Carry forward the spirit of craftsman and forge a century-old honorary brand

2017-03-12 00:00:00
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Summary:Hu Lianrong's business card: Member of the Chinese Calligraphy Association, Member of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Executive Vice

  Hu Lianrong's business card: Member of the Chinese Calligraphy Association, Member of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Executive Vice President of the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, President of Fujian Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of Quanzhou Calligraphy Association, Vice President of Shishi Calligraphers Association, Chairman of Honor International Group . He was successively rated as a model worker in the national tourism system, the first ten outstanding Jiangxi businessmen in China, the ten outstanding young entrepreneurs in Fujian Province, the winner of the "May 1st" labor medal, the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up in Quanzhou, and the 2009 Hai Outstanding Person of the Western Economic Year, 2010 Top Ten Persons of China's Catering Industry, 2011 Outstanding Entrepreneur of Fujian Province, 2013 Honorary Citizen of Shishi, 2014 Outstanding Top Ten Jiangxi Merchants Back Hometown for Entrepreneurship and other honorary titles. He enthusiastically donated tens of millions of yuan to support the construction and development of cultural and educational undertakings, sports undertakings, undertakings for the disabled, poverty alleviation and disaster relief funds... and other public welfare undertakings. He loved the awards and praises from all walks of life.


  At last year's national "two sessions", Premier Li Keqiang's government work report proposed "cultivating the spirit of craftsmanship for excellence". The "craftsman spirit" first appeared in the government work report. Craftsman, represents the temperament of an era, represents firmness, pragmatism, and excellence.

  A few days ago, in the 2016 Quanzhou "Top Ten Most Enriched Craftsmanship Enterprises" selection, the honor hotel has been universally recognized by the society and stood out from many participating companies and won the honor.

  "In the past 16 years, Honor Hotel has always regarded the craftsman spirit of high quality and low price, excellence, and every dish and service as the foundation of supporting enterprise development." Yesterday, Honor Hotel Group Chairman Hu Lianrong expressed his gratitude to all sectors of society in an interview with reporters. Long-term support and love for Honor Hotel. The success of the Honor Hotel today is due to the group’s ability to strive for perfection, skilled craftsmen, and the meticulous research and quality pursuit of each dish and service by the Honorary people. The hotel facilities are meticulous and demanding and warm and innovative.

  In the current situation where the economy is under great downward pressure and the hotel industry frequently sees the "changing king flag at the head of the city", Honor Hotels is still able to maintain the momentum of steady development and outward expansion, which has really surprised the industry.

  () The Soul of Honor: Ingenuity has its own advantages

  When it comes to honor hotels, no one knows. Honor Hotel Group was founded in 2001. It is a large-scale chain operation enterprise integrating hotel, equity investment, commercial trade, green ecology, real estate development, etc. At the beginning of the brand establishment, it has expanded its chain operation mainly in catering and hotel service industries. In 2006, it began to invest in diversified operations in other fields. After 16 years of development, Honor Hotel now has 22 chain stores across the country, and has developed into a hotel chain brand with greater domestic influence and the highest recognition by Fujian people.

  When it comes to Honor Hotel, several familiar heavyweights immediately come to mind. They are: Chef Hu Manrong, known as "Master of Chinese Cooking", "Top Ten Famous Chefs in China", "Master of Fujian Fujian Cuisine", and "Three consecutive champions of CCTV "Man and Han Banquet" Contest". He is familiar with Chinese and Western cooking skills. He often represents the Chinese culinary and gourmet world to perform in foreign countries to promote Chinese food culture; Hu Hairong, the president known as "Dice King", has not only appeared on CCTV repeatedly to challenge the dice competition, and set new Guinness World Records time and time again, but also a leader A martial arts master who has passed the 65kg Sanda champion; Hu Guorong, the executive director of the group who was born as a carpenter and worked as a furniture factory manager, has always upheld the spirit of diligent craftsmanship and has managed the Quanzhou Honor State Banquet Building to be well-known; and won Jiangxi Province The breakdancing champion of Fuzhou City started with the popular breakdancing in the southeast coastal hotel industry at the end of the last century. Hu Lianrong, the group leader who created the foundation of honorary hotel industry, is also the legendary "first brother" in the Chinese hotel management industry.

  These soul-level figures possess the craftsmanship spirit of hard work, daring to win, striving for excellence, perseverance, courage to take responsibility, and daring to innovate. They dare to think and do, and they have brought out a group of experienced management teams and a group of excellent skills. The elite chefs and a team of loyal and united employees have supported the dazzling brand of Honor Hotel.

  ()The foundation of honor: the best service of gourmet establishment

  As long as you have tasted the honorable hotel dishes, there is no one who is not impressed. The ordinary beef, mutton, chicken and duck, once in the hands of the honorary chef, they can always change all kinds of delicious dishes; the ordinary radish and taro, after the honorary chef’s careful cooking, has become a favorite of diners. A series of health-preserving delicacies frequented by Ledao.


