Italy wine hunt

2013-08-20 00:00:00
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Summary:In order to allow more Chinese people to drink imported original wines, in order to allow more high-quality wines to enter the general public consumer class. Honor Hotel is

  In order to allow more Chinese people to drink imported original wines, in order to allow more high-quality wines to enter the general public consumer class. Under the background of "successful transformation and popular consumption", from "noble" to "civilian" from the inside out, the honor hotel will import the original wine that the public loves from foreign source manufacturers and wineries to adopt direct sales Mode, enter the hotel and market, reduce intermediate links, and let high-quality and cheap imported wines on the public table. The evolution from "upper" to "lower" consumption complements the current practice of Honor Hotel in a more effective and comprehensive manner. Promote the popular consumption model of "wine" and "shop".

  Following this concept, Hu Lianrong, Chairman of Honor Hotel Group and Chairman of Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Fujian Province, was cordially invited by the Italian GIV Company to lead a six-member delegation of hotel directors and chamber entrepreneurs to conduct in-depth inspections of Italian wine companies and wine companies. village. This will be an unprecedented milestone for the transformation and development of honor hotels and the group development of chamber of commerce entrepreneurs under the current policies.

  Italy, a mysterious and elegant country, in addition to its breathtaking art and culture, is also one of the first countries in Europe to obtain wine-growing technology. Wine production accounts for a quarter of the world, and its output consumption is the largest in the world. The ancient Greeks called the Italian region "the country of wine" (Enotria). Italy has a long history of wine, with a winemaking history of more than three thousand years. It is the ancestor of winemaking in the world.

  On June 25th, at 18:00 local time, our delegation experienced more than 20 hours of air travel and arrived in Milan, Italy. The next day, at 9 a.m. local time on June 26, the delegation departed from Milan and took more than six hours by car to reach the Mucci Winery in Pescara, one of the five major wine-producing regions in Italy. Muqi Winery is a traditional hand-made winery with hundreds of years of winery history. It has its own planting, its own formula, and its own brewing. At present, the winery is exporting violin wines to China, with fragrant taste, high quality, and reasonable price. It is an Italian mid-to-high-end red wine, DOC (Denominazione di origine controllata), which is a second-grade or higher wine.

  After arriving at Muqi Winery, the delegation watched the grape plantation and the whole process of wine making, and listened to the introduction of the winery owner and wine descendants. In the evening, the owner of the winery also prepared a rich Italian family dinner for us. The delegation tasted various wines in the winery, took photos with the owner and winemaker of the winery, and fully appreciated the exquisite craftsmanship of the winery's traditional handmade winemaking and the warm hospitality of the owner.



  On June 27, at 9 am local time, the delegation took a bus from the Muqi Winery Hotel and traveled along the Mediterranean Sea for six hours to reach the world-famous "water city" Venice, where they visited Venice’s natural scenery, famous shops, and local customs. . At 18:00 that day, we arrived at the hotel arranged by the GIV headquarters in Verona.




  In the morning, the delegation also visited Roca Winery. Roca Winery is a large-scale assembly line factory. The person in charge of the winery led us to visit the winery's research room, assembly line, and storage room, allowing us to witness the whole process of wine making and taste various delicious wines.



  On June 28, at 14:00 local time, I left the Verona GIV headquarters and Rocca Winery and went to Milan to visit the assembly line of the Hongding Winery factory, the largest oak barrel wine storage room, wine tasting room, Hongding The owner of the winery signed a bottle of wine made by his grandfather in 1967 and presented it to Chairman Hu Lianrong.


  In Milan from June 29th to July 1st, I visited the Milan Cathedral, the specialties of folk culture and customs, and tasted Italian wine and delicacies.


  Through a one-week wine-seeking tour in Italy, we have personally experienced the history, culture and connotation of Italian wine, deepened our understanding and knowledge of European wine culture, and provided a good channel for the honor hotel to import high-quality wines, and also for building honors Hotel imported wine has laid the foundation for popular consumption.