"Encourage oneself, pursue innovation" to build an honorable and outstanding team

2010-04-01 00:00:00
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Summary:From March 24 to 28, the group organized a five-day managerial training. The training centered on managerial exchange meetings, self-improvement, pursuit of excellence

  From March 24 to 28, the group organized a five-day managerial training. The training centered around manager exchange meetings, self-improvement, pursuit of excellence, and improvement of group managers’ sense of responsibility. The conference broke through the geographical limitations and adopted video and telephone conferences to fully interact with the Fuzhou branch.

  The exchange meeting also invited an old friend, Professor Xu Jing from Macau, and was personally hosted by the chairman of the group, Mr. Hu Lianrong. The chairman of the board gave further guidance on management at the meeting and communicated with the managers present.

  Chairman Mr. Hu Lianrong took the lead in giving a special explanation on "work attitude". He emphasized the importance of "attitude is everything" in work and having a good working attitude. Through humorous and humorous words, all hotel managers present The five aspects of "no excuses", "dedication", "responsibility", "attention to details" and "teamwork" explain the importance of a good working attitude in hotel practice.

  Professor Xu used a variety of philosophical games, combined with practical experience in the training work, to summarize high performance and gave a detailed explanation through role-playing interaction. Especially in the "back fall" game, the chairman of the group was blindfolded and stood on a stage more than 2 meters high and fell down. Underneath was full of management personnel to catch the chairman with both hands. The atmosphere at the moment was very excited. Everyone held their breath at the moment of the long downfall, and everyone gathered into a single force to catch the chairman. This fully reflects the trust of the hotel leaders in everyone, and also shows that everyone in the hotel is responsible. Every class of Professor Xu gave everyone a deeper understanding in a relaxed, happy, tense and serious atmosphere.

  Through these five days of training, everyone feels how important their responsibilities in the hotel are, and it also shows that Honor Hotel Group is a team with high morale, high cohesion and high performance.