What is the secret of honor? The old saying goes: Qiji can not take ten steps with one leap; The craftsman spirit of the hotel industry needs persistence and precipitation. In the course of more than ten years of development, Honor Hotel has introduced the spirit of craftsmanship into hotel management and operation, and applied the characteristics of focus, persistence, rigor, meticulousness, integrity, perseverance, and quality in the craftsman spirit to the treatment of various joints and details of the hotel. It is solid, step by step towards the pinnacle of mid-to-high-end hotel brands.

"The selection of ingredients must be exquisite and strict; the kitchen implements the "five-permanent management" (often organized, often organized, often clean, often standardized, and often self-disciplined), and no drop of water is allowed on the floor; each dish must not only be beautiful , More delicious, healthy and safe.” Hu Lianrong said, “craftsmanship spirit” is not a slogan, but a practical action.

  The hotel industry is the most cutting-edge service industry. In order to gain a foothold and develop in this industry, Honor has paid close attention to every part of the industry. From insight into the development trend of the hotel and catering industry, to talent training and team building, as well as stable and exquisite dishes, to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit of employees, we spare no effort to advance.

   President Hu Hairong used the earnestness and perseverance of learning to roll dice and practice Sanda to build the business of honor hotel. In the management of the company, he aims to build a "honor" brand, starting from bit by bit, from the most basic level, and from the details. The core of his management is: every position is important and everyone is a brand. Under his strict requirements, the honorable employees have won praise from customers for their harmonious, amiable, standardized and meticulous service.

   Master Hu Manrong, who has long been well-known in the culinary world, relied on his own inspection of various national banquet menus and standards, and based on the excellent heritage of the honor group's ten-year catering industry, he created a national banquet-level standard catering menu, which made diners applaud.

   Regardless of the details of each hardware, the creation of the overall distinguished service process, or the research and introduction of dishes, the Honor State Banquet Building has set a higher standard in the catering industry. In addition to the five-star state banquet standard in hardware facilities, it has also created a five-star state banquet standard for services: from guiding customers to park, from welcoming guests to the management of each floor, every experience summed up in the catering service for ten years, Standardize every service method of service personnel in place.

  "Every boss must be an expert, and only proficient in the industry can truly solve industry problems." The group established such a rule. In order to continuously improve themselves, the honorary management team often leads teams to study humbly all over the country. Sometimes they have to visit three or four hotels in one night, absorb the advantages of others, and improve their own shortcomings after returning.

  ()Honor: Build a century-old store with great concentration

  At the Honor Hotel, what you feel is not just delicious food and high-quality service, but also many innovations and ideas: a revolving western restaurant with a 100-meter-high sky with a panoramic view of the three cities of Spring, Jin and Shi, and a buffet restaurant of the underwater world where Russian mermaid swims. .......

  "Our hotel design pursues beauty, elegance, safety and convenience, even at any cost." In order to create a quiet environment for its guests, Honor Hotel has made great efforts to decorate guest rooms and build walls and sound insulation; in order to prevent guests from colliding while walking, Hu Hairong Deliberately made full humane considerations for the size design of the corridors; even a piece of cloth, a carpet, or a board must be studied repeatedly, sometimes even in the middle of the night.

  If any industry wants to develop in the long-term, it must adhere to an open learning spirit, and at the same time, it must have its own corporate culture and persist in doing a long-term with the spirit of craftsmanship in order to maintain its foundation.

  The craftsman spirit can carry the prosperity of a century-old shop. Hu Lianrong said that the honor brand will continue to innovate management methods, seize opportunities, diligently cultivate internal skills, develop with great concentration, accumulate and develop, continue to enhance the value of honor brand, create an outstanding Chinese national hotel brand, continue to stimulate corporate innovation and creativity, and cultivate corporate craftsmanship. To achieve the strategic goal of "Hundred Branches, 10 Billion Industries, and Centennial Brand" by Honor Group.

  This year, Honor Group will build a 140,000 square meter hotel in Shishi, which can provide breakfast seats for 600 people and has about 400 rooms. This project, which was personally checked by President Hu Hairong, only took three years before and after the design, and the draft was changed ten times, which shows its rigorous and meticulous work. Honor also plans to build a headquarters building in Quanzhou Donghai area, and another five-star hotel in Jinjiang...

  Hu Lianrong believes that a brand should include quality, taste, morality and character. If the great achievement of honor in business is the manifestation of quality and taste, then the performance in the field of public welfare is undoubtedly the deduction of morality and character. While achieving good economic benefits, Honor Group has not forgotten to repay the society. Over the years, it has adhered to the construction and development of social welfare undertakings. The total number of donations in cultural and educational undertakings, sports undertakings, undertakings for the disabled, poverty alleviation and disaster relief, etc. It has reached more than 10 million yuan, has established a good social image, has been praised by all walks of life, and has become one of the corporate representatives with social responsibility.

  (Guo Jianping Chen Qingbo)