultimate feeling in 2005, then I am willing to think about it and write down four words firmly: Thank you ! Rejoice!

  In 2005, with the joint efforts of the "Honor" people and the extensive support of all sectors of society, the Honor Hotel Group achieved remarkable results in all aspects. The fourth "honor" restaurant-Jinjiang Yinglin Honor Seafood Restaurant officially opened, and the fifth four-star high-end business hotel Jinjiang Honor Hotel grandly opened on January 20. "Honorary Brand" was rated as a well-known trademark in Fujian Province and a four-A level Chinese green hotel, Shishi Honor Hotel was rated as a four-star hotel, director and chef Hu Manrong won the highest award in the National Culinary Innovation Achievement Competition, and Shishi Honorary Room Attendant in " Shishi City Tourism System's First Youth Job Skills Competition "Bed Making Competition" won the championship. Nearly 300 good people and good deeds have emerged throughout the year. Especially Huang Aizhen, who suffered severe intracranial hemorrhage due to a car accident; Rao Lixia, who was severely burned by the fire, got out of the difficult situation. The group leaders gathered ideas and appealed to all colleagues to show love and carry forward the spirit of "honor" supported by all parties in trouble. Driven by this spirit, all levels of the Honor Hotel Group donated up to more than 20,000 yuan to help them overcome difficulties and get out of difficulties. This fully reflects the warmth of the "honor" family. "Honor Man" will use this as an opportunity to continuously consolidate the existing brand-name achievements and strive to become a century-old store.

  2005 was a year for the Honor Hotel Group to continue to learn and improve. We vigorously promoted standardized management, refined management, and personalized management, and put forward new ideas on the basis of the original, and established a financial "data precision monitoring mechanism" from Fundamentally ensure the correctness and accuracy of hotel data; establish a "supervision mechanism" and set up a special "administrative supervision agency" to supervise the operation of the entire hotel in accordance with standardized procedures and systems to ensure that the hotel development does not deviate from innovation, competition for excellence, Pay close attention to the development direction and goals of safety; improve the internal incentive system and performance evaluation system to maximize the enthusiasm of all employees and promote the development of the hotel. In terms of business philosophy, we always focus on the idea of ​​"high-star service and popular consumption", with the goal of meeting customer needs, guided by the continuous changes in the market, while improving the quality of service, we are constantly adjusting the hotel’s hardware projects. And perfection.

  The new year has begun, "the plan of the year lies in spring." In 2006, Honor Hotel Group will continue to take the market as the core, continue to build an honorary brand on the road of brand development, further develop hotel training, adopt various forms of theory and practice, "invite in" and "go out" "The combination of CD-ROM teaching and lecturer teaching will continue to improve the professional knowledge and overall quality of hotel management personnel. Conduct extensive exchanges with the same industry, including business philosophy, action methods, technology and other levels, absorb the industry’s advanced business philosophy and practical technology, combine with the reality of the honor hotel, and apply them to practice. It's too short.

  Honor Hotel Group was born, grown, developed and expanded in Quanzhou, a hot land of entrepreneurship. All of this is inseparable from the long-term support and trust of friends from all walks of life and the efforts of every colleague of Honor Hotel Group. . The market format is changing all the time, and the growth path of Honor Hotel Group is also constantly growing. Only by continuing to refine, strengthen and expand the hotel can we live up to the efforts of every colleague and be worthy of society. The support and trust of friends from all walks of life.

  Here, I wish to extend my New Year’s greetings to the customers who have long-term support, care and trust in Honor Hotel Group! I wish to extend my New Year’s greetings to all friends of Honor Hotel Group!

  Happy New Year to all colleagues who work hard at Honor Hotel Group!