good news! The 2015 Honor Hotel Group New Year Gift Box is grandly listed!

2015-01-15 00:00:00
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Summary:good news! The 2015 New Year Gift Box of Honor Hotel Group is on the market! There are good gifts for Chinese New Year this year, and the gifts are honorary rice cakes, Buddha

  Good news! The 2015 New Year Gift Box of Honor Hotel Group is grandly listed! This year there are good gifts for the New Year, and the gifts will be honored rice cakes, Buddha jumping over the wall, bird's nest, sea cucumber, Yipin pot, gourmet banquet gift boxes, etc. In order to promote economy and oppose extravagance and waste. To facilitate the needs of our customers, the honorary chef team has newly developed a variety of packaged family banquet gift boxes that are convenient and quick, suitable for New Year's Eve reunion dinners or formal banquets during the Spring Festival, and are also the best choice for customers. You can enjoy healthy food that is heated and ready to eat without leaving home. In addition, according to the customs of the people in southern Fujian, special roast suckling pigs, auspicious ritual baskets were introduced to worship the gods and ancestors in order to pray for good luck, family safety and prosperity in the new year.

  Reservation is required 24 hours in advance! The New Year Gift Box is as follows: