"Top Ten People" of China's Catering Industry of the Year Announced in Beijing

2011-05-07 00:00:00
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Summary:A few days ago, the annual most influential awards ceremony-"2010 China's Catering Industry Top Ten People and Top Ten Enterprises of the Year 2010" awards ceremony was held in Beijing.

  A few days ago, the annual most influential awards ceremony-"2010 China's Catering Industry Top Ten People and Top Ten Enterprises" award ceremony, hosted by the top professional journal "Food World" in the domestic catering industry, was held in Beijing. Gu Xiulian, Vice Chairman of the Tenth National People’s Congress and Honorary Chairman of the Association, Zhang Shiyao, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce and Honorary Vice President of the Association, An Huimin, Vice President of the China Federation of Commerce, Yang Liu, Executive Vice President of the Association, Feng Enyuan, Vice President of the Association , Lin Xin, Zhang Yongduo, Gao Bingyi, Lu Yongliang and other leading guests attended the award ceremony. Hu Lianrong, Chairman of Honor Hotel Group, was highly voted as one of the “Top Ten People” in China’s Catering Industry in 2010.

  In the past 10 years, Hu Lianrong has led the honorary hotel group to become a leader in the catering and hotel industry in Fujian with the advantages of top chefs, classic cuisine, leisure environment, star management, considerate service, and hygiene and safety. , Has won many honors such as Fujian Famous Brand, Fujian Famous Restaurant, National Excellent Catering Enterprise, National Five-star Tourist Hotel, China AAAA Green Hotel, National Special Class Restaurant, Chinese Famous Restaurant, etc. In 2010, Honor Hotel Group entered the capital, Beijing, and successfully achieved a new leap from regional and national honor brand strategy. At present, Honor Group already owns 13 chain hotels, and is expanding rapidly at the rate of one or two hotels opening every year, creating a business legend. Hu Lianrong himself has also won many awards such as "Quanzhou Top Ten Entrepreneurship Elite", "May 1st Labor Medal", "Quanzhou Economic Outstanding Figure of the 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up", and "Haixi Outstanding Economic Figure of the Year".

  It is reported that the "Double Ten" awards event sponsored by the "Dining World" magazine and supported by the China Culinary Association and the World Chinese Culinary Federation has been successfully held for 6 consecutive times since 2004, and has now become the largest annual award in the catering industry. An influential and most representative industry event. Its development has received extensive attention, participation and recognition from industry insiders. It has now become an industry brand event. Its reputation and credibility have won widespread praise from the society, and it has also become a catering company And the highest honor of a restaurant person.