Shake 35 dice into a straight line at a time, Hu Hairong, President of Honor Hotel Group,

2015-01-11 00:00:00
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Summary:In the movie "God of Gamblers", Chow Yun-fat's Gao Jin is invincible with a hand-rolling dice. In Shishi, the hotel owner Hu Hairong turned the scenes in the movie into reality. In the Guinness (January 11) In the movie "God of Gamblers", Chow Yun-fat played Gao Jin's hand-rolling dice magical skills. In Shishi, the hotel owner Hu Hairong turned the scenes in the movie into reality. At this month's Ji In the Nice Challenge, he shook 35 dice into a straight line and achieved the personal Guinness three consecutive championships.


  Hu Hairong used his last chance to succeed "without danger"

  Achieved three consecutive Guinness titles

  Speaking of the winning process, Hu Hairong sighed "there are no surprises."

  “The temperature in Jiangyin during the challenge was only minus 4 degrees Celsius. What’s more serious was that I had a bad stomach and my hands and feet fluttered a bit.” Hu Hairong said that at that time, all three of the contestants reported 35 dice, and each had three chances. A challenger completed the challenge first, but when it was his turn, he dropped the dice in the first two rounds.

  "At that time, Sa Bening encouraged me to stay steady and calm, saying that I must do it, and sang "Love Will Win" to encourage me!" Hu Hairong said, taking a few deep breaths to relax, slowly Slowly adjust your emotions, "The third time, I managed to stack 35 of them all at once!"

  Hu Hairong felt that the only regret of this challenge is that he did not take the lead. "If it weren't for diarrhea, my results could be better!"

  In fact, Hu Hairong is already a frequent visitor to the Guinness Challenge. In 2008 and 2011, he won the Guinness single dice stacking gold medal twice. On the 8th of this month, after Zhang Jinglin from Henan and Xi Jiaoning from Qinhuangdao challenged his record of 32 stacked dice, all three successfully challenged with 35 dice in parallel. This is also the third consecutive Guinness World Championship for Hu Hairong.

  Practice dice inspired by movies

  Folding 35 dice in one breath, this is like a bridge in the movie, which made Hu Hairong put in more than 10 years of hard work.

  At that time, Hu Hairong, who was engaged in the hotel industry, wanted to pursue the characteristics of an entertainment city. Inspired by the movie "God of Gamblers", he began to practice dice rolling, which is to roll the dice into the form of a stack of Arhats standing upright in a dice box.

  Chen Shangjun, the deputy general manager of the hotel, said that at that time, many colleagues persuaded Hu Hairong, "This is a movie, a stunt, how can it be taken seriously?" But Hu Hairong really turned the scenes in the movie into reality. He held the dice and the dice box in his hands at all times, sitting and walking, standing and talking, before going to bed... the almost crazy situation surprised his colleagues.

  Hard work pays off. From the first 10 dice to 35 now, Hu Hairong's perseverance has allowed Hu Hairong to practice his unique skills, and he has also won the Guinness World Records three times.

  For his hobby of rolling dice, Hu Hairong thanked his family and friends for their support. He said that when practicing dice rolling, it is often very boring. Many things have to be explored by yourself. "This requires a mental and peaceful mentality!" (Haitou reporter Lin Yongqing and Li Changqian/picture)