Straits Sports Center ushered in a sleepless night for the first time because of Jay Chou (photo)

2009-05-17 00:00:00
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Summary:"The flags are like rainbows, and the mountains are stacked like peaks. This army is winding like a dragon and murderous like the wind..." Last night, with the exciting music of "Golden Armor"

  "The flags are like rainbows, and the mountains are stacked like peaks. This army is winding like a dragon and murderous like the wind..." Last night, with the exciting music of "Golden Armor", the first star of Quanzhou Strait Sports Center opened after its completion. , 2009 Jay Chou Quanzhou Concert in Motion Zone Last year, Jay Chou used wonderful songs and dances to bring a sleepless night to more than 20,000 Quanzhou fans at the scene. There were several choruses of 10,000 people. This is also the first superstar solo singing that Quanzhou fans have come into contact with after Wilber Pan's solo singing, and it has also set a new record for Quanzhou's large-scale performances.

  20,000 Quanzhou fans came to join in

  The reporter saw at the Straits Sports Center that there were enthusiastic audiences in front of the stage, and the light sticks waving the scene rendered the scene into an endless sea of ​​light, which was spectacular. Compared with Jay Chou's successful solo singing in Xiamen last year, the atmosphere is not inferior. Facing such a frenetic scene, Jay Chou was also very happy. During the 150-minute concert, Jay Chou showed off his talents, including more than 30 songs such as fast song, slow song, love song, inspirational song, etc., with guitar, piano, guzheng, dance and live. The perfect interpretation of the band.

  Idols are working hard on stage, and Quanzhou fans really regard themselves as the protagonist. When Jay Chou sang songs such as "Can't Open Your Mouth" and "Sunshine Otaku", a chorus of tens of thousands of people broke out on the spot, and the high singing voice resounded through the clouds.

  Afterwards, the brightly lit stage suddenly turned bleak. Jay Chou said that the concert was about to end, but it was hard to come to the superstar’s solo concert. How could the fans let it go? "Jay Chou! Jay Chou!" In the movie, Jay Chou sang several more songs in a row, and finally the concert came to an end amid the tears and calls of fans.

  Sexy dance PK hip-hop kids

  The same as the concert process in other cities, the opening ceremony, Jay Chou dressed up in ancient costumes, dressed in flower feathers, and after the song "Golden Armor", it brought the hot atmosphere. Later, he sang cheerfully "Maltose" and "Cowboy is Busy", which are cartoon and romantic enough after being sad.

  Dance is an indispensable element in Jay Chou's concert. The most dazzling dance of Jay Chou's concert is naturally his hot dance with his sexy female partner and Hou Gao Junjie's street dance. The female dancers of Jay Chou are all beautiful and tall, with hot bodies. When singing the song "The Alley in 1983", the dancers dancing wildly with high heels and red veil, sometimes flicking in front of him, sometimes clinging to his body, with a hot look Won the screams of the audience.

  Halfway through the performance, the masterpiece "Compendium of Materia Medica" that was performed this spring evening appeared. The familiar tune immediately erupted into applause. Although "Spicy Girl" Song Zuying was not present, it didn't matter, singing and dancing. It is gratifying that the 9-year-old boy Hou Gao Junjie, who became popular in the spring evening, was once again invited to the stage by Jay Chou. The little boy exaggerated and dazzled hip-hop, and raised the voice of the audience to the maximum decibel. After dancing, Hou Gao Junjie performed another hot dance, and then headed up to the sky, and quickly spun on the stage, winning the warm cheers of the audience again.

  Zhou Dong's Quanzhou Complex

  "Later, I will bring a special song to my friends in Quanzhou." Soon after the concert started, Jay Chou revealed the news to the enthusiastic fans in the audience, which caused enthusiastic cheers from the fans. In his subsequent singing, he also added a lot of southern Fujian elements casually. Although Zhou Dong will combine local elements to make a little change when he holds concerts in each city, such as singing "Spicy Girl" in Hunan, but Quanzhou is special to him. He also pointed out that the order of the songs of the Quanzhou concert has changed from the past, just to make this place the most special.

  The reporter learned that when Jay Chou hadn't become popular shortly after his debut, Quanzhou local brands began to cooperate with him for a long time, and helped him in his movies and TV series, especially in works such as "Slam Dunk". Dong provided a lot of help.

  At the Quanzhou concert, some classic lyrics were temporarily tampered by him on the spot: "I love you, and you also love me", "I love friends in Quanzhou, I want to hear your screams"... attracted the audience The audience screamed. But what excites Quanzhou fans most is his singing of the Hokkien song "Two Pillows".

  The only designated hotel for Jay Chou's Quanzhou concert: Jinjiang Honor International Hotel